Variable Fonts are still in active development, and the CSS Fonts Module 4 spec fully embraces them as the future of typography on the Web.
For as long as I can remember, Creative Market has used Museo Sans as it's main typeface.
A typeface built for wireframing. The font comes in three weights - circular, rounded and block. Pay what you want.
An Interview with Bethany Heck on her upcoming Font Review Journal and how to make stronger choices when pairing fonts.
A growing library of hundreds of new, high-quality fonts that are exclusive to Fontstore.
Letters and Liquor traces the history of cocktail lettering through custom typography and beautiful photographs.
A new set of letter effects and animations for playful typography interactions.
New from H&Co, Inkwell is a tiny universe of fonts in which handwriting meets formal typography.
An Interview with Up-and-Coming Type Designer Loan Bottex
Lehigh is a slab serif inspired by the 'Egyptian' slab serifs of the early 20th century.