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Vanilla is Ripe

Years ago, I did a concept redesign of Roblox Studio’s interface.

A Short History of iOS App Icons

The following was originally written by me and published as a chapter in “The iOS App Icon Book”.

Material Icons: Sehee Lee

An interview with Senior Visual Designer leading icons and design systems for Google Fonts

The Iconfactory Remembers Corey

The design studio pauses to remember the life, art & legacy of founder Corey Marion who passed away recently.

The iOS App Icon Book

A book celebrating the art of app icon design featuring icons from designers around the world. Now backed & shipping.

Material Symbols

Iconography from Google Fonts with variable font technology.

Free Ukraine icons

Free icons for articles, posts, protest signs, donation campaigns and other efforts that support the Ukrainian people and help spread awareness.

Doodle Icons

100 royality free illustrations for your next project

Google Chrome’s New Icon

The icon has been “refreshed” for the first time in eight years.

Refreshing our Icon System: the why and how behind the changes

Learn how and why our design systems team refreshed the icons you see when you use Spotify.

Freebie: Wayfinding Icon Sets

Whenever we visit new places, we often need to quickly navigate and find the right direction.

Free Christmas Design Assets

Jolly up your website, presentation, app, or a social media post with these festive illustrations, icons and animations.

Which SVG technique performs best for way too many icons?

When I started giving talks about SVG back in 2016, I’d occasionally hear a question I never had a great answer for.

The iOS App Icon Book

A beautiful hardcover book that celebrates the art and craft of app icon design.

Icon Glassmorphism Effect in CSS

I recently came across a cool effect known as glassmorphism in a Dribble shot. My first thought was I could quickly recreate it in a few minutes.

Tips on How to Pick the Right Icons for Your Website

How to choose icons that will work together to ensure you always look professional along with a few other tips.

We Analyzed 425,909 Favicons

A look at the favicons, Apple touch icons, manifest icons, and image formats, HTML and colors behind the URLs of the world's top sites.

Illustrations by Iconfinder

Beautiful illustrations of the highest quality, all in one place. Created by the most talented designers, curated by us.

Mastering the Basics of Icon Design with Adrien Coquet

Adrien Coquet is a Graphic Designer from France who has been freelancing for seven years.

Figma for icon design

The Font Awesome design team recently started using Figma for icon design for its ease of use and collaborative features.