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How to Design Better Icons

Iconography is one of the most crucial parts of the user interface.

Soccer ball icon speedrun

When viewing my vector icon speedruns, it can be difficult to see precisely what’s going on.

Google Fonts now supports icon sets

Google Fonts now supports open source icons, starting with the Material Design icon set.

SVG Repo: Free SVG Vectors and Icons

Download free mono or multi color vectors for commercial use.

Experience Japan Pictograms

Experience Japan Pictograms are a novel set of visual symbols developed for people of all cultures and ages to enhance their tourism experience.

When does iconography start to become useless?

There’s a big difference between how you might see iconography used, for example, in Microsoft Word & Photoshop or on a website you’ve just launched.

7 visual design lessons from Dmitry Novikoff based on Big Sur Icons

Professional tips to make icons look great and distinguishable

The new Sketch icon: how we redesigned a classic for Big Sur

“We tried to explore as many ideas as possible to see what we could do with the new style”

SVGBox: An API for Web Icons

SVGBox makes it dead-easy to include icons in your project. Simple tags: that's all you need. No CSS, JS, file uploads, or inline SVGs.

Why Google’s new app icons are pretty bad!

By now you have probably seen Google’s new app icons for its Workspace (formerly G Suite) productivity tools like Gmail, Drive and Meets.

Phosphor Icons

A flexible icon family for interfaces, diagrams, presentations — whatever, really.

Radix Icons

A crisp set of 15×15 icons designed by the Modulz team.

Six Figures in 6 Days

Insights on earning over $100,000 in less than a week.

Introducing Mono Icons

Here’s a breakdown of how we created our own icon set and the design principles we used to give our icons a consistent and unified approach.

Meet the new icon search engine

While the world was turning upside down these past six months, the Iconfinder team has been working on a complete rewrite of the icon search engine.

SF Symbols Changes in iOS 14

There are many new symbols, renamed symbols, multicolor symbols, right-to-left localizations and even a few bug fixes.


Beautiful hand-crafted SVG icons, by the makers of Tailwind CSS.

Accordion Icons: Which Signifiers Work Best?

The caret icon most clearly indicated to users that it would open an accordion in place, rather than linking directly to a new page.

Teenyicons — Tiny minimal 1px icons

An elegant icon set by Anja van Staden with more than a thousand icons.

Streamline UX - 19,500 vector illustrations

The world’s largest vector illustration pack