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Is the flat design trend finally over?

Designers might be at a crossroads with flat design and more detailed and three-dimensional design elements.

The biggest trends in graphic design for 2024

The biggest trends in graphic design for 2024, as predicted by the creative industry.

CARI Index of Aesthetics

CARI, or Consumer Aesthetics Research Institute, is an online community dedicated to developing a visual lexicon of consumer ephemera.

Why are CNN, FOX, and US websites visually so aggressive?

The explanation behind the loudness of the style of graphics of TV shows and websites in various cultures.

Are We Losing Color? All Logos Are Starting To Look The Same.

Recently, I’ve noticed a new stylistic trend that’s been overwhelming the app icons populating my phone background. And it’s colorless.

What is the Bento UI Trend, and How Can You Get Started?

The term Bento Box originates in Japan, where it refers to a meal divided into its constituent parts and packed into a box.

2023 Logo Trend Report

Logo design article named 2023 Logo Trend Report

Why Japanese Websites Look So Different

Over the years, I have had many encounters with Japanese websites.

Gesamtkunstwerk in UX design and why we are driven by trends

History repeats itself, and the explanation of why design trends drive the industry is something that we’ve had in the creative minds for centuries.

2023 Beer & Beverage Branding Trends Review

The beer industry has been on its heels since early 2020, and this year is shaping up to be another challenging one.

So, are fonts cut from paper now?

Not really, but the latest type trend sure looks like that.

Type Trends 2023

Typographic trendspotting from the Monotype Studio.

10 Breakthrough Technologies 2023

Every year, we pick the 10 technologies that matter the most right now.

The Linear effect

Is everything looking the same?

Midjourney vs. human illustrators: has AI already won?

An experiment: we repeatedly give a typical work task to both a human artist and a text-to-image AI art generator. Who wins?

2023 Visual Design Trends Guide

The rise of motion design, parallax, immersion, contrasting UI styles, imitations and more.

Icon Design Trends For 2023

Check out these icon design trends for future years before diving into work.

Why is type inspired by ’70s era candy so big right now?

Bite into the history of the squishy sans serifs making scrolling sweeter.

How gray became the king of color

Gray pigments are all over our homes and our products. But despite what TikTokers claim, the rainbow is still alive and well.

2022 Logo Trend Report

The 20th Annual Logo Trend Report presented by LogoLounge is full of all the good, the badass, and the ugly.