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The State of UX in 2022

The past two years have felt like two decades — and the pandemic isn’t over yet.

2022 Color Trends: The Year’s Top Colors

See the top 3 colors that are rising in popularity to become our 2022 Color Trends.

Email Design Trends for 2022

Discover the best email design trends for 2022 to remain on top of the game and help your business advance in email marketing.

22 inspiring web design trends for 2022 Sponsored

These 22 web design trends for 2022 will help inform and inspire what people build for the web.

Jamming into the Mainstream: Jamstack Community Survey 2021

To get a better picture of the full developer landscape, we surveyed people who build websites in general.

Behold, the Book Blob

Why are blobby, colorful book covers everywhere? Blame the logic of algorithms.

The case for ugly design

Designers are ditching traditional rules of beauty and ‘good’ design in favor of something more honest and compelling.

Color Trends: Top Popular Colors Used in Stock Photography

This trend report will help you better understand what colors are used the most in popular stock images.

The State of Independence Report 2021

Contra surveyed over 10,000 freelancers across design, engineering, product, writing, marketing, and social to gather insights on the future of work.

Typography Trends in 2021: What Should You Know?

Here are 13 trends that I believe will determine the face of typography in 2021.

The 4 biggest UI trends shaping Apple’s future

Piece together dozens of new features Apple announced at WWDC, and you can spot four clear trends.

Command Palette Interfaces

The command palette seems to be making a resurgence.

A guide to the Modern Minimal UI style

Functional, readable, sleek, and sexy.

2021 Logo Trend Report

This year is about drama: comedy, tragedy and satire. A connection with the human experience.

Material You had to happen this year

Every seven years people get bored with the UI status-quo.

YouTube Culture & Trends

Imagine you’re a creator about to record a new vlog for your YouTube channel. How do you welcome your fans to the show?

How to actually test UIs

Testing techniques used by leading engineering teams

The anatomy of a design trend

A discussion of the theory of design trends with sample trends in Industrial Design, Interface Design, and User Experience.

Accessibility vs Design trends

Neumorphism? Glassmorphism? Material Design? All design trends can be accessible.

Why 2020 was the year of data viz

If I had to point my finger at the biggest trend in design in 2020 I’d definitely point at data visualization.