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A guide to minimalist design

Minimalism is the concept that embodies the phrase “less is more”. It is also a concept that crosses our lives in many shapes and forms.

The Evolution of the Google Sign Up Form: 2005 → 2020

The timeline of how Google has created its modern registration form.

Blue People Illustrations, or How to Kill a Brand

There’s a recent trend in web design of using illustrations of blue, generic, faceless people. And it’s killing brands.

Component Driven User Interfaces

How modularity is transforming design and frontend development

The Comeback of Fun in Visual Design

It’s finally here. A swing of the pendulum. A reemergence of fun in visual design.

Dark Ages of the Web

A tour of the web as it used to be.

Apple, Big Sur, and the rise of Neumorphism

Like it or not, the user interfaces of the near future are going to be much lusher, and often cringe-inducing.

Skeuomorphism is making a comeback

I've said it many times over the last few years. But today with even more certainty, I'll say it again: skeuomorphism is coming back.

2020 Logo Trend Report

As with every logo trend report I write, I look to the past before looking ahead.

The Kawaiization of product design

Over the last year or two, I've noticed a certain style emerge in brand and product design.

Art deco will be the visual language of 2021

I can't tell for certain what will or won't make a comeback, but I have a feeling Art Deco will.

Loading: Neumorphism 2

The UI Design trend that refuses to die, may have some uses after all. Here’s why.

10 trends shaping popular Dribbble shots right now

A quick look into the top 100 most popular shots.

What Should You Do When A Web Design Trend Becomes Too Popular?

Have you ever given any thought to what passing trends do to a website when left there for too long?

Neumorphism and CSS

Neumorphism (aka neomorphism) is a relatively new design trend and a term that's gotten a good amount of buzz lately.

Behavioral Design 2020 and Beyond

Opinions, predictions, and thoughts from leaders in the field.

Minimalism vs Brutalism: which one to choose?

Why is Minimalism the UI Design prodigal son? What's wrong with its rebellious, up to no good brother, Brutalism?

Neumorphism - the zombie trend

Everyone is excited / frustrated by the style, yet nobody is making products with it. Still, neumorphism refuses to die.

Forecasting the Future

Eleven in-house creative leaders tell us what's next for design in 2020.

Neumorphism/Soft UI CSS shadow generator

CSS code generator that will help with colors, gradients and shadows to adapt this new design trend or discover its posibilities.