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HTML & CSS for a One-Time Password Input

You know those One Time Password inputs? Typically 4 or 6 numbers.


The styling system that powers

Oh No, Overflow!

The overflow CSS property controls what happens when the stuff you put inside a box is bigger than the box itself.

You don’t need JavaScript for that

Please don't feel antagonized by the title of this article. I don't hate JavaScript, I love it. I write bucketloads of it every single day.

CSS Hooks

Inline styles doing what we thought they couldn’t: State-driven styling, dark mode, and more.

The `hanging-punctuation property` in CSS

The hanging-punctuation property in CSS is almost a no-brainer.

CSS Responsive Multi-Line Ribbon Shapes (Part 2)

Two additional ribbon variations that introduce techniques for masking a repeated background.

A Few Ways CSS Is Easier To Write In 2023

We’re living in somewhat of a CSS renaissance with new features, techniques, experiments, and ideas coming at us.

CSS Nesting

Learn about native CSS nesting with practical examples.

Getting started with CSS container queries

CSS container queries are a powerful new tool for our CSS layout toolbox.

Width and Height in CSS

To determine width you look up the tree, to determine height you look down the tree.

An Interactive Guide to CSS Grid

CSS Grid is an incredibly powerful tool for building layouts on the web, but like all powerful tools, there’s a significant learning curve.

Totally remdom, or How browsers zoom text

Here's what I learned about rem and mobile operating systems and browsers.

When to use CSS text-wrap: balance; vs text-wrap: pretty;

I was looking into text-wrap and doing some research on the difference between when to use "balance" and when to use "pretty".

The New CSS Math: rem() and mod()

New math constants and functions are coming to CSS... now with more remainders and modulo

CSS prefers-reduced-transparency

Optimize and adjust for users who prefer an opaque UI.

Surprising Facts About New CSS Selectors

I set out to learn a bit about how CSS nesting works, especially the new & selector.

(Don’t) Mind the Gap

I don’t see people using the gap property for flexbox out in the wild all that often, but it’s pretty cool!

Addressing Accessibility Concerns With Using Fluid Type

The CSS clamp() function is often paired with viewport units for “fluid” font sizing that scales the text up and down at different viewport sizes.

Changing Colors in an SVG Element Using CSS and JavaScript

Almost everything inside an inline SVG image is up for modification using CSS and JavaScript. Let’s find out how by changing some colors!