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How we’re approaching theming with modern CSS

We’ve started a new project which requires heavy, creative theming, so I made a prototype to test some ideas out.

How would you build Wordle with just HTML & CSS?

A fun little form validation and CSS selector experiment.

Drawing a Line to Connect Elements with CSS Anchor Positioning

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) published a First Public Working Draft of CSS Anchor Positioning last year, so I thought I would give it a try.

Curious Geckos: The Most Precise CSS-only Position-Aware Mini-Game

A CSS-only, no JS, no checkbox, position-aware (hover/touch aware) interactive gecko-luring game.

Layered Toggles: Optional CSS Mixins

In this article, I am sharing the next evolution of space & cyclic toggles, which allows us to create and apply optional mixins in CSS.

How to think about HTML responsive images

srcset, sizes, picture, source, and how they all fit.

Text Effects

Articles exploring the world of text effects using CSS, HTML, and JavaScript

Taming the Shadow DOM: Injecting Global Styles with Adopted Stylesheets

Learn how to bridge the gap between web components’ Shadow DOM and global styles using the power of adopted stylesheets.

An Interactive Guide to CSS Container Queries

Learn how to use CSS container queries today.

The Power of :has() in CSS

In this post we are going to explore the use of :has() in your next web project.

How to Kill the Cascade

In this blogger’s opinion, the cascade has always had this glaring, terrible flaw.

Why UI designers should understand Flexbox and CSS Grid

Or bye bye, rigid column grid layout.

CSS color-scheme-dependent colors with light-dark()

Define colors that react to the used color-scheme with the light-dark() function.

Proposal: CSS Variable Groups

CSS Variable Groups is a way to define multiple properties under the same namespace and pass the entire group around.

Can you feel the rhythm‽

Flex and grid logical layouts and logical props make the concept of baseline grids an international reality.

How to Animate Borders in CSS

Different approaches for animating CSS borders in 2024.

Front-End solution: progress indicator

I’ve opted for a little web component that progressively enhances a loading statement.

A formula for responsive font-size

This CSS is now part of most websites I make.

Spicing up text with text-emphasis in CSS

Recently, I learned about a sleek CSS property that I hadn’t heard of before and it’s pretty rad!

Accessible Forms with Pseudo Classes

Creating a simple contact form using semantic HTML and an awesome CSS pseudo class known as :focus-within.