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Easy Fluid Typography With clamp() Using Sass Functions

We can use the clamp() method today because of the great browser support.

Delightful UI Animations With Shared Element Transitions API

Shared Element Transitions API is a game-changing feature that enables us to create impressive and elaborate UI animations easily. Let's see how.

Templating in HTML

Today, we have a quick look at the element and how it can come in handy.

Take the State of CSS 2022 Survey

The annual developer survey about the latest trends in CSS.

The breakpoints we tested in 2021 & 2022, and the ones to test in 2023

Which screen sizes to design, build and test on is a perennial topic in web development.

6+5 Ways To Make A Two-Column Layout

From pretty reasonable to com­pletely wrong.

Experimenting A New Syntax To Write SVG

It’s been a while since I introduced a new syntax to the css-doodle project to solve my own problems.


Modern devices crafted in pure CSS.

The Power of CSS Blend Modes

I knew CSS blend modes could create some cool effects, but even so, a CodePen I saw recently left me shocked at what they’re capable of.

Testing Web Design Color Contrast

An overview of three tools and techniques for testing and verifying accessible color contrast of your design.

Randomness in CSS

Check out how to generate random numbers using just CSS and make some generative art.

The details and summary elements, again

I’ve already written about the details and summary elements, but there is more to tell.

Token CSS

Token CSS is a new tool that seamlessly integrates Design Tokens into your development workflow.

DRUIDS by Datadog

DRUIDS is the design system for Datadog. It stands for “Datadog Reusable User Interface Design System.”

Defensive CSS - Button minimum width

Practical CSS and design tips that helps in building future-proof user interfaces.

Thanks iPhone 14, designing for device sizes is dead

Testing on specific device widths is an evolutionary dead end, and the 3px difference between iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 pro just proved it.

On better browsers: arbitrary media queries and browser UIs

Imagine a future where sites can register support for media features through a browser API, and the browser would offer these options in the UI.

Should I Use a Button or a Link?

Despite being answered time and time again, the button vs. link question prevails.

How I Made a Pure CSS Puzzle Game

It’s always fascinating how HTML and CSS are capable of handling the logic of an entire online game.

Critical CSS? Not So Fast!

How helpful is Critical CSS?