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Documenting the almighty button

Browsing through several collections available on Harvard Art Museum’s website triggered an interesting thought in my mind.

Case study: A platform to get you started with Cloud Kitchen

This case study was an assignment project I did as a part of the 10kdesigners masterclass with a duration of 16 days.

Command Palette Interfaces

The command palette seems to be making a resurgence.

A guide to the Modern Minimal UI style

Functional, readable, sleek, and sexy.

The Expanse UI Design

Here’s a look at the various FUI designs from the sci-fi series The Expanse .

Random SVG avatar generator based on user names

Boring avatars is a tiny JavaScript React library that generates custom, SVG-based, round avatars from any username and color palette.

UI & UX Micro-Tips: Volume Five

In this follow-up article I’ve brought you another selection of easy to put into practice UI & UX micro-tips.

Material You had to happen this year

Every seven years people get bored with the UI status-quo.

A better segmented control

A few years ago, we built a segmented control component for the Lyft Product Language (LPL) design system.

Material You - The next stage for Material Design

Google announced upcoming change in approach to their Material design ideas that focus on fluid, accessible, personal style.

On Building a Fluid User Interface

Through a highly iterative process, engineers and designers worked to rethink some standard UI components in developing the Instagram Threads app.

Storybook addons for CSS

Better workflows for styling components.

Discover Figma: A Practical Guide

Follow my hands-on, practical guide, where I’ll be showing you how to create a simple Mobile App Screen inside Figma.

Skill Chef: A UI/UX Case study

In this case study, I have described my process of designing an ed-tech app — Skill Chef for the niche culinary arts.

Case Study: How Headspace Designs for Mindfulness

This pandemic has encouraged me to take the plunge into Headspace.

Bringing Wikipedia to the homescreen on iOS

When Apple introduced an update to widgets with iOS 14, the Wikipedia iOS team was excited to take the opportunity to rethink our own.

Tridimensionality: skeuomorphism, flat design, and neumorphism

This text explores the characteristics, rationale, and representation resources of three of the most relevant recent UI styles.

UI & UX Micro-Tips: Volume Four

In this follow-up article I’ve brought you another selection of easy to put into practice UI & UX micro-tips.

Designing search for your product

Find your way around one of the most universal features 🔍 Explore the stages of Search, how it works, crucial decisions, and how to design it.

How tracking and kerning improves all caps text

When untreated, all caps text creates problematic spaces between letters. Tracking fixes it mostly for web and app design, kerning fine-tunes it.