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Accidental Dismissal of Overlays: A Common Mobile Usability Problem

Overlays often need to be dismissed in a manner that goes against users’ expectations.

Figma–UXPin: a combination that will WOW youSponsored

Copy & paste Figma designs to UXPin. Add advanced interactions and reach a new interactivity level. Try the UXPin-Figma plugin and explore UXPin tool.

Infinite Scrolling: When to Use It, When to Avoid It

Infinite scrolling minimizes interaction costs and increases user engagement, but it isn’t a good fit for every website.

UX analysis of HBO Max: the worst-rated streaming service

HBO Max suffers from poor UX judgement, a lack of finesse and a focus on style over function.

What Makes A Great Toggle Button? (Case Study, Part 2)

The problem of how to design an effective toggle button that shows the selected option clearly is a long-term open question among UI/UX designers.

Gamifying employee engagement: UI/UX case study

In this article, I’ll walk you through how we transformed employee engagement from boring to exciting at Würth Elektronik.

What Makes A Great Toggle Button?

Eduard Kuric analyzes the characteristics of effective toggle buttons that make it error-proof and prevent confusion and frustration of users.


An in-house tool used by Stamen to help visualize a cross-section of a custom map stylesheet.

Switch to component-driven prototyping with npm integrationSponsored

Build prototypes with interactive UI components in minutes instead of wasting hours on drawing static images! Boost design speed with npm integration.

One billion signatures — UX analysis of DocuSign ✏️

With an average rating of 4.9 stars, after 500,000 reviews, their IOS app must be doing something right—but what? Read this original UX analysis.

UX/ UI tips: A guide to search inputs

Search inputs are an essential element of a website. To help you create a fit-for-purpose search input we’ve outlined our key principles.

Storybook 7.0 design sneak peek

Visual updates, UX tweaks, and faster performance

Building Workbench: How we created the Timeline component

Building a component for a design system can be quite a tedious task. At Gusto, we follow a highly-collaborative, end-to-end component design process.

The History of User Interfaces

A user interface is the space where interactions between humans and machines occur.

Apple Maps vs Google Maps (UX analysis) 🗺

Apple and Google have been fighting for map dominance for nearly a decade, but which is actually better?

6 Tips when working with Figma Component Properties

In this article I’ve compiled a list of helpful tips when using Figma Component Properties in your workflow.

My thoughts on the new Figma Component Properties

The pros and cons, as well as some handy tips to follow.

UI Interactions & Animations Roundup #25

A fresh collection of the best and most creative animations from Dribbble from the past couple of weeks.

How to make absolutely any app look like a macOS app

Explains a few key UI features to consider to mimic the look and feel of a macOS desktop app, potentially giving a more seamless, or "credible" feel.

Touch-first Cursor: Round Pointers vs. Mouse Arrows

Apple reinvented the cursor to be ‘touch-first’ on iPadOS, building on the original mouse arrow by adding ‘Pointer Magnetism’ and more.