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You Don’t Need A UI Framework

Developers often reach for UI frameworks, hoping that they’ll save a bunch of time. Unfortunately, things rarely work out this way.

A New Future for the Interface

Exploring the role – and discipline – of design in a world where no one is a "user".

Designing macOS menu bar extras

Apple’s HIG is great, but it doesn‘t contain much information related to designing menu bar extras.

SND: Crafted UI sound assets for UX developers

UI sound assets, developed in collaboration with multiple sound designers, are designed to fit the components used in many modern UIs.

Designing Better Breadcrumbs

Let’s explore when we need breadcrumbs, how people use them and how to design them better.

A gradual UX approach to design gender-inclusive forms

Product designers need to make sure that any gender-related questions are asked in a thoughtful and respectful way in their product.

Paper at 10

The untold story of how the Paper app came to be 10 years ago and how it changed its creator's view of design.

Firefox UI/UX history

An overview of Firefox's UI changes over the years.

Building like it’s 1984: Scrollbars in web applications

Similar to context menus, scrollbars are so ubiquitous that users, software developers, and designers rarely think about them.

Typography in Design Tokens for Figma and Code

In this post I share what I’ve learned working on the typography system for Cabana (a design system for Figma built on design tokens).

How to Use CSS Math Functions

An introduction on how to use CSS logical functions calc(), clamp(), min() and max() for responsive design.

Claymorphism: Will It Stick Around?

This fresh new design trend has been picking up steam with the rising popularity of colorful inflated 3D graphics.

Structuring your Storybook

Best practices for organizing components and stories

10 Useful CSS Tricks for Front-end Developers

CSS is becoming more capable of handling dynamic design features that were often achieved through JavaScript.

Alternatives to Pagination on Product-Listing Pages

Infinite loading and Show More buttons can provide smooth interaction when loading products.

The imperfections of Gmail

A user experience (UX) case study, showing what they’ve done right, and what they could improve on.

A new year, a new MDN

If you’ve accessed the MDN website today, you probably noticed that it looks quite different with a new logo, homepage, and redesigned article flows.

A few UI differences between Chinese and English apps

Growing up in Singapore, I am exposed to cultural influences from the West as well as the East.

Why do we round corners?

From software user interfaces to hardware product design, there is something intrinsically satisfying about the look and feel of a rounded corner. Collaborative Web Design in a Creator Community Sponsored

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