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Behind the scenes of designing a design system component

A detailed step by step process of designing a design system component from scratch.

Generate UI with simple text prompts. Copy, paste, ship.

Case Study: Magma Math. Web Design for Educational Platform

Web design case study for education: check the website creation process and custom graphics for the ed-tech platform Magma Math.

Waiting for AI’s pull-to-refresh moment

There is a gesture on the iPhone that long-time mobile users are familiar with that have non-native origins.

How (not) to get people to download your app

Reddit’s strategy of cannibalising their own web experience (UX), and blocking third party apps, might not be working.

UXPin: Help your developers translate design to code easily.Sponsored

Build prototypes with functional components that devs can reuse in their process. Boost design handoff and deliver amazing products fast.

3 questions to evaluate design patterns

And avoid unnecessary work that degrades UX.

Radix UI Themes

An open source component library for building modern React apps.

The Next Generation of Web Layouts

Who will design the next generation of readable, writerly web layouts?

Scrolljacking 101

Altering the normal pace or direction of scrolling can contradict user expectations, control, and freedom.

Unravelling The UX/UI Magic Of Threads App

In the vast landscape of messaging apps, Threads has emerged as a standout platform.

Zero UI: Redefining The Future Of Human-Technology Interaction

Zero UI represents a fresh approach to user interface design aimed at reducing reliance on conventional graphical user interfaces (GUIs).

Rethinking Window Management

Window management is one of those areas I’m fascinated with because even after 50 years, nobody’s fully cracked it yet.

Accordions on Desktop: When and How to Use

Accordions simplify long pages, but reduce visibility and increase interaction cost.

Build production-ready prototypes – in minutes! 🔥Sponsored

Tight deadlines? Not a problem! Build prototypes that work just like end-products. Speed up every part of product design process.

Multi-layered Calendars

Calendars cover the entire spectrum of time. Past, present and future. They are the closest thing we have to a time machine.

What is the Bento UI Trend, and How Can You Get Started?

The term Bento Box originates in Japan, where it refers to a meal divided into its constituent parts and packed into a box.

Loading & progress indicators

Engage users and enhance waiting experiences with these simple recommendations.

AI: First New UI Paradigm in 60 Years

AI is introducing the third user-interface paradigm in computing history, shifting to a new interaction mechanism.

Bottom Sheets: Definition and UX Guidelines

A bottom sheet is a user-interface pattern used commonly in mobile apps for providing contextual details or controls in the lower area of the screen.