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The UX of payments: slow and shallow experiences

In this chapter on the UX of Banking, we’ll cover the experiences of domestic payments.

Typographic Hierarchy in Print, Web & App Design

Visual hierarchy makes or breaks your design. Learn how to guide the eye by intentionally using contrast and spacing in typography.

Design Hacks: practical design tipsSponsored

A newsletter to help you create better designs. Over 50,000 readers from Apple, Google, Stripe, and more.

Designing a robust right-to-left UI in Arabic, Hebrew and Farsi

Secret tips and tricks for UI and UX designers.

Wikipedia’s New Look

Hot on the heels of English Wikipedia's 22nd birthday and after three years of development, Wikipedia has a new desktop interface.

The UX of Banking: 900 Days of Progress

A unique opportunity to revisit 12 UK banks, re-benchmark them, and highlight what 900 days of progress looks like.

Future of Storybook in 2023

Enhanced performance, stability, and some exciting new updates.

AI-Powered Design: The Future of User Interfaces?

Will AI eventually replace us in the field of interface design?

It’s Time We Addressed Time-Zone Selectors

Users often struggle to find their time zone from a time-zone selector.

Hierarchy strips in user interfaces

Show that you understand the WHY of your visual work.

10 Interface Ideas for Chat Applications

Exploring new interface ideas for touchscreen chat apps.

Designing Design SystemsSponsored

This book is about how to make effective and working design systems.

Become a UX DesignerSponsored

Limited offer: 25% off unlimited access to over 30 UX design courses by leading experts.

Command K Bars

Command line bars you can quickly summon with a keyboard shortcut.

Calendar UI design best practices & Date picker inspiration

Calendars and date pickers use cases, anatomy, and samples.

Getting WCAG color contrast right

Actionable tips on how to easily nail WCAG 2.1 color compliance in your design.

Drag & Drop UX Design Best Practices

A comprehensive guide on drag and drop UI/UX design, including pattern UX examples and UI demos.

Take the 2022 Design Tools Survey

Share your UX and Product Design tools and workflows with thousands of other designers in the annual Design Tools Survey.

Note app by Ableton

Play beats and melodies, sample your world, and experiment with sound in Note.

Dark Mode UI Design Best Practices

Learn about the benefits, and disadvantages of dark mode and what you should consider when creating a dark theme.