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Dynamic Interfaces

What if a UI could design itself?

Ticketmaster: the UX of a true monopoly

An onboarding that prioritises data collection, a punishing checkout experience and a core experience ripe with bugs.

Error-Message Guidelines

Design effective error messages by ensuring they are highly visible, provide constructive communication, and respect user effort.

Reinventing the carousel

The research and design behind the evolution of the Material 3 carousel.

The problem with disabled buttons and what to do instead

In 2009 I prototyped a form that disabled the submit button until all the answers were valid.

The problem with sticky menus and what to do instead

This fancy pattern hurts UX far more than it improves it.

Accessible Target Sizes Cheatsheet

Practical guidelines to prevent rage taps and rage clicks with accessible tap targets for icons, links and buttons.

Crafting the Next.js Website

In February 2023, together with @glennui and @almonk we started building a new website for Next.js.

Badging for Home Screen Web Apps

WebKit now includes support for the W3C’s Badging API allowing you to badge the icon of a web app.

UI Interactions & Animations Roundup #31

It’s time for a new collection of Dribbble shots featuring trendsetting creative animations and motion designs that will ignite your inspiration.

Color Mechanics In UI Kits

In this article, Adel Khamatov shares a model of color mechanics that he came up with during research on developing UI kits.

Smart Interface Design Patterns

UX design tips and resources on design process, design patterns and UX.

Shaper v2

Generative Design Tool for UI Interfaces.

How To Design An Effective User Onboarding Flow

If you want to maximize conversions or collect necessary user information for other purposes, a user onboarding flow is necessary.

Designing a single grid system for all Wikimedia projects

When I first started working at the Wikimedia Foundation I was surprised to discover that there was no underlying layout grid system.

Unpredictable Black Boxes are Terrible Interfaces

Why generative AI tools can be so difficult to use and how we might improve them.

Malleable software in the age of LLMs

All computer users may soon have the ability to author small bits of code.

Introducing Tone-based Surfaces in Material 3

New surface color roles offer more flexibility for large screens and rich color features.

A Eulogy for Dark Sky, a Data Visualization Masterpiece

A deep look at how the Dark Sky weather app used simple but highly effective charts to report and contextualize the weather.

Fix Color Contrast: Web Accessibility for Text & UI Design

Learn what’s crucial and required about color contrast for text and UI components.