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What’s new in Figma: August 2021

The features, fixes, and capabilities we’ve added to Figma and FigJam

How Figma Became Design’s Hottest Startup, Valued At $10 Billion

Dylan Field sculpted Figma into design software’s hottest startup, valued at $10 billion and No. 7 on the Cloud 100 list.

Avatar UI design exploration

Here is my UI research for the variants to design Avatars (aka Userpics). You will be guided through the States, Sizes, Styles, Usage, and Templates

Useful Figma Plugins

Useful Figma plugins that will help you fix all the little slowdowns and boost your productivity. From annotations to exporting.

Designing in Figma? Up your game with these two critical tools

You’re going to want to learn how to apply Auto Layout and Variants to your design systems.

Figmage: Shareable Image Links for Figma Components

Get image links for your Figma designs that you can use anywhere. You can update your images from one place.

Figma for icon design

The Font Awesome design team recently started using Figma for icon design for its ease of use and collaborative features.

30 updates: recent features and fixes in Figma

A compilation of recent improvements that enhance your workflow in Figma.

We gave up Sketch and rebuilt our design system in Figma

All the pain points of using Sketch+Abstract to create a design system and how Figma solved our problems.

10 More Figma Tricks I Wish I Knew Earlier

More Figma hacks you might not know yet.

Create Figma Plugin

A comprehensive toolkit for developing Figma plugins.

Discover Figma: A Practical Guide

Follow my hands-on, practical guide, where I’ll be showing you how to create a simple Mobile App Screen inside Figma.

The Figma plugins that make me a better designer

Figma is Shopify’s default tool for product design and prototyping. Explore 9 utility plugins developed to work even more effectively.

How to deprecate old components in Figma design systems

A strategy to help ease some of the pain and confusion when deprecating unwanted components from your Figma design system.

Introducing branching: space to iterate and explore freely

Announcing branching in beta.

Figma: Coming together at Config 2021

Everything we announced at Config 2021.

Introducing FigJam

FigJam is an online whiteboard for teams to brainstorm and ideate together.

Auto Layout in Figma

An introduction with examples so you can finally understand how Auto Layout works in Figma.

Launching (fun) lists in Figma

Take notes, provide context, and outline next steps in Figma.

Figma's Interactive Components Were Not Designed For This

A survey of the bizarre prototypes designers can now make in Figma.