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6 Tips when working with Figma Component Properties

In this article I’ve compiled a list of helpful tips when using Figma Component Properties in your workflow.

My thoughts on the new Figma Component Properties

The pros and cons, as well as some handy tips to follow.

Make beautiful presentations in Figma

Learn how to make neat-looking slides and present them effectively using Figma.

How Figma put the bounce in spring animations

The physics behind spring animations.

Full-scale expression with Grilli Type

Variable fonts are an exciting way to bring more dynamic expression to the web.

Everything New in Figma

The opening keynote for Figma’s Config 2022 just wrapped up and so many of the latest announcements have me feeling excited!

Variable fonts support in Figma

Variable fonts support in Figma allows you to broaden the possibilities of your designs and typography with a wide range of font styles and features.

What’s new at Config 2022

Our global design conference is the launching point of several new features, updates, and more. Read on for all of our newest news.

Figma plugin for Storybook

Compare design specs vs implementation to speed up your team.

Good ideas stick

A brief history of washi tape, and how our digital version follows form.

Typography in Design Tokens for Figma and Code

In this post I share what I’ve learned working on the typography system for Cabana (a design system for Figma built on design tokens).

Little Figma tricks that saved my time.

Being a Product Designer, your tool is your superpower.

Automator for Figma

Automate your Figma tasks in one click.

Creating Components For Mature Design Systems

Felix Ng, a Product Designer at Meta, explains how they approach building components for an enterprise-level design system.

A few lesser-known Figma tips

At Medium, our design team’s tool of choice is Figma.

Stay in the flow with redesigned comments

Introducing updates to comments in Figma and FigJam

A visual history of Playstation controllers 

I illustrated every Playstation controller, from PS 1 to PS 5, in Figma.

Writing a Book in Figma

Is it possible to create a professional eBook with a design tool?

Creating design systems (based on design tokens) with Figma Tokens

A guide on how to build design systems that scale easily and sync with GitHub, with the help of a plugin called Figma Tokens.

Automating Figma

Building a general purpose tool to automate Figma.