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How We Made a Design System for NYT Cooking on Android

How the New York Times Cooking team made a design system for their Android app.

Embracing the tension between code and design

New features that bring the best of both worlds to design systems in Figma

Designing a Material Theme: Typography

Tailoring your typography with Material Design and Figma.

Figma & design thinking: Building a design system for an existing product

Here is how I went about creating a Design System in Figma for a product that already exists by using the design thinking process.

Figma Community: the Github for designers

An appreciation piece on how well modelled the Figma Community feature is and how it can possibly change the way the world designs digitally.

Building a Design System Library

At the end of 2019, I helped move all of Lyft’s design system from Sketch to Figma.

Gradient angles in CSS, Figma & Sketch

In the last years, I have worked with different graphics programs and have written many lines of CSS.

Summer Top 15 — Figma stuff released recently

Handpicked collection of the newest templates for Figma: UI kits, UX tools, design systems, icons, illustrations and more.

Figma components with a fixed aspect ratio elements

Before Figma Auto Layout our days were dark and full of horror.

Behind the feature: shedding light on shadow spread

An engineer’s journey making hard decisions about (seemingly) simple feature requests

Plugin for Figma : Toolabs Design System Manager

Create themeable design systems with design tokens and document or export your design system with Toolabs DSM plugin for Figma.

GPT-3 + Figma

When I saw all of the GPT-3 concepts going around, I just had to get my hands on it.


A collection of beautiful, free templates for Figma presentations.

Announcing Plasmic

Plasmic is a visual UI builder for creating pure-presentational components that you can import into any existing React codebase.

Awesome Figma Tips

Cool collections of curated tips to help you work faster with Figma.

Anima for Figma

Create High-Fidelity Prototypes and Export HTML with Anima, now available for Figma.


A biweekly email roundup of news, articles, and interesting links about Figma design tool.

Transitioning our Design System from Sketch to Figma

At the end of 2019, our product design team at ServiceTitan made the decision to transition from a constellation of design tools to only Figma.

Worry less about spacing in Figma

I spend way too much time caring about spacing when designing interfaces and building design systems.

Figma Plugins

Figma plugins extend the core product's functionality and allow designers to enhance and automate their workflow.