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Futicons - Icons for the future

Figma designed icons for niche segments like VR, AR, Interplanetary Travel, AI, Crypto, Blockchain, Cyborg, Future Transportation and Sustainability.

Introducing Magician

A magical design tool for Figma powered by AI.

Taking Cues From Code

Schema keynote speaker and product manager Jacob Miller shares his thoughts on the state of design systems.

Introducing the M3 design kit for Figma

Jumpstart your designs with ready-to-use components and styles in Figma

From Ex-Adobe Employee: On Adobe Acquiring Figma

Last week was eventful and, based on one’s stock portfolio, painful.

Autoname: Name your Figma layers in one click

Rename all your layers in one click thanks to AI. Open Source.

Behind the feature: find and replace

Designer Jackie Chui on how we translated learnings from a plugin to build a native functionality.

Videos in Figma Prototypes

Bring your designs to life with video! Learn how to use videos in prototypes for richer, more realistic experiences.

Figma Case Study

Figma asked Collins to help craft a brand story and campaign that would debunk the Myth of the Lone Genius.

A Sneak Peek at Schema 2022

Three cities, one virtual event, a whole lot of design systems content.

The Future Of Design Is Open Source, Thanks To Figma

How Figma made Open Design a thing, and a look to the future of open source design tools, like Penpot!

Figma–UXPin: a combination that will WOW youSponsored

Copy & paste Figma designs to UXPin. Add advanced interactions and reach a new interactivity level. Try the UXPin-Figma plugin and explore UXPin tool.

Mourning Figma — The End of a Chapter

Reactions and reflections on Adobe acquiring Figma.

Adobe acquires Figma, cue the memes

Adobe set to acquire Figma for $20 billion… but let's face it, we're just here for the memes!

Adobe to Buy Figma

Figma has entered into an agreement to be acquired by Adobe.

Building Interactive Figma Widgets

Figma has always encouraged collaboration between developers and designers. It strives on an endless treasury of community-made plugins.

Illuminating dark mode

The hidden challenges of a (seemingly) simple request


For most design systems, solving for every feature to support every case is a fool’s errand.

5 of My Favorite Figma Tips

...and how they can be helpful to your workflow.

The CSS behind Figma

A look at some interesting use-cases for CSS flexbox and grid in Figma app.