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A biweekly email roundup of news, articles, and interesting links about Figma design tool.

Transitioning our Design System from Sketch to Figma

At the end of 2019, our product design team at ServiceTitan made the decision to transition from a constellation of design tools to only Figma.

Worry less about spacing in Figma

I spend way too much time caring about spacing when designing interfaces and building design systems.

Figma Plugins

Figma plugins extend the core product's functionality and allow designers to enhance and automate their workflow.

Figurative - A Figma app for iOS

Figurative brings the desktop-class editor experience from Figma to iPadOS-ready to work with a Magic Keyboard, a trackpad, or a mouse.

Blush, Illustrations for everyone

A nice illustration generator plugin for Figma with a lot of interesting options for characters and more

Inside Figma: the product design team's process

A few weeks ago during a webinar on remote critiques, I shared a glimpse into our product design team's process here at Figma.

Figma makes note-taking in remote usability testing easy

Sharing my experience of using virtual post-it notes in Figma to capture feedback, thoughts and more in remote usability testing.

From Figma to Framer in One Seamless Workflow

Framer Web now imports your Figma files, allowing you to turn your existing visual designs into high-fidelity prototypes.

Making Design Tokens A Single Source of Truth for Figma tool.

Figma Token Proposal an alternative to styles. Most of the design systems tokens are in code JSON files or XML hidden away from designers.

Building a Design Systems Library with Figma & Scripter

Over the past few months, I've been helping Lyft build the initial version of our Figma design systems library.

I Pressed ⌘B. You Wouldn't Believe What Happened Next

Marcin Wichary from Figma explains the complex choreography of events which occur when you press ⌘B.

Figma plugins for 2020 which deserve your attention

It's no secret that Figma is now one of the flagships among the tools for creating designs and prototyping.

The UX of Figma plugins

10 heuristics for crafting plugins for Figma.

Figma Plugin Tutorial

Figma plugins are the new shiny thing in the design. From the outside it might seem like they are complicated to build but that's not true.

Figma on Figma: How we built our website design system

At Figma, we think design systems are a powerful tool to help democratize and empower entire organizations to be a part of the design process.

Maze now supports Figma

After months of working on this integration with the Figma team, we're thrilled to tell you that you can now test Figma prototypes with Maze.

Using Rotation to Draw Complex Shapes in Figma

I build web applications for a living. And while I love working on software, there is something temporary about the work.

Figma's killer feature hasn't even been built yet

I can document, I can share, I can point people to a file, but if I could just type in what I wanted, that would be a revelation.

Quick tips for Auto-Layout in Figma

For the most part, Auto Layout is pretty simple to use, but you can easily get yourself in a complicated mess if you're not careful.