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UX Basics: Study Guide

Unsure where to start? Use this collection of links to our articles and videos to learn more about the basics of user experience.

Organizing Design Workshops: A Detailed Checklist

Workshops are all about people: they involve people, are conducted by people, and aim to close the gaps in people’s communication.

Checkered background using two lines of code in CSS

I have a long list of personal blogs that I have been maintaining in my RSS reader.

Include: a new accessibility plugin for Figma

Several eBay teams worked together to create a plug-in that makes it easy to include accessibility in a design right from the start.

2023 State of Design Systems and Where We Take Them Next

Design systems. It’s a specialty that has grown in the short amount of time that I’ve been developing the web.

The re-designed Uber App

The re-designed Uber App designed by Charlie Waite.

Trigonometric functions in CSS

Calculate the sine, cosine, tangent, and more in CSS.

What’s New in Figma

Learn about our latest features and updates.

Software accessibility for users with Dyslexia

Let’s focus on cognitive accessibility of digital products and how to make them better for users with Dyslexia.

Apple Passwords Deserve An App

We all know that Apple has nice built-in password management in macOS and iOS.


Interactive article explaining the physics of a bicycle.

Sometimes you have to hide the body

Logo critics can be a tiresome lot. Sometimes their condemnations are spot on, but often their banter sounds like so much kvetching.

A Map of Places in the US with the Same Name

We calculated what place someone is most likely referring to, depending on where they are.

WebKit Features in Safari 16.4

Today, we’re thrilled to tell you about the many additions to WebKit that are included in Safari 16.4.

Accessibility vs Emojis

At an emojis best, they can add fun and context to a post or message. At their worst, they can cause frustration and abandonment.


One of the GPT-4 demos made a massive splash: painting a web app on a napkin and getting the “AI” to create the HTML, CSS and JS to make it work.

The Search Element

The HTML specification added a new grouping content element: the search element.

CSS-only Widgets Are Inaccessible

Interactive widgets powered with only CSS are relatively common.

Malleable software in the age of LLMs

All computer users may soon have the ability to author small bits of code.

Everything is a Remix

The complete updated 2023 edition of the classic video essay.