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The Pudding Cup 2020

The best visual and data-driven stories of 2020.


A toy for creating and sharing 3D blobs.

Annual Awards 2020 - Discover the best of the Web on Awwwards

2020 birthed a year of next-level creativity and innovation in the world of digital design.

SVG Repo: Free SVG Vectors and Icons

Download free mono or multi color vectors for commercial use.

State of Design 2021

Over 1,000 designers talked to us about how they work, what they value, and the challenges they’re facing. Here’s what we found.


Draw an iceberg and see how it will float.

Hiding Content Responsibly

In this article, I want to discuss all the ways to hide something, be it through HTML or CSS, and when to use which.

The Art of the Desk Setup

What are the principles underlying the ideal desk setup? How do we balance great design with modern technology?


Sound Activated Typography Instrument.

In search of the perfect search for Wikipedia

The Wikipedia Android app team improved a core feature: searching for articles. Along the way, they experienced a surprise.

Building a Tabs component

A foundational overview of how to build a tabs component similar to those found in iOS and Android apps.

On Design Engineering: I think I might be a design engineer...

Exploring design engineering, and deciding whether that’s what I do.

Behind Branding: Is that really Pringles?

This weekend, I walked past the chips and snacks aisle and noticed a different branding to my favorite “Crisps” brand.


Flim is a smart database of keyword-searchable movie screenshots.

Experience Japan Pictograms

Experience Japan Pictograms are a novel set of visual symbols developed for people of all cultures and ages to enhance their tourism experience.

State Of GDPR In 2021: Key Updates And What They Mean

As digital practitioners, GDPR has impacted every facet of our professional and personal lives.

Getting Deep into Shadows

Let’s talk shadows in web design.

What the heck, z-index??

The z-index property can be a tricky little bugger. Sometimes, no matter how much you crank up the number, the element never rises to the top!

AI in Design

How might we leverage AI and the benefits it brings to help in the design process?

Ethical Design Guide

Ethical Design Guide is made to share resources on how to create ethical products that don’t cause harm.