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Break your bar chart habit

Remember that truly stellar bar chart you saw a few months ago? Truthfully, no one else does either, and that’s a problem.

The Quest for the Blue Moon

Where I come from, many ice cream places offer a flavor called blue moon

Color theory: a beginner’s guide for designers

You've got a practically infinite palette to work with when it comes to color. Find out how to do it right, by understanding color theory.

The new Sketch icon: how we redesigned a classic for Big Sur

“We tried to explore as many ideas as possible to see what we could do with the new style”


The perfect advent calendar for everyone who’s excited about the web platform. Take a look at all the great stuff the web has to offer.

Can you trick this AI into thinking you’re someone you’re not?

This 10-minute game is a lot of fun. It will also teach you a bunch about AI.

2021 Design Wishlist from a User’s Perspective

Around this time of year, plenty of articles start to circulate about “Design Trends” for 20XX.

Viral Typeface - inspired by the pandemic

A collaboration between four designer/illustrators, this free font is a recipe for quarantine 2020.

Doom Slayer UX

Onboarding a new player is an important game UX challenge, but it can be especially challenging in games like Doom Eternal.

How To Properly Apply Jobs-To-Be-Done To User Onboarding

Jobs-to-be-done are often misused (or not used at all!) This case study shows you the critical impact it can have on Headspace's user onboarding.

Exploring Color on Google Maps

How a minimalist approach unlocked our ability to create a more detailed representation of the world

Adding it all up: the math behind designing your career

How to think about the 90,000 hours you spend at work

Spline - 3D for the web (Preview Release)

Create web-based 3D experiences with a visual tool.

The State of CSS 2020

This year's State of CSS survey highlights new trends in the CSS ecosystem based on answers from over 11,000 developers.

Making things move

One of my favourite forms of creative coding is to add motion to static images. The process is always the same: pick an image, recreate it…

So you wanna create an eco-friendly website

A client recently asked if it was possible to create a green website. The answer is a little more complicated than you’d expect.

100 design lessons for 2021

Things are not ok. We are in the middle of a global pandemic that has taken the lives of more than a million people.

Beer Geek — An App That Teaches you to Brew Beer

This case study was an assignment project I did as a part of the 10kdesigners masterclass with a duration of 10 days.

A tale of four prototypes

Here’s some prototypes of some ideas that have been lingering in my head for upwards of 7 years.

Undoing the Toxic Dogmatism of Digital Design

How do we start to dismantle and rebuild a system that disempowers and excludes by “design”?