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CSS Media Queries

A practical reference for using media queries.

Dropbox Identity

San Francisco-based design studio Play developed a streamlined series of logos for the renowned file hosting service’s sub-brands.

10 Interface Ideas for Chat Applications

Exploring new interface ideas for touchscreen chat apps.

Nextra: Next.js Static Site Generator

Make beautiful websites with Next.js & MDX.

Designing Design SystemsSponsored

This book is about how to make effective and working design systems.

New PayPal Identity

New PayPal branding, typography and sonic identity work by Gretel.

A Conversation With ChatGPT

Hi ChatGPT! Could you explain the typographic concept of kerning to me?

The final Google Fonts Knowledge drop of 2022

The year’s almost at its end, but we’ve got one last Google Fonts Knowledge drop for you.

Design System Canvas

A one page plan to help designers champion the value of design systems.

Build Interactive Prototypes on the Spot – Join a Free Live Demo!Sponsored

Discover the fastest way of interactive prototyping. Scale design while keeping UI consistency and quality. Save your spot now.

Inkbase: Programmable Ink

What would be possible if hand-drawn sketches were programmable like spreadsheets?

How to draw ideas

Four ways how to use drawing to get more ideas: Study, Explore, Develop, and Show. They will boost your creativity.

You Don't Need HTML!

Think about all the things they've told you that you 𝑛𝑒𝑒𝑑. HTML is NOT the answer!

Digging Deeper Into Container Style Queries

I wrote up some early thoughts on container style queries a little while back.

Sekisui House Fact Book 2022

Beautiful and understated data visualizations and animations.

The large, small, and dynamic viewport units

New CSS units that account for mobile viewports with dynamic toolbars.

Designing a Utopian layout grid

Working with fluid responsive values in a static design tool.

The Spanish designer in Dieter Rams's shadow

We always hear about Dieter Rams, but there were many others involved in Braun’s iconic designs.

GenCup — Generative data posters from World Cup 2022

Generative art project that combines graphic design, football, and data. Using the statics of FIFA World Cup games to generate abstract compositions.

Reimagining a Token Taxonomy

Notes from design token projects, from audits to implementation.