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Average colors of the world

I wrote that I wanted to expand creatively beyond maps in 2021, but here we are, halfway in, and half my posts are maps.

River Runner

Watch the path of a raindrop from anywhere in the contiguous United States.

Map of the Internet

Map of the Internet is a comprehensive artistic visualization of the Internet as of 2021.

Case Study: The Evolution of Google Maps & Colour Picking Methodology

Since Google Maps launched 15 years ago, they have revolutionised the world of digital maps and now help over one billion users get from A to B

The intriguing maps that reveal alternate histories

What if major elections, wars and events had turned out differently?

The Quest for the Blue Moon

Where I come from, many ice cream places offer a flavor called blue moon

Exploring Color on Google Maps

How a minimalist approach unlocked our ability to create a more detailed representation of the world