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Camo, flags, and the Kraken: decoding symbols of the Capitol insurrectionists

The Capitol rioters wore pelts, carried flags, and plastered themselves with logos that hid deeper meanings.

A Brief History of Web Design Tools (and the original sin)

How much have design tools changed since the dawn of Xerox technologies in the 80s? Have the basic conventions shifted much? Let’s find out.

Yellow Gadsden flag, prominent in Capitol takeover, carries a long history

We may think of flags as fixed symbols with a specific meaning, but there are few symbols whose significance is truly permanent.

Web Development History

An ongoing chronicle of internet history for developers and the technically curious - from a development perspective rather than a business one.

Web History Chapter 6: Web Design

Alec Pollak was little more than a junior art director cranking out print ads when he got a call that would change the path of his career.

Web History Chapter 5: Publishing

Not long after HotWired launched on the web in 1994, Josh Quittner wrote an article entitled “Way New Journalism” for the publication.

The 25 most spectacular branding fails of the last 25 years

From McDonald’s hamburger for adults to ‘The Dead Kid’ Super Bowl ad, these are the biggest ‘what were they thinking?’ moments since 1995.

How one tiny accessory popularized the most iconic slogans of the 20th century

Want to know about major American milestones? Look to the lapel.

The untold history of macOS System Preferences

System Preferences may not be the most exciting part of the Mac, but it holds some secrets and fun easter eggs.

Web History Chapter 4: Search

eBay had had enough of these spiders. They were fending them off by the thousands.

Winamp Skin Museum

Scroll through a collection of over 65k Winamp skins amassed from those found on the Internet Archive.

Chapter 3: The Website

The very first website was about the web. That kind of thing is not all that unusual.

Roman Emperor Project

Using the neural-net tool Artbreeder, Photoshop and historical references, I have created photoreal portraits of Roman Emperors.

Web History Chapter 2: Browsers

Dennis Ritchie had a problem. He was working on a new, world class operating system.

Web History Chapter 1: Birth

Tim Berners-Lee is fascinated with information. It has been his life’s work.

Death of a Typeface

In a top-ten list of all-time best type designers, Robert Granjon (1513–90) would be up there.

Talk to Me: The Evolution of Emoji

Feature Gifs, memes, and emoji have quickly become a lingua franca. But what do they say about our collective need to be heard?

My Mozilla Design Journey

Alright folks, this thread will travel through 141Gb of design files from 2006-2020.

The History of the URL

On the 11th of January 1982 twenty-two computer scientists met to discuss an issue with 'computer mail' (now known as email).

A History of CSS Through Fifteen Years of 24 ways

Rachel Andrew guides us through a tour of the last fifteen years in CSS layout, as manifested in articles here on 24 ways.