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ARETE — Visual History of the Latin Alphabet

Interactive visualization of the history of the latin alphabet, showing the temporal and formal relationships of the different scripts and typefaces.

10 Weird HTML Hacks That Shaped The Internet

From table hacks to CSS kludges, these are some of the techniques that helped web developers get their fancy pages on the internet.

IBM’s Ingenious Solution for a Typewriter with Swappable Fonts

The standardized type of mechanical typewriter, which emerged around 1910, featured keys connected to individual typebars.

In the bad old days we had Punchcards. How did people deal with that?

In the fall of 1976 I started as a Freshman at SUNY Stony Brook intending to major in Math and Computer Science.

Disney’s 100 years: Meeting change with innovation

As Walt Disney Studios turns 100, investors worry it’s beginning to show its age.

Internet Artifacts

Browse through the old internet.

The World’s Writing Systems

An index of the world's writing systems, sorted by time period.

CARI Index of Aesthetics

CARI, or Consumer Aesthetics Research Institute, is an online community dedicated to developing a visual lexicon of consumer ephemera.

Game+Logo, video game logos

A growing compilation of video game logos.

Logo Rewind

Logo Rewind is a book by Darren Leader that focuses on the visual language of Medieval design.

How the iMac saved Apple

Twenty-five years of the iMac.

Netscape Meteors

I went on a small journey the last couple days to find the original Netscape Navigator “meteors” animation.

New Woodblock Prints of Hokusai’s Previously Unpublished “Book of Everything”

A team is carving woodblocks and creating prints from a series of previously unpublished drawings by legendary Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai.

Barbie Logo: The Vibrant History of an Iconic Brand

The Barbie brand inspires countless young minds to be creative, independent, and unapologetic.

See the Mediterranean as it was captured in the 1840s

Some of the earliest known photographs of Athens, Jerusalem, Rome and more illuminate life on the Mediterranean in the 1840s

Portable Grindhouse: The Lost Art of the VHS Box

A loving homage to a brief period in our technological past when VCRs and VHS revolutionized the way we watched movies.

Continually curated, easier-to-browse collection of graphic design related items that are available on The Internet Archive.

A video every interaction designer should watch

In 1968, Douglas Engelbart showcased technology and presented a groundbreaking system with the transformative potential to revolutionize our world.

TikTok creators use AI to rewrite history

​​A viral trend imagines alternate timelines in which Western imperial nations never came to power.

Early Computer Art in the 50’s & 60’s

A deep dive on the early days of creative computing coming to life. Punch cards, plotters, light pens and lots more.