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Rise Up. Show Up. Unite! Artists for Biden/Harris Poster Campaign

Award-winning artists unite to create political poster art in support of the Biden/Harris campaign lead by Jessica Hische.

Biden-Harris Logo

How do you create a logo without knowing for certain what the words will say?

Experts weigh in on the Biden-Harris logo

A new logo for a brand that will last three months—but will have a lifetime of importance.

The 6 wildest design concepts for a virtual Democratic National Convention

Designers share their vision for the first (nearly-all) virtual Democratic National Convention. Biden, time to fire up Twitch!

Biden’s new campaign typefaces are a pivot to the general election

The Biden campaign is getting a design upgrade.

AOC’s brand was groundbreaking. Now it’s inspiring copycats around the world

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has become a leader for progressives—and they’re taking a page from her branding as well.