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What we can deduce from a leaked PDF

I don’t usually comment on current events. But the possi­bil­i­ties for typo­graphic foren­sics were too intriguing to ignore.

Worlds apart: TikTok doesn’t show the war in Ukraine to Russian users

A look at how TikTok users in Russian and Ukraine have completely different experiences.

33 Letters for Ukraine expresses solidarity through language and design

33 Letters for Ukraine is an ongoing initiative to express solidarity with Ukraine.

Free Ukraine icons

Free icons for articles, posts, protest signs, donation campaigns and other efforts that support the Ukrainian people and help spread awareness.

The Campaign to Shut Down Crucial Documentary Tool youtube-dl Continues

Copyright maximalists just don’t know when to stop.

Amateur open-source researchers went viral unpacking the war in Ukraine

From college sophomores to 9-to-5 IT workers, hobbyist OSINT accounts are reconstructing events on the ground.

“Z” Is the Symbol of the New Russian Politics of Aggression

Masha Gessen writes about the symbolism and meaning of Russia’s use of the letter “Z.

How 29 artists banded together to put Equal Rights back in the spotlight

The artists, including Shepard Fairey, are bringing fresh urgency to the 99-year-old amendment that’s still waiting to be ratified.

We All Are Ukraine 🇺🇦

As a design community, we all can’t be silent in these times.

When Bots and Oligarchs Manipulate Platforms: Stand With Ukraine

YouTube, you’re being attacked, and your human account holders are being kicked off your platform by a flood of Russian bots.

One designer’s goal to redesign the American flag

Steven Horton Jr. wants to create a flag for Black Americans, who he feels have not been represented by America’s current star-spangled banner.

Pentagram rebrands voting for the 21st century

NYC Votes builds a design system as unique as New York itself.

Even the White House logo got a makeover. See what changed

It took 30 tries to get the new White House logo just right.

How Trump gave rise to the aesthetics of hate

The 45th president is out. But the world he leaves behind still needs to be reckoned with.

The Daily Heller: Keep Politics Out of Design?

Let’s keep it civil, but let’s acknowledge design is in politics and politics is in design.

This illustrator famously satirized Trump’s presidency. What will he do now?

Edel Rodriguez can’t wait to stop illustrating Trump.

What these logos reveal about the chaos of American politics in 2020

Stars, stripes, and the AOC effect. Oh, and don’t forget the puns.

What is the best political branding of all time? Experts weigh in

Ben Ostrower and Susan Merriam debate the branding of various political campaigns—from Eisenhower to Obama.

What Role Does Design Play in Elections?

It’s almost November and things are starting to get tense in the States as final preparations are being made for the presidential election.

Rise Up. Show Up. Unite! Artists for Biden/Harris Poster Campaign

Award-winning artists unite to create political poster art in support of the Biden/Harris campaign lead by Jessica Hische.