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Date: 2022/08/24

How Magazine Covers Became the Political Posters of Our Times

Edel Rodriguez, Jody Quon, Jaap Biemans, and Tom Alberty on the changing role of covers in today’s hyperpolitical times.

Pawsome: UI/UX Case study on Pet Adoption

Alongside sourdough baking and making Dalgona coffee, pandemic pet adoption was another quarantine trend that exploded.

Website redesign: How I evolved my website

My personal website used to be on the domain and consisted of mostly personal articles. I had only written a few of those in the...

A Writer’s Guide to Overcoming Designer’s Block

How a Ph.D. candidate and UX designer turns the blank page into an opportunity.

Useful media query syntax

What was that media query code again? Copy popular media query syntax at the click of a button!