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Marvel at Hundreds of Mathematician Max Brückner’s Models of Polyhedra

German scholar Max Brückner (1860-1934) was lauded during his lifetime for his remarkable collection of polyhedra models.

Logo Rhythm, the band logos book

Album covers get all the praise, but the humble band logo has never quite got its full dues. Until now.

Vintage Typologies

Lost Found Art is a design company that “specializes in sculptural installations and assemblages.


Impressive WebGL website by Bruno Simon.

The Menu Trends That Define Dining Right Now

We gathered 121 menus from restaurants all over the country. Together, they offer a glimpse into the tastes and values of today.

Readymag Websites of the Year 2023

The winners for 2023 have been announced. Come back in spring 2024 for the next edition of the Websites of the Year.

Moodboard Creator

The AI tool to kick-off your next branding project

Wild World

A world map by cartographer Anton Thomas focused on the natural world with 1,600+ animals.

Pokémon and Japanese Craft Traditions Unite in a Fantastic Exhibition

Two of Japan’s major cultural contributions converge in POKÉMON X KOGEI.

daedalOS by Dustin Brett

An impressive desktop environment simulation running in the browser.

The Best Movie Posters of 2023

I am not in the habit of buying movie posters, but I bought one this year — for a movie that doesn’t even exist.

Kaori Kurihara’s Incredibly Detailed Ceramics

Elegant petals, scalloped fans, and seed-like textures coat the Kaori Kurihara’s whimsical ceramic sculptures.

Perfect Days

Intruiguing site for the film by master German filmmaker Wim Wenders and acclaimed Japanese actor Koji Yakusho.

Emailspiration: The Best Designed Emails

A collection of emails that are well-designed, yet minimalist and not overdone.

A Perfectly Designed Climate Report Cover

This is the cover to the just-released United Nations Environment Programme Emissions Gap Report 2023. The best storefronts on the internet

Explore a curated collection of unique ecommerce storefronts updated every Friday.

Trending Design - The Best Design Inspiration on 𝕏

The newest website for finding and submitting design inspiration!

The Web Can Do What!?

Seamless. Consistent. High performance. High fidelity. These are a few of the many things the modern web can deliver.

A Manifesto by Christoph Niemann

Acclaimed illustrator Christoph Niemann shares the 10 rules that guide his drawing practice as part of our Manifesto series.

Midjourney vs. human illustrators II: more Martians join the battle!

Multiple team members from disparate disciplines tried Midjourney for one of our regular image creation tasks—here's how it turned out.