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The Whimsical Web

A curated list of sites with an extra bit of fun.

Dieter Rams Wallpapers

A selection of free beautiful mobile wallpapers featuring the work of legendary designer Dieter Rams

Remodeling? Hire a black designer

7 black interior designers to know right now.

UI Interactions & Animations Roundup #7

A couple of weeks have passed and a fresh collection of inspirational UI shots is waiting for you!

The design community must not stay silent

To my design allies, the world needs you more than ever to call out systems that aren’t right and imagine what the future could be

Inspirational Websites Roundup #15

A new roundup that consists of a special collection of the latest web design trends and inspiration.

The World's Best Packaging: Dieline Awards 2020 Winners Revealed

Dieline Awards 2020 recognizes the absolute best and brightest designers and agencies creating product packaging throughout the world.

Meander Maps for Imaginary Rivers

I have written previously about cartographer Harold Fisk's wonderful meander maps of the Mississippi River produced for the Army Corps of Engineers.

Spotify Design

Spotify Design are a cross-disciplinary product design community.

Steph Jeong

Stephanie Jeong's portfolio.

Edoardo Smerilli

Edoardo Smerilli is a film director based in Bologna, Italy. As multidisciplinary director, he combine cinema, comics, VFX and CGI.

Best blog designs I want to steal everything from

As I was going through rebuilding my blog, I spent a lot of time looking at other people's sites trying to get inspiration.

Awesome Demos Roundup #15

Lots of magic and wonder has been coded up over the past few weeks with highlights like the epic pure CSS landscape by Ben Evans and many more.

Kontrapunkt Type

Step inside a virtual experience of the solo exhibition 'Kontrapunkt Type'.

Interface In Game

Explore a collection of video games UI interfaces, screenshots and videos.

Designers.Watch - The Best Design & Art Documentaries

Designers.Watch is a place for finding great design and art documentaries to watch.

Stay Inspired. Stay Home

What does your home office look like these days?

Dazzling Coronavirus Painting by Biologist David Goodsell

Biologist David Goodsell has been creating scientifically accurate paintings of the structures of cells, molecules, and, yes, viruses.

UI Interactions & Animations Roundup #5

In our fifth roundup of UI interactions and animations inspiration, we've collected some highlights from Dribbble.

FWA 100

Celebrating 100 wins with some artistic expression and fun.