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Inspirational Websites Roundup #20

Our favorite website designs that we’ve collected over the past couple of weeks for your inspiration.

Inside the Mind of Samuel Day

A journey inside the mind of Samuel Day, an award-winning designer based in Berlin.

Norway’s Beautiful New Passports

Last year, I shared the concept designs for Norway’s new passports by creative agency Neue.

The Close-up Photographer of the Year Top 100

Close-up Photographer of the Year (CUPOTY) is a celebration of close-up, macro and micro photography.

Pattern Collect

A curated gallery of patterns by awesome designers & illustrators

The Fonts in Popular Things Identified Vol. 2

See the fonts used in popular culture—featuring Bacurau, The Politician, Body at Brighton Rock, Trick Mirror and more.

Awesome Demos Roundup #18

A big selection of the best web experiments made in the past weeks.

Word as Image, by Ji Lee

Some fun examples of wordplay in Ji Lee’s personal project, Word as Image.

Daily Routines by Readymag

Readymag explored the lives and work habits of five designers from different backgrounds to find out what helps them stay productive and creative.


Bonjour, I am Louis the front-end physiotherapist! I can help with your flex issues.

With Code

Learning basic movements for interactions with visual examples.

Madefor: Wix’s Custom Typeface

Madefor is a typographic toolkit with a distinct personality.

Climate Change Stamps Change Color When Heat is Applied

These heat-reactive stamps for the Finnish Post reveal climate change messages when a finger is applied.

Innovation by Design 2020: The 30 winners that are changing our world

This year’s Innovation by Design Awards honor the 567 most creative designs in business.

Introducing the 2020 UX Designers to Watch

For the second year in a row, we’re highlighting impressive, up-and-coming UX design talent from around the world in our UX Designers to Watch series.

What if all covid‑19 deaths in the US had happened in your neighborhood?

Insert your address and find out what would happen if your neighborhood was the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic in the United States.

Jazz Musician Lettering

Rather than post 100s of covers and posters, I wanted to isolate the lettering for easy browsing and analysis.

Inspirational Websites Roundup #18

A gigantic set of hot new websites for your inspiration and to get you up to date on the current web design trends.

Americans speak more than 1,300 languages. This artist wants to capture themx

People speak as many as 800 languages in New York alone. With A Counting, Ekene Ijeoma aims to represent every single one.

Claudio Guglieri - Design Playground

I help brands design products from idea to final execution.