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Foam Talent 2021

An all-access online exhibition celebrating the works of young artists shaping the future of photography.

Inspirational Websites Roundup #29

A new collection of the best web designs and creative websites from the past couple of weeks.

Mad God: What happens when the best practical VFX artist, ever, writes a film?

Phil Tippett’s love letter to practical effects and monster creation is be-a-u-tiful.


A very square variable font.

Geometric Shapes and Three-Dimensional Illusions Disrupt Existing Architecture

Italian artist Peeta uses the interplay between shadow and light to turn flat, monochromatic planes into deceptive three-dimensional murals.


Unexpected stories about creative minds.

Kookslams Hard Seltzer

Craft Hard Seltzer. Brewed With Poseidons Tears.


An educational project about grids.

Jacob Leech

An experienced Designer, Developer and All-round Maker.


Bringing you inside the workspaces of inspiring creatives. Delivered to your inbox every Saturday and Sunday morning.

LogoArchive Extra Issue: pLAy

Out Now! LogoArchive launches its most pLAyfuL issue to date.

Maker Stations

Explore home office setups from makers across the globe.

Unicode Arrows

Jewelry of the best part of the unicode spec ↫


A growing catalog of workspaces, items and tools from the creator community.

Inspirational Websites Roundup #27

A special selection of the most creative and interesting websites from the last weeks.

Dive Fractals: synchronized diving in the olympics

Ever since I was a kid, I've loved watching the summer Olympics, and out of all the events, I especially loved gymnastics and diving.

Mama Joyce Peppa Sauce

A unique landing page for a Guyanese hot sauce that uses in-your-face typography and scrolling to great effect.

See the world’s most beautiful book covers

These books are so beautiful, you won’t even want to open them.

Some Fun Typefaces for 2021

Adobe recently announced the winners of their 36 Days of Type contest.

19 Illustrators Celebrate What They Love About Asian Culture

Nineteen international illustrators have banded together to raise money to stop violence against Asian communities.