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Awesome Demos Roundup #22

The latest collection of the most creative and inspiring demos and code experiments from around the web.

Readymag Websites of the Year

The Websites of the Year contest encourages creators to bring impactful passion projects to the world and master Readymag’s creative arsenal.

Inspirational Websites Roundup #43

A fresh collection of the most creative and trendy websites for your inspiration.

The Faces Behind Typefaces

A digital editorial unpacking the role of the Type Directors Club medalists and the award itself in the global design and typography community.

Teenage Engineering Choir

A celebration of the project that started it all, teenage engineering choir comes alive in your home to serenade you with choral classics.

Wooden Pixels Dissipate from Han Hsu-Tung’s Fragmented Figurative Sculptures

Han Hsu-Tung carves wood into figurative sculptures that dissolve into pixels, which appear to float away from the central form.

Vercel Design

Vercel has brought together some of the most talented creatives on the web to craft world-class websites.

UI Interactions & Animations Roundup #26

Get a fresh dose of animation inspiration.


Sports-related data visualizations and animations.

Inspirational Websites Roundup #42

The latest, most trendy websites with an excellent design for your inspiration.

Sketch Design Challenge: App Icons

The recent sketchDesignChallenge on Twitter got me admiring all the beautiful app icons folks were making.

Houses Of The World

Houses Of is a travel, photography and design passion project showcasing charismatic houses around the world.

Next.js Conf 2022

The global user conference for Next.js. An online experience developers love.


Get inspired from millions of amazing DALL·E 2 art and prompts

Inspirational Websites Roundup #41

A new, handpicked collection of the most creative and inspirational websites.

Anthony Burrill shares his collection of fascinating and unexpected ephemera

Bold lettering, gritty textures and a punchy black, white and yellow palette – we must be talking about a website by Anthony Burrill.

A Writer’s Guide to Overcoming Designer’s Block

How a Ph.D. candidate and UX designer turns the blank page into an opportunity.

Awesome Demos Roundup #21

A fresh roundup of the most interesting code experiments from the past couple of weeks.

Gujarati Type Foundry

An exceptional type foundry book from Gujarat, India. 1940.

Zazow: Algorithmic Generative Art

Create your own artwork by using computer generated algorithms. Learn about generative or algorithmic art.