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Two perspectives on the designer who Steve Jobs could not hire

Richard Sapper may not be a household name, but he’s on the same level of greats like Dieter Rams and Jonathan Ive.

The Art of the Desk Setup

What are the principles underlying the ideal desk setup? How do we balance great design with modern technology?

The iconic watches that inspired Apple Watch faces

Did you know that several Apple Watch faces are digital reinterpretations of iconic real-life watches?

Icon designer Louie Mantia's take on traditional Japanese playing cards

I got a chance to ask accomplished icon designer Louie Mantia about his newest project, a set of Hanafuda playing cards.

The untold history of macOS System Preferences

System Preferences may not be the most exciting part of the Mac, but it holds some secrets and fun easter eggs.

The Three A’s method for learning from other creators

We want to learn from others’ work, but how exactly should we do that?

Dieter Rams Wallpapers

A selection of free beautiful mobile wallpapers featuring the work of legendary designer Dieter Rams

A Dieter Rams-Designed, Jony Ive-Loved Citrus Juicer

How a nearly 50 year old citrus juicer designed by Dieter Rams inspired Apple's Jony Ive and still works perfectly today.

The Clever New Design Technique in the iPhone 11 Pro

There is one detail in the iPhone 11 Pro that is entirely new and quite clever, the logo.

Dieter Rams designed one of Gillette's most successful razors

Dieter Rams is best known for the products he created at Braun, but he rarely gets credit for some ubiquitous products he designed.

The new Mac Pro is a design remix

The new Mac Pro isn't a radical shift, but instead a return to form. In fact, it's heavily inspired by many of Apple's past products.

Elements of Flight Safety Card Design

Flight safety cards are a great example of the diversity of solutions that can be produced within a narrow set of constraints.

The Design of Apple's Credit Card

A deep dive into the design of Apple's new physical credit card.

10 Year Challenge: How popular websites have changed

As the #10yearchallenge is making its way around the internet, let's look at how some of the most visited websites on the internet have aged.

Learning Design from Musicians

How a book about music production can help with your design work.

Why are tech companies making custom typefaces?

A look into the rising trend of technology companies creating or commissioning typefaces for their exclusive use and the reasons behind it.

Rams, a Documentary Portrait of a Design Legend

Last weekend I watched a screening of Rams, Gary Hustwit's new documentary about Dieter Rams.