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Fixing the Drift in Shape Rotations

A look at an obscure bug common to drawing programs, where rotations can cause shapes to move to new positions.

A Gentle Introduction to Graph Neural Networks

What components are needed for building learning algorithms that leverage the structure and properties of graphs?

Jimmy Wales on Constraints for Bad Behavior

How could we minimize the impact of bad behavior online?

A Future of Design Without Designers?

I’m super interested in how the rise of automation and agentive technology may affect the role of the designer over the coming years.

If I work really hard on my Open Graph images, people will share my blog posts.

Open Graph images. Those little images that show up when your site is shared on social media. The ones for my site were… bad.

Giving, seeking, and receiving feedback in UX

Each individual is a universe of its own and each company or UX department has a set of unwritten rules.

Design for Safety, An Excerpt

None of us want to build products that put our users’ safety at risk, but how do you reduce the risk that our products will be weaponized by abusers?

Stop asking LinkedIn for feedback on your UI design

Have you seen them? There’s currently a trend on LinkedIn where aspiring UI and UX designers share two variations of a design they’re working on.

HTML is Not a Programming Language?

HTML is not a programming language. I’ve heard that sentence so many times and it’s tiring.

Breaking the web forward

Safari is holding back the web. It is the new IE, after all. In contrast, Chrome is pushing the web forward so hard that it’s starting to break.

The Rise of Long-Form Generative Art

There’s a new art form on the rise.

Two perspectives on the designer who Steve Jobs could not hire

Richard Sapper may not be a household name, but he’s on the same level of greats like Dieter Rams and Jonathan Ive.

Stay alert

A short while ago, Chrome broke the web by disabling alert(), confirm() and prompt() dialogs from cross-origin iframes.

The State Of Mobile First and Desktop First

Is mobile first or desktop first still relevant today? An article that explores both with pros and cons for each.

Tesla’s new ‘mind of car’ UI signals a future we’re not prepared for

A look beyond designing just for users.

Sustainable Web Design, An Excerpt

Climate change is a daunting problem to face, but Tom Greenwood provides guidance on how we can track and address the carbon footprint of the web.

Watching the Olympics has been a UX nightmare

Broadcast monopolies have created the hellscape that is just trying to watch the Olympics.

One-offs and low-expectations with Safari

The other day Jen Simmons solicited some open feedback about WebKit, asking what they might “need to add / change / fix / invent to help you?”

Designing for the Unexpected

As devices continue to diversify in dizzying ways, how can we make sure our work on the web stays as relevant as ever for the long haul?

GitHub Explains the Open Graph Images

We recently set about creating a framework and service for automatically generating social sharing images for repositories.