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Designing With Integrity: The Ethical Designer’s Handbook On Dark Patterns

Dark Patterns are deceptive design tactics, intended to manipulate users into actions they may not have intended.

Five Years of Memberships

I’ve been running the Special Projects membership program for five years; here’s what I know.

Design Patterns that Encourage Junk Data

It’s estimated that up to 88% of the data stored in the cloud is ROT (Redundant, Obsolete or Trivial) data, or “dark data”.

Browsers Are Weird Right Now

The options today feel… odd.

Displaying initials for an avatar component in a design system

Dives into finding as inclusive a solution as possible for displaying the initials of users on a platform.

Contrasting Aesthetics

Much of the art I appreciate in museums can be bucketed into aesthetics like typographic, medieval, or patterned.

How I got scammed

I was tricked by a phone-phisher pretending to be from my bank, and he convinced me to hand over my credit-card number.

The Web Component Success Story

Web components won’t take web development by storm, or show us the One True Way to build websites.

The Feature Trap: Why Feature Centricity Is Harming Your Product

Most product teams commonly adopt a feature-centric mindset, finding them convenient for brainstorming.

A Call for Consensus on HTML Semantics

HTML is supposed to be easy to learn. And sure, the basics are pretty clear, but how are we supposed to make the right choice in nuanced situations?

Immanuel Kant — What is Beauty?

Beauty leads us to truth and goodness, said Immanuel Kant. And this is how it works.

Pencils Down, Ideas Up: Navigating Design Critiques with Grace and Grit

Critique—or, to use its more casual truncation, “crit”— is one of the most powerful team-powered tools that can contribute to a designer’s growth.

Wakulla Receipt Map

A 6-foot ribbon map of a river designed specifically for a receipt printer.

Blur radius comparison

The most common type of blur used on the web and in design tools is Gaussian blur.

Speculative Calendar Events

Designing tentative calendar events to solve complex scheduling problems.

Make the indie web easier

We need more than Wordpress.

How Google perfected the web

The web is filled with content designed for Google, not humans.

The legacy of InVision App

Marking the end of an era.

Ambient Co-presence

Creating a subtle, peripheral, and synchronous sense of shared space and context on the web

52 things I learned in 2023

Here are some of the most interesting things I learned this year.