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How Facebook designed the like button

In terms of sheer impact, the like button was one of the most successful pieces of code ever shipped.

Why is open source software so badly designed?

It’s not just a matter of developers acting friendlier or designers acting less egoistically.

Design Threads

A collaborative report unraveling the state of design today.

What Is the Open Web?

A working definition of an Open Web and what we can strive for to building an open and sustainable internet.

Figma’s feedback gift guide

How to give great feedback.

Why one web pioneer thinks it’s time to reinvent the browser

Darin Fisher built the world’s most popular browsers — now he’s going to try and disrupt them.

The Creative Switch

The basic recipe for good ideas is really simple: Just create a lot of options and then pick the best one.

Why Everything Looks the Same

How economic globalization, generational transition, and technology converge to flatten the consumer experience.

Scroll to Text Fragments

Scroll to text fragments just landed in Safari which makes support even more broad.

The Rise of ‘Luxury Surveillance’

Surveillance isn’t just imposed on people: Many of us buy into it willingly.

Programming Portals

Small, scoped areas within a graphical interface that allow users to read and write simple programmes.

Let's talk about web components

Web components! They’re currently at the vanguard of web development and are a reliable source of hot drama in the community.

Photoshop for text

When I think about editing images, a vast array of options come to mind: contrast, saturation, sharpen, blur, airbrush, clone stamp, etc.

When life gives you lemons, write better error messages

When it comes to error handling, it truly is a team sport.

Website Fidelity

Kyle Simpson has a talk wherein he suggests the idea of building websites in layers of fidelity instead of layers of technology.

AI tools to assist your design and development workflow

Speed up your design and development workflow with AI tools which are already available.

None of Your Business

You’ve created something and after you’re more or less done, you pause and you look at it. And you don’t like it.

Beauty in the machine: post-industrial design

Has design become boring? Or is it just harder to notice?

Some Things I Took Away From An Event Apart 2022 in Denver

An Event Apart 2022 Denver wrapped up yesterday. And while I was unable to make it to all three days this time, I did catch yesterday’s action.

New patterns for amazing apps

This blog post announces a new collection of patterns for amazing apps, including clipboard patterns, file patterns, and advanced app patterns.