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There Is No Digital World

Everything digital costs something physical. It’s time for a digital conservation movement.

The Gap

It's no secret that web designers and web developers don't always see eye to eye and tend to have different goals that impact the product differently.

Semantic <menu> context

Once upon a time, there was an element called . An element which had great aspirations.

The State Of The Web

The opening presentation from An Event Apart Spring Summit held online in April 2021.

Curves and Surfaces

Interactive article explaining how curves and surfaces are modelled.

Developer Tools secrets that shouldn’t be secrets

There is no doubt that, besides the Elements tool, Console is the most used part of the browser developer tools.

How design debt can hurt your product

Explore the 5 most common reasons why digital products accumulate design debt with each iteration.

15 Latinx and Hispanic designers to watch

Let’s celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with some amazing designers.

Why We Crave Software With Style Over “Branding”

Modern software’s uniformity has fueled a craving for more interesting, opinionated tools — turning inanimate pixels into something with soul.

30 designers share their design philosophies

Designers from Google, Microsoft, Nike, Pentagram, and more reveal how they innovate time and again.

Fixing the Drift in Shape Rotations

A look at an obscure bug common to drawing programs, where rotations can cause shapes to move to new positions.

A Gentle Introduction to Graph Neural Networks

What components are needed for building learning algorithms that leverage the structure and properties of graphs?

Jimmy Wales on Constraints for Bad Behavior

How could we minimize the impact of bad behavior online?

A Future of Design Without Designers?

I’m super interested in how the rise of automation and agentive technology may affect the role of the designer over the coming years.

If I work really hard on my Open Graph images, people will share my blog posts.

Open Graph images. Those little images that show up when your site is shared on social media. The ones for my site were… bad.

Giving, seeking, and receiving feedback in UX

Each individual is a universe of its own and each company or UX department has a set of unwritten rules.

Design for Safety, An Excerpt

None of us want to build products that put our users’ safety at risk, but how do you reduce the risk that our products will be weaponized by abusers?

Stop asking LinkedIn for feedback on your UI design

Have you seen them? There’s currently a trend on LinkedIn where aspiring UI and UX designers share two variations of a design they’re working on.

HTML is Not a Programming Language?

HTML is not a programming language. I’ve heard that sentence so many times and it’s tiring.

Breaking the web forward

Safari is holding back the web. It is the new IE, after all. In contrast, Chrome is pushing the web forward so hard that it’s starting to break.