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Shape builder vs pathfinder

In Adobe Illustrator, the shape builder tool and the pathfinder panel can both add and and subtract segments of overlapping shapes.

Error-Message Guidelines

Design effective error messages by ensuring they are highly visible, provide constructive communication, and respect user effort.

The Rhythm of Your Screen

It’s 2023 and I’m still frequently asked by clients about scrolling. I understand why.

The ongoing defence of frontend as a full-time job

It seems to me that we’ve come full circle back to when I started as a web developer.

How Google tried to fix the web — by taking it over

“Accelerated Mobile Pages” succeeded in speeding up publishers’ mistrust of the search giant.

A war on stars: alternate rating systems besides 5 stars

How was it that the 5-star rating became the de facto measure? And what if there is room for something else?

I want to talk about WebGPU

WebGPU is the new WebGL. That means it is the new way to draw 3D in web browsers.

Accepting Design

Learning to separate the craft of making digital products from the industry we’re in.

Offline Is Just Online With Extreme Latency

I just finished watching “Local-first Software” by Peter Van Hardenberg and loved it.

The roadmap is not the territory

Notes on sequencing, strategy maps and business knowledge.

Safari releases are development hell

Safari 16.4 rolled out last week, and for us it’s been a nightmare.

Pop-ups are everywhere, even though no one wants them

How did one of the most hated elements of web design make a comeback?

the html review

The html review is an annual journal of literature made to exist on the web


Interactive article explaining the physics of a bicycle.

The Search Element

The HTML specification added a new grouping content element: the search element.

Designing Zenly: Part I

Hello, I’m Julien, former Head of Design at Zenly. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while.

I doubled-down on RSS

RSS is an incredibly powerful, under-appreciated, and under-utilized technology.

My Mastodon Strategy

A lot of the following is an attempt of a highly motivated individual trying to recapture what I once had.

The case for Flex applications

One day my friend Bryan told me to come look at something on his computer.

A Look at Gender Demographics in the Developer Community, Part 1

I asked some of the biggest programming YouTubers to share their demographics data.