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How the first version of Mailchimp was designed

During my time on the product design team at Mailchimp in 2018, one of my most memorable conversations was with CEO & Co-founder Ben Chestnut.

Layout in ancient writing: UX inspiration from history

It’s no secret that a lot of the practice that we use in interface design came from the printing industry.

How to use design to make public spaces unusable and unappealing

City life can be tough and during those times many city dwellers find respite in a comfortable seat.

A comprehensive list of human-computer interactions

A review of the opportunities with humans, computers, and software.

How to optimize button microcopy

Microcopy is the small, informative, or instructional text on forms, fields, labels, pop-ups, buttons, search prompts, etc.

The UX of new parenthood: Why we’ve got to conceive a better way

I have a confession: as a marketer and a new father, I’m disheartened by the baby product marketplace.

Tokyo 1964: The Olympic benchmark

For about four weeks this year, the eyes of the world were focused on Tokyo, Japan for the 2020* Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games.

How to avoid Twitter’s latest accessibility mistakes

In June of 2020, I wrote about Twitter’s attempt to rely entirely on volunteers for accessibility testing.

Giving, seeking, and receiving feedback in UX

Each individual is a universe of its own and each company or UX department has a set of unwritten rules.

Why has User Experience Design become Legal Experience Design?

Dieter Rams once said, “Indifference towards people and the reality in which they live is actually the one and only cardinal sin in design”.

Stop asking LinkedIn for feedback on your UI design

Have you seen them? There’s currently a trend on LinkedIn where aspiring UI and UX designers share two variations of a design they’re working on.

Design lessons from the grim fate of the Segway

Over at Slate, Dan Kois ponders this question in a rollicking essay about the benighted two-wheel device.

UI cheat sheet: Spacing friendships

The easiest way for me to see an interface designer’s skill is by how they use spacing in their design.

20 ideas for better data visualization

Applications we design are becoming increasingly data-driven.

Performance Design: Designing for the illusion of speed

Did you know every second Walmart shaves off of their e-commerce website improves its conversion by two percent?

The dark UX patterns used by online gambling websites

Gambling is one of the few industries that has capitalised during the pandemic.

Twitter’s new font and Last of Us 2: an accessibility lesson to be learned

One hot discussion on Twitter these days (especially in the design/tech parts of it) is Twitter itself.

Breaking down the creation process of a VFX animation

A VFX art breakdown of my submission for the Dynamic Machines Community Render Challenge.

Why do people hate redesigns?

Recently, Twitter unveiled a new design for its website and app, including a new font, higher-contrast colors, and less visual clutter.

Tesla’s new ‘mind of car’ UI signals a future we’re not prepared for

A look beyond designing just for users.