The five best design links, every weekday


AR design: harnessing the magic, mitigating the danger

AR designers and creators are today’s magicians. Here’s what they need to know to re-enchant the world.

Raising capital for inclusive design

We all have the ability to design a better inclusive world, by raising the right forms of capital around us.

Accessible video game design

Accessible game design is beneficial to everyone.

Times New Roman: can we make serifs great again?

Matthew Carter and the re-invention of type design for screens and desktop printing

Intelligent interfaces of the future

Making things that think.

Card sorting with visually impaired participants

A guide to conducting card sorting with visually impaired participants.

Who should take responsibility for evil UX design and digital ethics?

The fine line between persuasion and manipulation: who will protect the user?

A war on stars: alternate rating systems besides 5 stars

How was it that the 5-star rating became the de facto measure? And what if there is room for something else?

How I used Midjourney to design a brand identity

Learn one of the ways in which AI has elevated my design work.

High-contrast — when you think dark mode is enough

The importance of the high-contrast theme in interfaces and its differences from dark mode.

A guide on conducting better market and user research with kids

From making it a game to letting kids be the experts, there’s a lot we can do to improve how we draw insights from children.

Adding Motion to the next decade of Atomic Design

A century of animation, a decade of Atomic Design, a year of movement.

Figma, I love you but you’re bringing me down

Confronting the conflict between what’s possible and what’s practical.

Missing a point: the UX of subtitles

Do you realize how much context we lose when we lose sound? In a world with everything already invented, can designers do more?

Gesamtkunstwerk in UX design and why we are driven by trends

History repeats itself, and the explanation of why design trends drive the industry is something that we’ve had in the creative minds for centuries.

Embracing AI as a material for design

This year the news has been booming about AI. You can’t open a news website that doesn’t have an article on the front page about ChatGPT.

Improving search on Wikipedia

How does one go about finding what they are looking for on Wikipedia?

Designing in the age of ChatGPT

Disruption, opportunities, and the evolving role of design.

Software accessibility for users with Dyslexia

Let’s focus on cognitive accessibility of digital products and how to make them better for users with Dyslexia.

Sometimes you have to hide the body

Logo critics can be a tiresome lot. Sometimes their condemnations are spot on, but often their banter sounds like so much kvetching.