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UX inspiration from history: Sony Walkman

The story of the classic Walkman ended in 2010 when Sony retired the cassette player. Sony sold around 200 million cassette players, and the total ...

The world is running on bad UI

As designers, we appreciate great products.

Is Apple capable of designing a usable mouse?

Remembering Jobs’ relentless approach to product design, and how a sufficient mouse design never came to be.

When does iconography start to become useless?

There’s a big difference between how you might see iconography used, for example, in Microsoft Word & Photoshop or on a website you’ve just launched.

Interaction design is more than just user flows and clicks

There are three core skills that every modern product design must master: product thinking, visual design, and interaction design.

How to deal with designers in 10 easy steps

Did you just hire a couple of designers, thinking they would sit quietly and create some visuals? I have bad news for you.

Instagram can’t touch the visual glory of blank VHS tapes

A thing of beauty will never fade away. Those blank VHS tapes from the 80s? They look just as good in 2021. Vibrant Instagram images...

Building better products with a design token pipeline

You may wonder how exactly to start using design tokens and how you can integrate them into your workflow.

One Figma component — 3,360 Variants

Creating complex variants in Figma.

Uniwidth typefaces for interface design

Uniwidth typefaces have great potential for the use in interactive interfaces.

Applying the Panofsky method to your own design

For us to fully understand the meaning behind any particular piece of art/design, cultural context needs to be applied.

I don’t know anyone using InVision Studio, and that’s too bad

What product lessons can be learned from Invision’s failure to make Studio the prototyping hit it should have been?

Perfect practice makes perfect

If you’ve read some of my articles, you know that I’m all for discipline and ambition.

How we migrated our design team to Figma

The design team at Agoda looked at how we could save costs without sacrificing the quality of the work we’re doing.

A comprehensive list of UX design methods & deliverables

The most common tool, methods, processes, and deliverables that designers use throughout the digital product design process.

Enterprise UX is amazing. Change my mind.

Why this under-represented but widespread design field comes with lots of unique and interesting challenges.

The two design skills that will matter in 2021

2020 is now behind us. Good! It’s been a bad year on many levels, but it was also transformative.

The no-mouse challenge: Taking the keyboard navigation red pill

Not everyone out there relies on a mouse or a trackpad when using their computers.

Learnings from designing for multi-language user interfaces

Designing for multiple languages has had an impact on the way I approach design decisions, regardless of the product being in one or more languages.

5 designer personas every design team has to have

How Jason recruited his team — The Argonauts.