The five best design links, every weekday


How will long-Covid change the accessibility landscape?

Long-Covid manifests in different ways with different people.

Where did this interaction come from?  —  a brief history of interaction design

Elaborating on some of the key origins of the notions of interaction design.

Academic articles every designer should read

From proving the value of Design to making complex technology accessible to sustaining creativity, how might Designers draw upon academic learnings?

Game design: dark patterns that keep you hooked

For someone who plays video games a lot, I realize how easy it is to get sucked into a game and play for hours at a time.

Designers: you should be playing more videogames

A few lessons from one of the categories of Digital Products that rely the most on user experience to succeed: Video Games.

Designing an omni-search

What if you’re not just searching for songs, but also for artists, playlists, or genres?

Size does matter: Fitt’s Law applied to design

If you’ve noticed, emergency buttons are always large red buttons, and brake paddles in a car are always the largest among the three pedals.

10 More Figma Tricks I Wish I Knew Earlier

More Figma hacks you might not know yet.

Is UX still viable? The unintended consequences of user-centered design

Focusing design choices around the experience of the user has become the dominant paradigm for interaction design. Does it hold?

Accessible design: How much motion is too much motion?

A process breakdown of how to create Accessibility compliant interaction design within a framework.

The UX of video game tutorials

What decisions a designer will run into while designing learning experiences.

What does the Safari 15 update mean for my designs?

Everything you need to know about Safari 15 on iOS for web designers, front-end developers and design engineers.

How bullet charts taught me about the importance of layering

One of the most interesting things that I’ve found is that working with advanced visualizations often requires a sharper design eye.

Documenting the almighty button

Browsing through several collections available on Harvard Art Museum’s website triggered an interesting thought in my mind.

A guide to the Modern Minimal UI style

Functional, readable, sleek, and sexy.

The origin story of the Wingdings font

The funny font from vintage Microsoft Word has an unbelievable past and great influence on today’s culture.

Inclusive UX in an era of anxiety

Accessibility continues to be an important topic across multiple industries, yet mental health and anxiety don’t often immediately come to mind.

Material You had to happen this year

Every seven years people get bored with the UI status-quo.

Giving a damn about accessibility

A candid and practical handbook for designers.

Building software for artists

How can we build software tools that empower artists to use computation in their own work?