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The A-Z of AI

Discover more about what artificial intelligence is, how it works and how it’s changing the world around us.

See the logos AI generates for Apple, Google, and Uber

Hey everyone, just a quick note to let you know that your job as a designer is still safe from an AI takeover.

These Lyrics Do Not Exist

Lyrics generated using Artificial Intelligence.

Lingua Franca: A Design Language for Human-Centered AI

Despite all the talk of transformation, anything built with AI is secretly a mess.

Confusing Coleopterists

A beetle generator made by machine-learning thousands of #PublicDomain illustrations.

Finest Pies

People wonder about what it would be like if a super-intelligent AI decided to place all of humanity in a realistic simulation.

AI generates logos from whole cloth

Scientists propose an AI system that's able to synthesize logos at much greater resolution and detail than before.

Smarter Patterns

Smarter Patterns is an interaction pattern library that provides solutions for common AI challenges.

The world's most-advanced AI can't tell what's in these photos. Can you?

Is that a manhole cover or dragonfly sitting on a table? Is that a green iguana or just a squirrel running with some nuts?

AI Portraits Ars

AI Portraits Ars uses Artificial Intelligence to reproduce artistic human portraits, with different styles and levels of abstraction.

Adobe has an ambitious plan to help the public spot fake images

The world’s most popular computer graphics company wants to use AI to detect manipulated images and video. Is it too little too late?

How a feminist approach to design is the key to tackling bias in AI

AI systems, however, are not inherently biased – they only reflect the biases of their designers and the data they are trained on.

The latest leap forward in visual AI is downright mesmerizing

A new algorithm, developed by University of Washington and Facebook, can “wake up” people in still photos.

Oh no, Samsung's AI lab can create a video of you from a single still photo

The company recently showed off AI that allows it to “puppet” someone’s face onto another person’s body–using only a single photo for reference.

Startups are racing to commercialize DeepFakes's powerful AI

A slew of startups are using AI to push the boundaries of media manipulation–and they all promise to have ethics in mind.

The AI-Art Gold Rush Is Here

The images are huge and square and harrowing: a form, reminiscent of a face, engulfed in fiery red-and-yellow currents.

AI is bringing out the art world's worst instincts

Over the past few years, many artists have started to use what's called "neural network software" to create works of art.


A new paper from NVIDIA recently made waves with its photorealistic human portraits.

AI-Generated Human Faces That Look Amazingly Real

The opening line of Madeline Miller's Circe is: "When I was born, the name for what I was did not exist."

Generating custom photo-realistic faces using AI

Controlled image synthesis and editing using a novel TL-GAN model.