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One of the GPT-4 demos made a massive splash: painting a web app on a napkin and getting the “AI” to create the HTML, CSS and JS to make it work.

Malleable software in the age of LLMs

All computer users may soon have the ability to author small bits of code.

Why is JARVIS the only male AI?

Why was JARVIS the only male-coded AI in Tony Stark’s arsenal? Why is it that most AI are female-coded?

ChatGPT Plugins

We’ve implemented initial support for plugins in ChatGPT.

Introducing GitHub Copilot X

GitHub Copilot X is our vision for the future of AI-powered software development.

The End of Front-End Development

Large language models like GPT-4 are becoming increasingly capable, at an alarming rate.


We’ve created GPT-4, the latest milestone in OpenAI’s effort in scaling up deep learning.

GPT-4 Designed a Programming Language

When the machines make machines, we’re in a new world.

Creating Isometric RPG Game Backgrounds

Using Stable Diffusion techniques to create 2D game environments

How AI Technology Will Transform Design

Nick and Gleb cover the current state of design and share practical tips on how designers can make the most of using AI tools.


How AI will shape designers, not replace them.

What if AI tools paid artists?

Exploring solutions and understand challenges for the controversial debate about AI art.

OpenAI Is Now Everything It Promised Not to Be

OpenAI is today unrecognizable, with multi-billion-dollar deals and corporate partnerships. Will it seek to own its shiny AI future?

Why chatbots fail

The novelty of AI does not make up for a bad UX.

Introducing ChatGPT and Whisper APIs

Developers can now integrate ChatGPT and Whisper models into their apps and products through our API.

How are AI-generated images useful in real projects?

From concept to reality. How AI helped me (or not) create a Promotional game.

Scribble Diffusion

Turn your sketch into a refined image using AI.

Design Systems in the Time of AI

It’s been absolutely wild to witness the rise of the new crop of AI tools.

I built an AI that answers questions based on my user research data

A guide to building an AI with a custom knowledge base using OpenAI API.

To sketch or not to sketch? That is the question for us in an AI world

I remember sitting anxiously at the table. A design legend was about to appear after their previous meeting back in 2012.