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Woman’s viral mock redesigns for iconic logos are actually used by brands

Starbucks, Tampax, Tinder and TikTok are among some of the brands changing their social media pictures after a viral video awfully redesigned them.

7 overused logo letterforms to let go of

Get familiar with the most overused custom letterform designs in wordmarks.

Tokyo 1964: The Olympic benchmark

For about four weeks this year, the eyes of the world were focused on Tokyo, Japan for the 2020* Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The Rolls-Royce logo, the Spirit of Ecstasy

It’s still unclear whether the Spirit of Ecstasy was truly based on Eleanor Thornton, but the myth of the Rolls-Royce logo lives on.

The Corporate States of America

This project was an exercise in finding the most recognizable brands headquartered in each state.

Celebrating the legacy of Kamekura Yusaku’s iconic Tokyo 1964 Olympics identity

The 1964 Summer Games were seminal in cementing Japan’s post-war identity.

An Inside Look at How We Refreshed Yelp’s Logo & App Icons

Today, we’re introducing Yelp’s refreshed logo and our reimagined suite of app icons.

LogoArchive Extra Issue: pLAy

Out Now! LogoArchive launches its most pLAyfuL issue to date.

Universal Pictures Brand Identity Refinement

Universal Pictures required an overall assessment and simplification of its brand identity.

Pentagram rebrands voting for the 21st century

NYC Votes builds a design system as unique as New York itself.

Vela: Identity Design Process

Context and design process behind building the visual identity system for Vela, a new interface for e-commerce.

The biggest rebrands of the decade have this visionary designer in common

How Lisa Smith turned the world off of minimalism and changed the design landscape.

Grab a free .design domain and create a more elegant URL for your portfolioSponsored

.design is the premier domain extension for professional & aspiring designers. You can grab your own .design domain for free today courtesy of Porkbun

2021 Logo Trend Report

This year is about drama: comedy, tragedy and satire. A connection with the human experience.

Oxide Computer

Sleek Pentagram-designed site & branding for new server company. Style & nerdiness balanced with ASCII art.

Colonial Pipeline’s branding should’ve been a warning sign

James I. Bowie decodes Colonial Pipeline’s branding so you don’t have to.

Inside Discord’s risky push to position itself as the anti-Facebook

Discord’s new campaign—’Imagine a Place’—pitches all the freedom and community, with none of the privacy or security issues.

Happy Blurpthday to Discord, a Place for Everything You Can Imagine

Discord makes some 'friendlier' adjustments to its look including an improved logo, font and colors.

Welcome to Wondrium

Rebranding The Great Courses for the age of streaming.

Designing a Custom Typeface That Works for Indeed

How we built Indeed Sans with Dalton Maag and set up a type system that works for all of product and marketing.