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Why Is NYC’s New Tourism Logo Shouting at Me?

It doesn’t say ‘Welcome,’ it yells “STOP!”

Case Study: Nibble Health. Identity and UX Design for Healthcare Fintech Service

Check the creative story of brand identity and UX design for NibbleHealth, a healthcare operating system eliminating financial barriers to great care

Why Are People Mad About the New Nokia Logo— and Is It Warranted?

While the redesign has given the internet yet another thing to hate, COLLINS’ L.A. Corrall offers a different, more flattering perspective.

Realistic Logos

Putting some famous logos through ControlNet to generate realistic versions.

Wise Design

Wise Design is the Wise design system.

F-Secure Rebrand

Nomad provide cyber security company F-Secure with an empathetic update for today’s digital world.

Prime Video Identity

A brand refresh for one of the world’s biggest streaming services welcomes fans of all kinds to a universe of entertainment.

Windows XP Logo

Original logo concepts for what would become Windows XP.

‘May I Submit Utopian Turtletop?’

In 1955, the marketing department of the Ford Motor Company tried unsuccessfully for months to name their newest car.

Wikimedia Brand Stewardship Report

The Wikimedia brands represent the goodwill created by the collective contributions of millions of people over more than two decades.

Netflix Identity by Koto Studio

Netflix approached us to inject some of that language graphically across their product experience and beyond.

Visualizing the Cloud

How we crafted a bespoke visual identity for our cloud platforms and services.

How Jessica Hische Brings New Life to an Old Logo

The lettering artist tells us all about her process, what brands are looking for, and the differences between rebrands and refreshes.

Jony Ive’s latest design is the emblem for King Charles’ coronation

A new design from Ive and LoveFrom.

Bulgarian logo archive, by ABVA

ABVA documents, stores, studies, and popularises examples of different visual arts from Bulgaria.

Logggos — Well-Designed Logos for Your Inspiration

Discover inspiring logos sorted by industries, themes, typography style, branding color and more.

Rafael Serra's Retro Logos

Retro logos for Instagram, Spotify, and more.

Design Takes Time

Defining the identity of iA Presenter next to iA Writer was a three-year process that went hand-in-hand with the UI development.

How Singapore paid millions to make its logo bigger

Not just literally, but also atmospherically.

From Type to Logotype

From a sketch, to typeface selection, to incorporating a mark, to finalizing a full logo, let’s look at every step in the process.