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Materialized. A 3D Printed Logofolio.

Logofolio experimenting with 3D printing and the metamorphosis of digital elements inphysical environments.

Made by James

Made by James is the logo book by designer James Martin. A personal guide to logo design aimed at those just getting started.

Webflow in 2021Sponsored

2021 — done. We can’t believe it, either. Here’s a look at what we’re grateful for from 2021.

Designing our new company brand: Meta

Our company builds technology around people and their relationships because nothing beats being together.

Aphex Twin logo, by Paul Nicholson

Aphex Twin, the alias of music producer Richard D James, is identified by his monogram logo designed by graphic designer Paul Nicholson.

The Assistant, Jayme Odgers, Works for Paul Rand

Jayme Odgers brings readers into the mind of Paul Rand like never before.

Jony Ive’s first major design since leaving Apple isn’t what you’d expect

Ive spoke with Fast Company about how his design collective LoveFrom developed an intricate, organic logo mark.

A 10-step approach to inclusive branding, using the BBC as an example

A few days ago the BBC announced and presented its new branding system.

Designing our new company brand: Meta

A look into our new brand system, designed collectively by brand and product teams from across the company.

Building a brand identity for the world’s largest community

The Facebook app brand is built on the core belief that people can do more together than alone.

Holographic Chromed Logos

I love these colorfully chromed-out logos designed by Martin Naumann -- you can find dozens of them on his Instagram and

Working for Exposure

I’ll rewind a bit to talk about what Exposure is—It’s a “visual storytelling platform” that I’ve been using since 2013.

Woman’s viral mock redesigns for iconic logos are actually used by brands

Starbucks, Tampax, Tinder and TikTok are among some of the brands changing their social media pictures after a viral video awfully redesigned them.

7 overused logo letterforms to let go of

Get familiar with the most overused custom letterform designs in wordmarks.

Tokyo 1964: The Olympic benchmark

For about four weeks this year, the eyes of the world were focused on Tokyo, Japan for the 2020* Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The Rolls-Royce logo, the Spirit of Ecstasy

It’s still unclear whether the Spirit of Ecstasy was truly based on Eleanor Thornton, but the myth of the Rolls-Royce logo lives on.

The Corporate States of America

This project was an exercise in finding the most recognizable brands headquartered in each state.

Celebrating the legacy of Kamekura Yusaku’s iconic Tokyo 1964 Olympics identity

The 1964 Summer Games were seminal in cementing Japan’s post-war identity.

An Inside Look at How We Refreshed Yelp’s Logo & App Icons

Today, we’re introducing Yelp’s refreshed logo and our reimagined suite of app icons.

LogoArchive Extra Issue: pLAy

Out Now! LogoArchive launches its most pLAyfuL issue to date.