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There’s a Clever Strategy Behind the Flash of Fireworks Packaging

Ahead of July 4th, we spoke with one of the US’s biggest pyrotechnics brands about its showy graphic design.

2022 Logo Trend Report

The 20th Annual Logo Trend Report presented by LogoLounge is full of all the good, the badass, and the ugly.

Harbour Kitchen logo and identity

Located on the harbour-front in Stornoway, Scotland, Harbour Kitchen prides itself in its fresh selection of seafood.

See the new ‘de-Arched’ McDonald’s logo in Russia

Russia ditched the arches, but appears to have kept the ‘M.’

Here’s the real reason why all of the crypto logos look alike

The rise of each new technology creates a need to depict it graphically in a way that promotes recognition and acceptance.

The Instagram rebrand embraces the “squircle”

We speak to the design team about how the biggest challenges came typographically.

Instagram Brand Updates

Instagram does some brand refreshing including tweaks to identity, gradients and new custom typography.

2022 Craft Beer Branding and Package Design Trends

Welcome to the 2022 beer industry State of the Union. Let’s explore some emergent beverage opportunities and package design trends.

How FedEx Influenced the React Logo

In the spring of 2013 it became clear that Facebook wanted to start heavily investing in open-source.

Logos You Can See From Space

Elissaveta M. Brandon recently wrote about the uptick in companies placing huge logos so that they can be seen in satellite imagery.

Five logos worth revisiting from 130 years of branding history

Jens Müller gives us a lesson in logo history, unpacking five favourites spanning two centuries, from the niche to the revered.

Building a Personal Brand to Boost Your UX Career

Six UX professionals discuss how they built their online brand, share wins and give tips on how you can use different platforms to boost your career.

Are these the worst logos of 2022 so far?

And we’re not even halfway through the year.

Why Companies Are ‘Debranding’

In recent years, some of the world’s biggest companies have discarded depth and detail to “debrand”.

This logo constantly redraws itself

Designer Talia Cotton wanted to create an unbiased logo, so she put an algorithm to work.

Coinbase Identity

Moniker combine function and flair in their lively identity refresh for crypto platform Coinbase.

Baskin-Robbins - New Brand Identity

The beloved ice cream brand wanted to modernize its identity while still maintaining their iconic 31 flavor heritage.

Inside the World of Olfactory Branding

The next frontier in branding is all about your nose.

Forging a new identity for the Qonto brand

As humans, we change the way we look as we mature and our self-identity evolves.

La Patria: graphic design from Uruguay

Founded by Gabriel Benderski, La Patria is an archive of graphic design from Uruguay.