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The Mystery of the Dune Font

Putting a name to the typeface that defined the visual identity of the science fiction series and its author, Frank Herbert

GOV.UK launches new official crown logo for His Majesty The King

The new official GOV.UK logo featuring the chosen crown of His Majesty King Charles III has launched today across the site.

Scientific American Rebranding

Redesign of the oldest continuously published magazine in the US, with a focus on a scientific research and ideas.

Trust the Process

The Smith & Diction Identity Process.

How we made the Wonka movie typography

We caught up with designer Alexandria Vernon.

A fresh and fitting identity for OpenAI’s first DevDay conference

When OpenAI decided to host its very first DevDay it began looking for an identity.

2023 Was The Year of the Rebrand

Legacy institutions, huge consumer products brands, even a branch of the U.S. military launched bold statements of evolution.

Most-read Projects from 2023

From identities for a bakery to the Milanese orchestra, here’s our most-read projects from 2023.


Hand-curated brand guidelines from around the world.

Tony’s Chocolonely

The Tony’s Chocolonely logo identifies one of the few chocolate brands with the mission of being 100% slave free.

The Climate Changed Logo

As the world is rapidly changing, we updated the UN logo for what’s to come.

Pentagram’s Brand Refresh of Reddit as the “Heart of the Internet”

Amelia Nash interviews Pentagram’s Natasha Jen on the Reddit brand refresh.

Reddit Rebrand

Brand identity transformation for the “heart of the internet.”

Crafting A Killer Brand Identity For A Digital Product

In this article, Sasha guides you through crucial processes and factors to achieve a consistent brand presence across platforms.

State of Brand Report 2023

Discover key insights into the trends, challenges and strategies of the branding landscape today.

Pentagram’s glossy Liberty Beauty logo draws from typographic history

After helming the 2020 Liberty rebrand, Harry Pearce returns to the store’s main logotype.

Redefining Facebook’s brand identity

Learn how teams across Facebook came together to evolve and unify the app’s brand identity.

Tokyo Dome City transformed with variable typographic identity

Tokyo design studio &Form developed a font that varies dramatically in thickness and motion behaviour with type designer Toshi Omagari.

Game+Logo, video game logos

A growing compilation of video game logos.

Meet the new Webflow

A brand refresh and tribute to our community.