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Brand What-Ifs

A creative series exploring brand what-ifs, possibilities, and everything in between.

Are rebrands starting to look the same?

Graphic designer and writer Elizabeth Goodspeed looks at the current trends in designing for the commercial world.

I’m a fake brand, in a fake world

The secrets behind designing a great fictional brand for TV and film.

A new modern look for the Android brand

This evolution of our visual identity better represents Android’s core ethos of being open, iterative and inclusive — and it’s fun, too.

To sprint or not to sprint.

Thoughts on a controversial branding offering.

New Dribbble Logo

Your eyes are right, we have a new logo! designed by Dribbble.

Are We Losing Color? All Logos Are Starting To Look The Same.

Recently, I’ve noticed a new stylistic trend that’s been overwhelming the app icons populating my phone background. And it’s colorless.

X Marks The Spot Where Musk Buried Twitter’s Brand

How much does it cost to ruin a brand? Apparently $44 billion, if Elon Musk is any indication.

How new Twitter X logo fails

Is the Twitter X logo only a Unicode character, or taken from a font? Find out and learn what to consider, when choosing a font for a logo.

Giant X removed from Twitter HQ after slew of safety complaints

Twitter / X denied building inspectors access to the X logo on two separate occasions over the weekend.

Online Reactions to Twitter Rebranding As X

How the Internet reacted to Twitter’s rebranding as X and Elon Musk’s bold move to turn the platform sparks into the “everything app”.

Barbie Logo: The Vibrant History of an Iconic Brand

The Barbie brand inspires countless young minds to be creative, independent, and unapologetic.

Alternative designs: how the Porsche Crest could have looked

With its rearing horse the Porsche crest is one of the most famous designs in automotive history, and every detail has huge significance.

Koto rebrands Glassdoor

In an all encompassing visual and verbal rebrand of the job searching site, Koto aims to enhance the company’s dedication to workplace transparency.

New Branding for the Natural History Museum

Moving the Museum from catalogue to catalyst.

The Guinness Harp

The design and development of the Guinness harp logo is closely linked with the history of the brand’s packaging and advertising.

Twentieth year of WordPress, Designed

Read about how the Automattic Design team celebrated the WordPress 20th anniversary.

How one design studio crafted a brand campaign entirely from AI

Design Army wanted to know if AI was a fad or the future—so it employed AI to design an entire campaign for a longtime client.

‘Flagship’ Reimagines Iconic Brands

In this project, SVA Branding student Alex Gilkey turns the communication systems for well-known brands into eye-catching symmetrical patterns.

Alt Protein’s Design Language: Creating Mainstream Desire To Drive Change

Alt protein brands are out there to save the world. But without creating mainstream desire they won’t win hearts and stomachs.