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Brand Expression In Design Systems: Icons & Illustrations

Elena Searcy, the Director of Product Design at PlayVS writes about how to infuse a design system with brand energy.

Homepage history:

Looking at over 25 years of homepages to see how it has influenced a generation of designers and marketers.

Tools Not Rules

Intelligent Creativity is transforming how we create and use brand systems

Evolving the Olympic Brand

How a century of design heritage informed a comprehensive evolution of the Olympic identity.

The story behind the YCBM redesign

Our existing style has been elevated by creating a refreshed, and more cohesive visual identity.

Rebranding is Expensive. Is it Worth It?

Real nonprofit leaders talk about expectations and outcomes from their rebranding projects

Is your company logo a ‘Karen,’ a ‘Heather,’ or maybe even a ‘Brandon’?

Logo designs, much like baby names, can be subject to trends that can date them—but that may not be so bad.

GUCCI lost a trademark battle with CUGGL in Japan

The ruling is a surprising win for intellectual-property progressives.

A Change Of Brand

A podcast about the world’s most loved consumer companies and their rebrand glory, drama, or disaster.

The 4 Elements Of An Effective Brand

Good brand architecture is a hierarchy.

Notable logos from the Graphis Archives

Founded in 1944, Graphis archives and promotes talent in design, photography, art, and advertising.

Genderless design is a myth

Design can never truly be free of culture, gender, and bias. Our pursuit of a neutral and universal design may bring us to modernism, minimalism...

How a small change to U.S. quarters is part of a big trend in logo design

A subtle change on the front of the 2022 U.S. quarters mimics a shift in the design of corporate logos.

Brami Identity

Californian brand Brami was established to demolish the association of Italian food with ‘cheat days’.

Hindi Logos

Some brands need Hindi logos that are as well designed as their English counterparts. But they often don’t, so I did it for them.

Zapier Brand

From photography and typography to colors and artwork— it’s an identity system built around our customers’ stories.

There’s a Clever Strategy Behind the Flash of Fireworks Packaging

Ahead of July 4th, we spoke with one of the US’s biggest pyrotechnics brands about its showy graphic design.

2022 Logo Trend Report

The 20th Annual Logo Trend Report presented by LogoLounge is full of all the good, the badass, and the ugly.

Harbour Kitchen logo and identity

Located on the harbour-front in Stornoway, Scotland, Harbour Kitchen prides itself in its fresh selection of seafood.

See the new ‘de-Arched’ McDonald’s logo in Russia

Russia ditched the arches, but appears to have kept the ‘M.’