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Fonts in Popular Culture Identified Vol. 3

See the fonts used in popular culture—featuring Girls Don’t Cry, Cook This Book, Lovecraft Country, Mrs America and more.

Jenny B Kowalski’s A-Z (and a-z) as Variable Letterforms

Jenny B Kowalski has been posting a-letter-a-day on Instagram exploring multi-axis variable/responsive letterforms.

Beyond Calibri: Finding The Next Microsoft 365 Default Font

Default fonts are perhaps most notable in the absence of the impression they make.

I studied the fonts of the top 1000 websites. Here’s what I learned.

A design-curious data scientist crawled the top 1000 websites to analyze their font selections.

Microsoft debuts five new fonts in a death match to rule Office

Which will be the successor to Calibri? We’ll know in a year.

How tracking and kerning improves all caps text

When untreated, all caps text creates problematic spaces between letters. Tracking fixes it mostly for web and app design, kerning fine-tunes it.

The Making (and Potential Benefits) of a CSS Font

This is a way to render text without using any font at all. Every element is styled with CSS to create the characters.

Designing a Custom Typeface That Works for Indeed

How we built Indeed Sans with Dalton Maag and set up a type system that works for all of product and marketing.

Intrinsic Typography is the Future of Styling Text on the Web

The way we style text hasn’t changed much over the years.


A growing catalogue of open source typefaces, focusing on somewhat contemporary type

Hershey Fonts: Not Chocolate, The Origin Of Vector Lettering

Over the past few years, I kept bumping into something called Hershey fonts.

Ink Traps and Pals

A look at ink traps (enhanced edges of inside corners in things like typefaces, logos for print) and related techniques including digital light traps.

The Sans Selection

While designing FiftyTwo, we intently searched for a sans-serif typeface. This post talks about the character of typefaces, pricing, and the winner.

Font size is useless; let’s fix it

What happens when you set fontSize: 32 in your favorite editor?

Free Font Alternatives: The Ultimate Guide

You can find extremely high-quality free fonts. But sometimes you need to do a lot of research to find them.

Font Brief

Find the right font for your project intuitively, by searching for attributes of your brand personality.

Japanese Typography: Kilograms of Sinograms

This article presents the Japanese writing system, which is quite complex and absolutely fascinating.

Introducing Fontshare, a free fonts service

We are on a mission to ensure everyone has the opportunity to use beautiful fonts in their designs for free.


World's first video game in a font!

Font Follows Feeling – A brief type classification

Knowing what broad genres of typefaces exist and what feelings they evoke, can be a handy tool to dig through the tons of available fonts out there.