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Amifer Folio

Custom type for Shakespeare’s globe.

Free Fonts For Interface Designers

Beautiful, well-crafted fonts for headings and body text that you probably haven’t spotted before. Free for personal and commercial use.

Modern Font Stacks

System font stack CSS organized by typeface classification for every modern OS.

A typeface of extremes

Inspired by cinema’s eclectic typographic history, British type foundry Frost’s grotesk sans serif Calhern takes typographic range to new heights.

Shantell Sans

A new typeface from Shantell Martin.

Fix Color Contrast: Web Accessibility for Text & UI Design

Learn what’s crucial and required about color contrast for text and UI components.

Type Design Resources

Everything from learning the basics to running your own foundry.

Hello Tomorrow!

I worked with the producer Ryan Kalil as an extension of the art department on the Apple TV+ series Hello Tomorrow!

Meet the maker: Marcin Wichary

A design manager tells us about his latest project, a book covering 150 years of keyboard design.

Drawing Font Inspiration from Vintage Artifacts

While remodeling our home, I found several cool old items left behind in walls and crevices.

Craig’s Lost Chicago

Nostalgic photos & images of lost eateries, amusement, shopping, manufacturing service, and more.

Improved Font Fallbacks

The new size-adjust and font metric overrides allow developers to create font fallbacks that closely match web fonts.

Shift Happens Preview

Here’s a little preview of Marcin Wichary’s long-awaited book, Shift Happens.

The end of Type 1

This month, Adobe is shipping several application updates which remove support for the original PostScript font format known as Type 1.

So, are fonts cut from paper now?

Not really, but the latest type trend sure looks like that.


A tool for testing and exploring possibilities of variable (or static) fonts.

Shift Happens Catalogs the 150-Year History of the Keyboard

‘Shift Happens’ documents 150 years of keyboard history from early analog typewriters to the pixelated versions on our phones.

Container Queries and Typography

Back in 2013 when I started my career there were a few big problems with CSS.

Typographic Hierarchy in Print, Web & App Design

Visual hierarchy makes or breaks your design. Learn how to guide the eye by intentionally using contrast and spacing in typography.

The Mystery of the Dune Font

Putting a name to the typeface that defined the visual identity of the science fiction series and its author, Frank Herbert