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Hoefler&Co & Monotype.

I’m pleased to announce that today, Hoefler&Co is joining the Monotype family.

Typography for Data

Text makes up a large majority of the content in internal, operational products.

Coding with Character

Monospaced fonts are no longer just utilitarian tools—they can also be playful & fun.

Fonts in the Twilight Zone

Among my favorite kinds of typefaces are those that don’t fit neatly into predefined or existing categories.


A very square variable font.

Font pairing: How to find the right combinations for your web designs

Choosing typography for your web designs can often be frustrating. Here’s everything you need to know to make pairing up fonts an easier process.

The Bumpy Typeface project challenges us to rethink our assumptions about gender

Italian designer Beatrice Caciotti’s research shows us how gendered connotations have made their way into the genealogy of type design.

Jacob Leech

An experienced Designer, Developer and All-round Maker.

Creating a Typography Motion Trail Effect with Three.js

A tutorial on how to use WebGL framebuffers via Three.js to create an interactive typography motion trail effect.

Morisawa, the official font provider for Tokyo 2020

The history & culture of the company behind fonts at the Olympics.

Bryan Font

The story of how I came to make a font of my late father’s distinctive handwriting. A typographic homage and a labour of love.

Superior Type on the business of type design

And how to stand out from the “flood of new fonts”.

When Using Type Graphically, Avoid Text Hierarchy Disasters

After all, you don't want your work to end up in an article like this.

Pairing fonts – 3 ways to find great typeface combinations

A beginner’s guide on how to mix fonts for your website or app from easy to advanced.

I Love Typography now has a font shop

Popular typography blog now has a shop with 40 foundries and 7000 fonts and launched 15 new typefaces and some foundries to mark the occasion.

I ❤️ NY

On his 92th birthday, and one year after his death, we commemorate Milton Glaser's most iconic creation.

These Typefaces Are Truly Puzzling

Erik and Martin Demaine, a father-and-son team of “algorithmic typographers,” have confected an entire suite of mathematically inspired typefaces.

Fonts in Use: Philip K. Dick paperbacks

Over two decades, Roslyn Gothic graced dozens of covers with works by the writer, building a visual identity for the master of dystopian fiction.

Optical size, the hidden superpower of variable fonts

A look at making letters actually change the way they look when shown in small or large sizes using variable fonts with an optical size axis.

Some Fun Typefaces for 2021

Adobe recently announced the winners of their 36 Days of Type contest.