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A Conversation With ChatGPT

Hi ChatGPT! Could you explain the typographic concept of kerning to me?

The final Google Fonts Knowledge drop of 2022

The year’s almost at its end, but we’ve got one last Google Fonts Knowledge drop for you.

Investigating why Steam started picking a random font

Out of the blue my Steam started picking a random font I had in my user fonts dir: Virgil, the Excalidraw font.

How to use huge type on the web

I’ve been advocating more daring and bolder use of typography on the web ever since I started the Better Web Type project.

Why is type inspired by ’70s era candy so big right now?

Bite into the history of the squishy sans serifs making scrolling sweeter.

The Faces Behind Typefaces

A digital editorial unpacking the role of the Type Directors Club medalists and the award itself in the global design and typography community.

Mona Sans & Hubot Sans

Two variable, open source fonts from GitHub.

Almost monospaced: the perfect fonts for writing

The unedited, writerly feel of monospaced fonts meets the readability and legibility of proportional ones.

Huge Type on the Web

Big bold type makes a statement. I’ve always been fascinated with minimalistic, typography-focused design.

Typographic Hierarchies

In this article, Alma Hoffmann discusses six basic variables to establish a typographic hierarchy.

Nabla Isometric Color Font

Built using the new COLRv1 color-font format, allowing smooth gradients, sharp highlights and blended shadows to be captured inside a font-file.

The Exorcist movie titles

The classic horror film carried over an iconic typographic style from the novel it was based on, but later editions diverged curiously.

NaN Tresor

NaN’s contextual-alternative-loaded sans NaN Tresor won’t stop till you have every option possible.

Fallback Font Generator

Reduce Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) by adjusting web fonts and system font fallbacks using @font-face.

Frutiger: from a dot to the Paris airport

Balancing black and white, developing a universal language, and deconstructing what made Adrian Frutiger the designer’s designer.

This site’s type is now variable

I figured it was high time my own website switched over to use the variable version of Ohno’s Degular.

Figtree: A new, (free) friendly sans-serif

Figtree is a geometric sans serif font walking the line between simplicity and friendliness. It is minimalist but not stiff, casual but not silly.

Braun Linear

A new typeface for Braun.

First Batch of Color Fonts Arrives on Google Fonts

Customize color palettes, add gradients, and more with COLRv1.

Which fonts to use for your charts and tables

Sans-serif or serif typefaces? Lining or oldstyle figures? Narrow or wide? We explain which fonts work best for data visualizations.