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Preserving endangered languages with Noto fonts

Noto fonts support many minority languages, improving literacy and accessibility around the world.

Dev Fonts

List of the best coding fonts with live preview & themes.

Announcing the 2020 Type Champions!

Monotype is thrilled to introduce the recipients of the second annual Type Champions Award.

Baskin Robbins custom font

F37 Foundry used the B and R from the famous Baskin-Robbins 31 logo as the basis for a new, more ‘grown-up’ custom font for the US ice-cream company.

Emoji b4 emoji

Tens of millions of broadsides were printed from the very earliest days of printing.

The Fonts in Popular Things Identified Vol. 2

See the fonts used in popular culture—featuring Bacurau, The Politician, Body at Brighton Rock, Trick Mirror and more.

Ramones presidential seal logo

An adaptation of the US presidential seal helped solidify the iconic style of the pioneering punk rock band.

The Rosart Project

An intensive typographical adventure into types cut by 18th century Belgian punchcutter and typefounder Jacques-François Rosart.

The good line-height

Have you ever needed to create a type scale and had to spend extra time figuring out what should be the right line-height?

Word as Image, by Ji Lee

Some fun examples of wordplay in Ji Lee’s personal project, Word as Image.


Orna falls in the realm of display typefaces influenced by Art Nouveau and Blackletter Calligraphy, all while emphasized under a contemporary light.

The Most Futura. Ever.

Futura Now, the definitive version of the family that defined modern typography, contains 102 styles.

Law & Order

On its 30th anniversary we celebrate the show’s typeface that was just as recognizable as its iconic sound.

Madefor: Wix’s Custom Typeface

Madefor is a typographic toolkit with a distinct personality.

United States of Letterpress

A short documentary film produced to accompany the release of a new Field Notes series.

When fonts fall

A deep-dive into font fallback

Jazz Musician Lettering

Rather than post 100s of covers and posters, I wanted to isolate the lettering for easy browsing and analysis.

The Typography of Star Trek: The Motion Picture

Star Trek: The Motion Picture named a space shuttle, created a custom font pack, and relaunched the greatest of all space franchises.

A Deep Dive Into the ‘Gentrification Font’

According to a popular Twitter meme, sleek sans serif numbers are now the official look of neighborhood change.

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