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User Interface Typography

Guide to designing better typography — from readability and choosing typefaces to modular scale, vertical rhythm and responsive type.

ARETE — Visual History of the Latin Alphabet

Interactive visualization of the history of the latin alphabet, showing the temporal and formal relationships of the different scripts and typefaces.

Readymag Websites of the Year 2023

Vote for the best websites in Typography, Interactivity, Storytelling, Impact, and Self-promo categories before January 7, 2024.


Marbla is an experimental display typeface exploring the possibilities of variable fonts to change the mood and personality of a typeface.

Inter Font Family

Version 4.0 of the Inter typeface, now with six additional "Display" designs for large delicious type.

Braille vs. Boston Line Type: How Design Can Truly Be Inclusive

Carl Rylatt, design director at United Us, on the need for a continuous conversation between design and the end users’ needs.

F37 Typeface Collection

F37’s new collaborative typeface collection is unlike any you’ve ever seen before.

Totally remdom, or How browsers zoom text

Here's what I learned about rem and mobile operating systems and browsers.

Loft Sans Font

We worked with SimpleBits to create a unique typeface for the band.

Fonts for rendering lines and bars from data

Google Fonts now provides two open source fonts by Dmitry Ivanov that let you make simplified, small to medium line and bar charts.

Celebrate Kindness Through The Medium of Typography

Fight for Kindness, a global, nonprofit typographic project and exhibition, highlights kindness through the eyes of illustrators and visual artists.


An innovative superfamily of fonts for code.

Addressing Accessibility Concerns With Using Fluid Type

The CSS clamp() function is often paired with viewport units for “fluid” font sizing that scales the text up and down at different viewport sizes.

The World’s Writing Systems

An index of the world's writing systems, sorted by time period.

How To Design Fonts?

Unleash your inner font designer with How to design fonts? by Blaze Type. A guide to crafting exceptional typefaces.

Why are we so fascinated by letters?

When I tell them that I make fonts, my non-designer friends are truly curious.

The Power of Variable Fonts

An Interview with Jason Pamental.

Tokyo Dome City transformed with variable typographic identity

Tokyo design studio &Form developed a font that varies dramatically in thickness and motion behaviour with type designer Toshi Omagari.

Shift Happens: Cover Stories

This tiny companion site turns the Shift Happens slipcase cover into a mini game!

How To Choose Typefaces For Fintech Products: Our Best Practices Guide

Fintech products are systems that are overloaded by many types of data like numerals, texts, spreadsheets, and so on.