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The Dos and Don’ts of Pairing Typefaces

When choosing typography to use in designs, narrow down your options by understanding the most common classifications.

Futura: grace under pressure

Paul Renner’s quest for “sachlich” created a typeface that is as technically astute as it elegant

Bunny Fonts

Bunny Fonts is an open-source, privacy-first web font platform, designed as a drop-in replacement for Google Fonts CSS API.

Measuring The Performance Of Typefaces For Users (Part 2)

In this article, Thomas Bohm explains ways to test typefaces and other typographic issues.

Getting Started with Typeface Design

Where to start as a typeface designer, by Jonathan Hoefler

The need to personalize fonts for each individual reader

Adobe research explores how fonts affect the reading performance of adult readers on their computers or mobile devices.

Measuring The Performance Of Typefaces For Users (Part 1)

See how typefaces work, how to test them, and other broader typographic issues.

The surprising psychology of fonts

How typefaces impact emotions remains largely unstudied, but a new report suggests that different fonts can elicit different emotions.

Full-scale expression with Grilli Type

Variable fonts are an exciting way to bring more dynamic expression to the web.

Customizing Color Fonts on the Web

Color fonts provide a way to add richness to your designs without sacrificing any of the many benefits of using plain text.

Interactive Typography Tutorial

Learn the fundamentals of typography through this gamified walkthrough with real-time feedback and logic-based principles.

Font Matrix – See & Pair Typefaces Like Never Before

A new way of looking at typefaces, that can help you find better type combinations, faster.

Instagram Brand Updates

Instagram does some brand refreshing including tweaks to identity, gradients and new custom typography.

Instagram Sans Typeface

A closer look at the new custom type of Instagram's latest brand refresh made with Colophon Foundry.

Readability: The Optimal Line Length

The length of text lines substantially impacts their readability — yet this is often overlooked in e-commerce.

The Brand Identity

Balancing the extremes of its own architecture, Fontwerk’s contrasting serif family Nice is rife with typographic possibilities.

COLRv1 and CSS font-palette: Web Typography Gets Colorful

With new CSS features for controlling the color fonts and the COLR, it’s a great time to experiment with with what modern web typography can do.

Variable fonts support in Figma

Variable fonts support in Figma allows you to broaden the possibilities of your designs and typography with a wide range of font styles and features.

Roboto Flex now on Google Fonts

Google’s most popular font gets customizable with the launch of Roboto Flex.

Typefaces Inspired by the Bauhaus

From Futura to ITC Bauhaus, our survey of Bauhaus type continues with a look at typefaces that adopted the school’s simplified, geometric ideals.