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How to make Google Docs not hurt your eyes

Better default styles for Google Docs.

NaN Tragedy

From the mind of French type designer J.B Morizot, NaN’s striking serif NaN Tragedy mixes sci-fi spirit with fantastical expression.

The French Dispatch

12 new posters for The French Dispatch feature each of its characters within the wonderful world of print journalism.

Feneon Typeface

How far can a single line go to describe a letter?

Mark Bloom on his latest release and launching CoType Foundry

Since launching his foundry in 2019, Mark has released eight new typefaces including Betatron – his latest – which is inspired by sci-fi films.

Women in Type

A research project highlighting key contributions by women to the design process of many renowned typefaces of the 20th century.

Coding Font

Play the coding font tournament by Typogram to find your true love of coding fonts!

Improving the New York Times’ line wrap balancer

Web browsers don’t yet support (text-wrap: balance). Adobe and the NYTimes have offer free JavaScript alternatives.

Marvel Character or Font?

Can you tell the difference? A very important quiz.

Sharp Type co-founders on navigating the aesthetic zeitgeist of typography

We sat down with Chantra Malee and Lucas Sharp of Sharp Type to discuss trends in type design, building a rapport with clients, and more.

What creating a simple font taught me about font design

Texts and fonts are everywhere, but nobody thinks about the font designers.

Websites We Like: MD Nichrome

Here’s a beautiful website: it’s a type specimen for Mass-Driver’s ever-so-lovely type family MD Nichrome.

Creating a handwritten font for Culture Amp

Even before we started work on Culture Amp’s custom typeface, I was nervous about making a handwritten font.

What’s the right font size in web design?

You want your text to be read, then set it at a sufficient size! Get some practical examples & numbers focused on body text in responsive web design.

Line length revisited: following the research

Recent eye movement research is reviewed which questions whether long line lengths do cause reading difficulties.

Hoefler&Co & Monotype.

I’m pleased to announce that today, Hoefler&Co is joining the Monotype family.

Typography for Data

Text makes up a large majority of the content in internal, operational products.

Coding with Character

Monospaced fonts are no longer just utilitarian tools—they can also be playful & fun.

Fonts in the Twilight Zone

Among my favorite kinds of typefaces are those that don’t fit neatly into predefined or existing categories.


A very square variable font.