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Terrible Terms and Conditions

A compilation of stupid ideas for the Boston Stupid Hackathon 2023.

So Your Kid Wants to Be a Twitch Streamer

Don’t panic. Instead, teach your beloved offspring to answer the Three Questions of Streaming.

UX & AI principles narrated by Michael Scott, SpongeBob and others

Famous actors and fictional characters presenting user experience guidelines for AI products.

Tech companies honest headlines

A thread.

Wonders of Street View

Explore the weird and wonderful things on Google Street View.


A collection of gender forms fails from across the web.

Comedy Widlife Photography

2022 Competition Winners.

You Don't Need HTML!

Think about all the things they've told you that you 𝑛𝑒𝑒𝑑. HTML is NOT the answer!

Design the next iPhone

Apple is running out of ideas and needs your help.

Collective Nouns for the Web

We did not have collective nouns for web terms. Now we do. Ever wonder what too many domains owned by one person is called?

Absurd Trolley Problems

Every problem is the trolley problem.

Pie Graphs of Dogs

Pie graphs of dogs and their body propotions.

Earth Reviews

Help improve the simulation.


Variations on a theme.

Honest Portfolio — UX Designer

Let’s be real, you’re going to compare yourself to this and then proceed to contemplate all your life decisions and spiral into depression.

Google Slides is Actually Hilarious

Perhaps like you, I naively started out thinking that Google Slides was just a poorly maintained product.

Design MemesSponsored

Have laugh at the ridiculousness of design culture.

30$ Website


Famous Logos In The Grotesque Art Style Typical For The Middle Ages

I am the creator of a series of works “Medieval Branding” and I am a person who simply loves both history and art together.

Let’s Settle This

It’s time to settle the endless internet debates.