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Slide to Unlock

A deceptively tricky game that will challenge your motor skills.

Accessible video game design

Accessible game design is beneficial to everyone.

SineRider: A Game About Love & Graphing

Remember Line Rider? It's a simple video game / physics toy where you draw slopes and curves for a person on a sled to navigate.

Moderator Mayhem: A Content Moderation Game

Can you succeed at the fast-paced challenge of content moderation?

How The Legend of Zelda Changed the Game

For nearly four decades, the video game franchise has emphasized exploration and the joy of discovery.

5 years ago, a humble Ubisoft feature changed video games forever

Accessibility innovations have transformed video games in the last few years.

Polish Pixels

Polish video games retro archive.

Deck of Cards

An online deck of cards.

I was asked to invent the next Wordle. How hard could it be?

Wordle is the deceptively simple puzzle that became a global sensation last Christmas. The challenge: to create a rival.

The playful design details of the Playdate console

A showcase of delightful details with questionable ROI.

Creating Isometric RPG Game Backgrounds

Using Stable Diffusion techniques to create 2D game environments

Defying physics in UX

What video game mechanics can teach us about ideal experiences.

How I still use Flash in 2022

When Adobe killed Flash Player in 2020, I didn't want my Flash games to disappear forever.


Mario in 1 dimension.

Foney Fonts Game

Calling all Christmas connoisseurs and logo lovers, branding agency Supremo have put a festive twist on their engrossing graphic design game.

Find The Prompt

Find the AI prompt used to generate an image as quickly as possible. Everyday a new prompt to discover!

The Colors of Game Design

What if game design could be summed up into four “primary colors” and their mixtures? This simple tool might help you organize your ideas.

js13kGames 2022 winners

Challenging participants to create games in 13kB or less of JavaScript in a month.

How Games Can Give Insights and Solutions to UX Problems

Anything you love can teach you lessons that apply to your work.

Absurd Trolley Problems

Every problem is the trolley problem.