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Game reviews to help you find good games that don’t trick you into addictive gaming patterns.

Game design: dark patterns that keep you hooked

For someone who plays video games a lot, I realize how easy it is to get sucked into a game and play for hours at a time.

The Enjoyable Illusion of User Control and Freedom

How users control video games, and the freedom they have to do so, can make or break the entire experience.

Designers: you should be playing more videogames

A few lessons from one of the categories of Digital Products that rely the most on user experience to succeed: Video Games.

How Assassin’s Creed is bolstering tourism in Ireland, Italy, and beyond

Video games are all about escaping from reality. Now they’re being used to market real-life escapes.


Where's Waldo for emojis.


A relaxing 'art game' in your browser that combines illustration, procedural generation, and computational poetry.

The UX of video game tutorials

What decisions a designer will run into while designing learning experiences.


Never forget the CSS margin order with this game.

Coding Fantasy: Learn CSS, HTML & JavaScript by Playing Coding Games

No more boring lectures, videos and courses. Learn to code in a fun, fast and effective way.


Kaboom.js (beta) is a JavaScript library that helps you make games fast and fun!

Steer through the Suez Canal

Navigating the Suez Canal is a high-stress, complicated feat that requires master piloting skills. Try your hand at it!


World's first video game in a font!

The Logo Quiz

See how well you know your tech company logos.

How I make graphics for retro systems and retro-styled games

Game consoles, especially older ones, are defined more than anything by their graphics capability.

Applying Usability Heuristics to Her Story

Exploring the alignment between in-game systems and the real world

The Kilobyte’s Gambit

Can you beat 1024 bytes of JavaScript?

Applying Usability Heuristics to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

A UX case study focused on the visibility of status.

A UX Analysis of Real Estate Royale, Yakuza 0’s Game Within A Game

The first of a two part series exploring UX approach, issues, and recommendations

A UX Analysis of Cyberpunk 2077′s HUD

Finding a balance between visual flair and effective communication.