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Readymag 2021: Product round-upSponsored

Meet an expanded design arsenal from Readymag! This is a list of most anticipated design instruments and updates rolled out by the team in 2021.

Dusty Domains

Ship a site to Netlify and turn that dusty domain you’ve been squatting on into real money for charity.

Material Design Award Winners 2021

Learn from three product teams creating great experiences with Material

The UI fund

Announcing the UI fund from Chrome, designed to provide grants for people who work on design tools, CSS, and HTML.

Tailwind CSS v3.0

Tailwind CSS v3.0 is here — bringing incredible performance gains, huge workflow improvements, and a seriously ridiculous number of new features.

Pantone Color Of The Year 2022: Very Peri

The new color celebrates inventiveness and creativity and comes as a tribute to all creators worldwide.


Using the experience gained from crafting bespoke typefaces for clients for over a decade, London-based Socio have launched Sociotype.

The 100 greatest innovations of 2021

Popular Science’s 34th annual Best of What’s of New awards include life-saving vaccines—and 99 other technologies shaping our future.

Google's incredible 'Look to Speak' app now works with more languages

Allowing you to use nothing but your eyes to communicate, if everything else fails.

NaN Tragedy

From the mind of French type designer J.B Morizot, NaN’s striking serif NaN Tragedy mixes sci-fi spirit with fantastical expression.

Stay in the flow with redesigned comments

Introducing updates to comments in Figma and FigJam

Designing our new company brand: Meta

A look into our new brand system, designed collectively by brand and product teams from across the company.

Photoshop’s journey to the web

By using various new standardized web technologies, Adobe has now brought a public beta of Photoshop to the web.

Next.js 12

Next.js 12 introduces a brand-new Rust compiler, Middleware (beta), React 18 Support, Native ESM Support, and more.

Interactive components: less wiring, more inspiring

Introducing interactive components and a handful of smaller improvements

Visual Studio Code for the Web

Announcing, Visual Studio Code for the Web.

Understanding How Facebook Disappeared from the Internet

“Facebook can't be down, can it?”, we thought, for a second.

These tiny MIT-designed robots can transform for whatever job you need done

The whimsical project, called Hermits, has won the Innovation by Design award for students.

iOS 15: All the Details

Apple's next-generation iOS operating system, available now.

Woman’s viral mock redesigns for iconic logos are actually used by brands

Starbucks, Tampax, Tinder and TikTok are among some of the brands changing their social media pictures after a viral video awfully redesigned them.