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Visual Studio Code for the Web

Announcing, Visual Studio Code for the Web.

Understanding How Facebook Disappeared from the Internet

“Facebook can't be down, can it?”, we thought, for a second.

These tiny MIT-designed robots can transform for whatever job you need done

The whimsical project, called Hermits, has won the Innovation by Design award for students.

iOS 15: All the Details

Apple's next-generation iOS operating system, available now.

Woman’s viral mock redesigns for iconic logos are actually used by brands

Starbucks, Tampax, Tinder and TikTok are among some of the brands changing their social media pictures after a viral video awfully redesigned them.

The Winners of the 2021 Small World Photomicrography Competition

Nikon has announced the winners of the Small World Photomicrography Competition.

Hoefler&Co & Monotype.

I’m pleased to announce that today, Hoefler&Co is joining the Monotype family.

Jamstack Conf 2021

Jamstack conferences host speakers, workshops, and more for learning to design, develop, & deploy modern web projects.

What’s New With DevTools: Cross-Browser Edition

Learn what’s new with developer tools in Firefox, Edge, Chrome and Safari.

Rick and Morty’s Jerry Smith has just been hired as a creative director

No, you’re not going mad. Yes, you did read that right.

What’s new in Figma: August 2021

The features, fixes, and capabilities we’ve added to Figma and FigJam

A Great British Spraycation

In what’s dubbed A Great British Spraycation, ten new artworks by Banksy recently popped up across coastal towns in England.

2021 Scroll Survey Report

Get the 2021 Scroll Survey Report plus words from the Chrome team about how this impacts priorities and plans for Chromium and the web.

The State of Developer Ecosystem in 2021 Infographic

The State of Developer Ecosystem 2021 is a detailed report about the programming community.

30 updates: recent features and fixes in Figma

A compilation of recent improvements that enhance your workflow in Figma.

Safari 15 Opinions

It was interesting that when Safari 15 was dropping at this last WWDC, in my circles at least, I mostly heard enthusiasm.

Massive Human Faces Loom Over Japanese Cities in Uncanny Balloon Works

An unlikely sight was spotted hovering over Tokyo earlier this month in a disorienting installation by the Japanese collective 目 (Mé).

A Tricycle for Our Minds

Introducing Tricycle: Automation Tools for Designers

Take the 2021 Jamstack Community Survey

Take the survey to help us get a broader understanding of where we are at and how we’ve shifted as a community over the past year.


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