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Only 4.8% of U.S. designers are Black. Adobe, Gap, and more want to change that

Nearly two dozen companies are pledging to bring equity to design through the newly launched Diversity in Design Collaborative.

The 4 biggest UI trends shaping Apple’s future

Piece together dozens of new features Apple announced at WWDC, and you can spot four clear trends.

How childhood bullying inspired this Lego VP to design an LGBTQ set

Lego will start selling a rainbow-colored set in honor of Pride Month on June 1.

Polypane 6: Peek, Webvitals, new simulators & Chromium 91

Peek at element just like in design tools, webvitals monitoring for each pane, astigmatism simulators and Chromium 91 with container query support!

Inside Discord’s risky push to position itself as the anti-Facebook

Discord’s new campaign—’Imagine a Place’—pitches all the freedom and community, with none of the privacy or security issues.

Winners of the 2021 Type Directors Club Design Awards

The Type Directors Club has announced the winners of their two design competitions: TDC67 Communication Design and 24TDC Typeface Design.

Bootstrap 5 released

The first stable release of the front-end toolkit includes new components, utilities and a new logo.

Microsoft debuts five new fonts in a death match to rule Office

Which will be the successor to Calibri? We’ll know in a year.

Introducing branching: space to iterate and explore freely

Announcing branching in beta.

Figma: Coming together at Config 2021

Everything we announced at Config 2021.

Introducing FigJam

FigJam is an online whiteboard for teams to brainstorm and ideate together.

Introducing Car Thing from Spotify

Check out Car Thing, Spotify’s new smart player designed for your drive. Get all the music and podcasts you love, every mile of the way.

SvelteKit is in public beta

And we’d love to have your feedback.

Launching (fun) lists in Figma

Take notes, provide context, and outline next steps in Figma.

Sketch 71 — Real-Time Collaboration is here!

Real-Time Collaboration is now officially available for Sketch.

Compat2021: Eliminating five top compatibility pain points on the web

Google is working to fix the top five browser compatibility pain points for web developers.

Here’s Why the New USPS Mail Trucks Look So Weird

It might look funky, but there’s a good reason.

NFTs are a dangerous trap

Like most traps, they’re mysterious and then appealing and then it’s too late.

NFTs and a Thousand True Fans

Non-fungible tokens offer fundamentally better economics for creators.

Google’s vibrant new interface makes it super easy to buy from Black brands

A clickable artwork by Amani Lewis lets consumers shop Black-owned brands such as Jungalow, Blk & Bold coffee, and more.