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The beautiful, fast, flexible, native Mac code editor from Panic.

Inclusive Design 24

A free 24-Hour online community event on accessibility.

Introducing Vectornator X4

This update introduces vector Brushes, import from Sketch to seamlessly work across the two softwares, Time-Lapse export, and much more!

Everything’s L-A-Okay

New Emblems for LA28 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Announcing TypeScript 4.0

This version represents our next generation of TypeScript releases, as we dive deeper into expressivity, productivity, and scalability.

Japan’s quest to create beautiful places to pee

Japan wants to let residents off their “urinary leash.”

Storybook 6.0

The 6.0 release retools Storybook for professional frontend developers.

The 6 wildest design concepts for a virtual Democratic National Convention

Designers share their vision for the first (nearly-all) virtual Democratic National Convention. Biden, time to fire up Twitch!

Plugin for Figma : Toolabs Design System Manager

Create themeable design systems with design tokens and document or export your design system with Toolabs DSM plugin for Figma.

Announcing Plasmic

Plasmic is a visual UI builder for creating pure-presentational components that you can import into any existing React codebase.

This nursing home turned residents into album cover stars

Finding a bit of rock ’n roll, even in a pandemic.

CSS News July 2020

In this article, Rachel Andrew takes a look at some of the interesting CSS features that are making their way into browsers right now.

Anima for Figma

Create High-Fidelity Prototypes and Export HTML with Anima, now available for Figma.

How Could the TDC be a Racist Organization?

It’s in the name. The TDC is a club.

There are five rules of flag design. Mississippi’s new flag already breaks one

The bill to redesign the flag is a long overdue step forward. But the legislature set a requirement that will keep any design from being ‘great.’

Type Directors Club shuts down amid allegations of racism

Longtime Type Directors Club member Bobby C. Martin Jr. considers the closure—and what should happen next.

Apple honors eight developers with annual Apple Design Awards

Apple today honored eight app and game developers with an Apple Design Award, celebrating their innovation, creativity, and mastery of Apple tools.

Milton Glaser, Master Designer of ‘I ♥ NY’ Logo, Is Dead at 91

He was also a founder of New York magazine, created a memorable Bob Dylan poster and produced designs for everything from supermarkets to “Mad Men.”

AOC’s brand was groundbreaking. Now it’s inspiring copycats around the world

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has become a leader for progressives—and they’re taking a page from her branding as well.

Simple design is dead. Welcome to Apple’s era of customization

Apple just gave up on creating the perfect design.