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Version 2 of Affinity apps: What’s new?

Hundreds of timesaving improvements and a completely redesigned UI that will optimize your workflow.

GitHub Blocks

Extend your codebase with custom, interactive blocks. Build rich documentation, enhance your workflows, and bring your repository to life.

Remixing Shopify

Remix is joining Shopify.

GitHub Copilot Investigation

Maybe you don’t mind if GitHub Copi­lot used your open-source code with­out ask­ing.

Next.js 13

Layouts, React Server Components, streaming in the app directory, as well as Turbopack, an improved image component, and the brand new font component.

iA Presenter

Write it. Show it. Rock it. A fresh, fast and fun way to create and hold presentations.

Videos in Figma Prototypes

Bring your designs to life with video! Learn how to use videos in prototypes for richer, more realistic experiences.

Mourning Figma — The End of a Chapter

Reactions and reflections on Adobe acquiring Figma.

Welcome to the new Verge

A complete redesign of The Verge that marries the best of old-school blogging with a modern news feed experience.

Hacktoberfest 2022

Hacktoberfest: a month-long celebration of open-source projects, their maintainers, and the entire community of contributors.

The power of automation, natively in Webflow

We’re excited to announce the launch of Logic, now in beta.

Next.js Conf 2022

The global user conference for Next.js. An online experience developers love.

DALL·E: Introducing Outpainting

Today we’re introducing Outpainting, a new feature which helps users extend their creativity by continuing an image beyond its original borders.

An AI-Generated Artwork Won First Place at a State Fair Fine Arts Competition

Jason Allen’s AI-generated work “Théâtre D’Opéra Spatial” took first place in the digital category at the Colorado State Fair.

Designers Build a Provocative Road Map for World Peace

Cooper Hewitt’s new show taps into the collective consciousness of activists, app developers, artists and architects to envision a way forward.

GUCCI lost a trademark battle with CUGGL in Japan

The ruling is a surprising win for intellectual-property progressives.

iOS Privacy: Announcing

See what JavaScript commands get injected through an in-app browser

OpenAI is ready to sell DALL-E to its first million customers

But the company has had to rush out fixes to the image-making model’s worst flaws to do so.

Astro 1.0

Astro is a web framework for building fast, content-focused websites. Performance powered by Astro next-gen island architecture.

There’s a new Gmail. But can it ever really change?

A redesigned Gmail may have already arrived in your inbox. No, it’s not all that different. But what would you say if it were?