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Designed to Deceive: Do These People Look Real to You?

The people in this story may look familiar, like ones you’ve seen on Facebook or Twitter or Tinder. But they don’t exist.

Use the d3 force

Usually, we position elements on our web pages in static, explicit places. But what if we want to make them feel more alive?

Who’s in the Crossword?

A look at representation and inclusivity in crossword puzzles.

The art of making information beautiful

Bureau Oberhaeuser is a Hamburg-based studio focused on information and interface design.

U.S. election maps are wildly misleading, so this designer fixed them

The most viral election map of 2020 was actually made by a Belgian man in 2019.

Masks Work. Really. We’ll Show You How

A visual journey through the microscopic world of the coronavirus shows how masks provide an important defense against transmission.

Designing a COVID-19 vaccine visualization and tracker

An oral history about the team that built a site concisely explaining and tracking the development of COVID-19 vaccines.

Examples of bitemporal charts

Bitemporal data has two dimensions of time, like a table with two columns of dates.

Reconstructing seven days of protests in Minneapolis after George Floyd’s death

Hundreds of hours of social media live streams present a different and more complicated view of what was happening in Minneapolis.

Charting an Empire: A Timeline of Trump’s Finances

A dynamic scrolling visualization of Trump's finances by the NYT.

What if all covid‑19 deaths in the US had happened in your neighborhood?

Insert your address and find out what would happen if your neighborhood was the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic in the United States.

Visx from Airbnb

Visx (formerly known as vx) is a collection of expressive, low-level visualization primitives combining power of D3 with DOM benefits of React.

How to pick more beautiful colors for your data visualizations

Choosing good colors for your charts is hard. This article tries to make it easier.

7 Deadly Sins of Data Visualization

Snakes, seashells, mountains — this is something we, designers, might draw instead of showing data.

What Happens to Viral Particles on the Subway

Many New Yorkers are avoiding the subway, fearful of jostling with strangers in crowded cars.

The New York Times and National Geographic win the Endesa Best of Show Award

In this edition, 162 media outlets from 34 different countries have sent in their works.

Defining the ’90s Music Canon

Quantifying the songs that will characterize the ’90s

How to visualize periodicity?

An Observable notebook by Pierre Ripoll.

Sonic Cities

What did cities sound like during the lockdown?

The Physical Traits that Define Men and Women in Literature

An analysis of 2,000 books and how body parts are described, by gender.