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Sekisui House Fact Book 2022

Beautiful and understated data visualizations and animations.

GenCup — Generative data posters from World Cup 2022

Generative art project that combines graphic design, football, and data. Using the statics of FIFA World Cup games to generate abstract compositions.

Welcome to the Ambaniverse

From food to gadgets to sports, explore how the business empire of one of the world’s richest men touches the everyday lives of millions in India.

First Million Integers

This is the first million integers, represented as binary vectors indicating their prime factors.

You’re one in 8 billion

The world population just hit a record. Here’s where you fit in and how the world’s demographics are expected to change.

Jamstack Community Survey Results 2022

The third annual Jamstack Survey conducted by Netlify reveals developer attitudes towards trends like remote work, Web3, serverless, edge and more.

How I Discovered and Fell in Love with Data Visualisation Art

I stumbled upon data visualisation art quite by accident early in 2022, at a time when I was at an interesting crossroads in my life.

WordStream Maker

A Lightweight End-to-end Visualization Platform for Qualitative Time-series Data.


Sports-related data visualizations and animations.


Interactive article explaining how sound works.

The Good Country Index

The Good Country Index measures what countries contribute to the world outside their own borders, and what they take away.

Days Since Incident

Tracking natural disasters on Earth.

Celebratory Gunfire: An interactive data visualization and analysis.

A must-see interactive analysis of Celebratory Gunfire, including animations and projections on how far and how fast bullets travel.

The Sounds of CDMX

How informal street vendors define the sonic landscape of Mexico’s capital

Which fonts to use for your charts and tables

Sans-serif or serif typefaces? Lining or oldstyle figures? Narrow or wide? We explain which fonts work best for data visualizations.

How to Visualize a Graph with a Million Nodes

Large-scale graph visualizations are tricky.

Where Do Memes Come From? The Top Platforms From 2010-2022

From the rise of TikTok to the Boomerification of Facebook, our data tells many important stories.

A Design Process for Dataviz

Design is a plan to create something that will be beneficial to people.

The Big [Censored] Theory

A case study on how the government censors TV in China.

The Marvel Cinematic Network

Explore the Marvel Cinematic Universe like never before! Discover how the MCU evolved during the Phase One.