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24 hours in an invisible epidemic

Watch 24 hours of an American day, and the invisible crisis hiding in plain sight

The Plot of All Objects in the Universe

You just have to admire a chart that casually purports to show every single thing in the Universe in one simple 2D plot.

Twitter is Still Throttling Competitors’ Links—Check for Yourself

Loading links to Bluesky, Facebook, Instagram, and Substack takes far longer than to other sites.

How Lego bricks went from five colors to nearly 200

The Washington Post analyzed Lego’s palette to explore what the color system says about the evolution of the company.

How to make charts and graphs more accessible

Learn how to make charts and graphs more accessible.

What This Graph of a Dinosaur Can Teach Us about Doing Better Science

“Anscombe’s quartet” and the “datasaurus dozen” demonstrate the importance of visualizing data.

Designing healthcare solutions: How trying to get better made me sick

In 2017, I found myself deeply immersed in the healthcare industry.

State of CSS 2023

The 2023 edition of the annual survey about the latest trends in the CSS ecosystem.

Women are superstars on stage, but still rarely get to write songs

Songwriting credits since 1958, broken down by gender

The unstoppable pop of Taylor Swift

A spin through what makes the record-breaking star so popular.

Are data dashboards vanity projects?

The complexities of data visualization literacy.

How have Americans drinking habits changed?

How Americans replaced soft drinks with bottled water.

React Graph Gallery: Learn to build unique charts with React

The React Graph Gallery displays hundreds of charts made with React, always with explanation and reproduciible code.

Mosaic: Scalable, interactive data visualization

Mosaic is an extensible framework for linking databases and interactive views.

Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2023

In May 2023 over 90,000 developers responded to our annual survey about how they learn and level up.

Find out what data is available about you online

Have you ever wondered how much of your personal information is available online? Here’s your chance to find out.

Graph Slider

Moving an element along a given path

Oslo Transit Diagram

In 2017, I made an unofficial transit diagram covering the Oslo region in Norway.

A visual guide to Eurovision

Songs, winners and history of Europe’s annual song contest.

A war on stars: alternate rating systems besides 5 stars

How was it that the 5-star rating became the de facto measure? And what if there is room for something else?