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How America Lost One Million People

Understanding the death toll — who makes up the one million and how the country failed them — is essential as the pandemic continues.

1 million U.S. COVID deaths: Visualizing the scale of loss

Remembering the lives lost to COVID-19 in America

Mechanical Watch

Interactive article explaining how a mechanical watch works.

Who’s afraid of elemental power?

Fear of nuclear energy has made it harder to stand up to dictators and slow down global warming. Is it time for a rebrand?

We think this cool study we found is flawed. Help us reproduce it.

Are 25 year olds really more random than 60 year olds?

Excel is your most overlooked design tool

A designer’s perspective on the world’s #1 spreadsheet tool — how to build infographics, dashboards, presentations & more.

Making Mermaid Diagrams in Markdown

Mermaid diagrams and flowcharts have been gaining traction, especially with GitHub’s announcement that they are natively supported in Markdown.

Lessons from the COVID data wizards

What have data dashboards developers learnt about communicating science in a crisis?

Climate spiral to show temperature change

Say what you will about circular visualization, but the spiral plays. This one from NASA shows global temperature change over time.

Eight Laws of Statistics

Statistics doesn’t have a Magna Carta, constitution, or bill of rights to enumerate laws, guiding principles, or limits of power.

How the World’s Richest People Are Driving Global Warming

Countries that got rich by spewing greenhouse gasses have a responsibility to cut emissions faster than those that didn’t.

Bar chart races: short on analysis, but fun to watch

Any dataset that can be quantified over time can be turned into a contest that is both exciting and (a little bit) enlightening.

Wordle, 15 Million Tweets Later

Since the start of the year, Wordle has overtaken “crossword” (by 10x), “olympics” (2x) and even “covid” (1.5x) in Google Trends data.

Medieval Fantasy City Generator

Generate and export your own medieval village.

The State of JS 2021

The 2021 edition of the annual survey about the latest trends in the JavaScript ecosystem.

Data Visualization State of the Industry 2021 Report

Understand the state of data visualization, the people who make it, the challenges they face, and where the field is headed.

Iconographic Encyclopædia of Science, Literature, and Art

A complete reproduction and restoration of J. G. Heck and Spencer F. Baird’s collection of 13,000+ illustrations from 1851

Your Legend is a Chart

When should a diverging color palette be used and how can it be used well? Learn more about using diverging palettes in your data visualizations.

A Mathematician’s Guide to Wordle

We invited mathematician and wordplay fan Ali Lloyd to share his thoughts on hit internet word game phenomenon Wordle.

Groundhogs Do Not Make Good Meteorologists

After dozens of grueling hours of investigation, FiveThirtyEight can confirm that Punxsutawney Phil is a charlatan.