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How to maximize delight in data visualizations

How Shopify's Live View redesign uses things like motion to bridge the gap between observing the screen and experiencing real human connections.

The fry universe 🍟

3D modeling of various fry shapes reveals why you like some more than others.

How We Investigated Facebook’s Most Popular Content

Investigating FB's widely viewed content report and a new Twitter bot "Trending on Facebook" checking what they say is happening on the platform.

Netflix Top 10

Netflix unveiled a weekly chart site of the globally most-watched TV and films on the streaming service.


System created by hacktivists & artists like Massive Attack's 3D that flags climate disinformation & greenwashing ads on social media during COP26.

We Analyzed 425,909 Favicons

A look at the favicons, Apple touch icons, manifest icons, and image formats, HTML and colors behind the URLs of the world's top sites.

This Is How Everyday Sexism Could Stop You From Getting That Promotion

Even a tiny bit of gender bias can change the trajectory of a career.


Nightingale is the journal of the Data Visualization Society (DVS). We support all aspects of dataviz education, literacy, history and design.

Jamming into the Mainstream: Jamstack Community Survey 2021

To get a better picture of the full developer landscape, we surveyed people who build websites in general.

Analyzing Time Series Data

Approaches for working with data that changes over time.

SeriesHeat: TV Series Heatmaps

Search for a TV series and get a heatmap of average IMDb ratings for each episode.

Understanding How Facebook Disappeared from the Internet

“Facebook can't be down, can it?”, we thought, for a second.

The key to learning math and science online is interactive play

How might we design experiences online that encourage learning through the four freedoms of play?

Visually stunning math concepts which are easy to explain

I've always liked concepts like the golden ratio or the dragon curve, which are easy to understand and explain but are mathematically beautiful.

Probable Futures

Probable Futures offers useful tools to visualize climate change along with stories and insights to help people understand what those changes mean.

Data Vis Dispatch, September 7

The best of last week’s big and small data visualizations

Typography for Data

Text makes up a large majority of the content in internal, operational products.

Bitcoin Uses More Electricity Than Many Countries. How Is That Possible?

The most popular cryptocurrency wastes energy by design. Why is that, and could it ever be greener?

Ranking the Biggest NBA Finals Carry Jobs

It is mostly LeBron James.

20 ideas for better data visualization

Applications we design are becoming increasingly data-driven.