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The virus that shut down the world

From migration to trade, the disruption created by covid-19 is erasing decades of economic gains achieved through globalization.

I Walked All 1,114 Blocks of My ZIP Code to Catalog House Numbers

Believe it or not, I learned a lot.

The Gaps Between White and Black America, in Charts

Racism is at the heart of our nation’s inequality.

You Know Karen

She’s been having a moment — and that’s not a good thing. Using baby name data, we found other names that are equally as “Karen” as Karen.

Data visualization wallpaper

As a 100-day project, Alli Torban has been imagining what a data visualization designer’s wallpaper might look like through the years.

Racial Divide

It's hard to think of much else. These maps show the racial divide between black and white people in major cities.

Currency in colour: a visual guide to 157 banknotes around the world

Explore our interactive map to discover the most dominant colour of each currencies’ banknotes.

Move over data visualization. The era of 'data simulation' is here

“Flatten the curve” was just the beginning.

Anatomy of Singapore's outbreak

How the virus spread through migrant worker dormitories.

Happy Data

Hopeful views of the world through data and drawings.

An introduction to accessible data visualizations with D3.js

Data visualizations can be great to communicate complex data in an easy way, but only if they're made to be accessible.

An intro to designing accessible data visualizations

Accessibility should always be a focus when designing products, and the same goes when working with data visualizations and graphs.

Timelines are not always lines: An evaluation of different timeline shapes

When we create a timeline, we can use many different shapes to convey different meanings, or just to apply our creativity.

Famous Hope Quotes as Charts

I thought we (i.e. me) could use a break, so I made these abstract charts to represent the most popular quotes about hope on Goodreads.

Identifying Generational Gaps in Music

This is a music challenge, testing how well you recognize historic hits.

Cuomo's PowerPoints are endearingly primitive, so this designer redid them

Pentagram partner Giorgia Lupi takes a crack at redesigning the PowerPoints that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo features in his daily press briefings.

Searching COVID-19

Finding patterns in our need for knowledge.

Coronavirus country comparator

A dashboard for tracking COVID-19 cases across countries.

How the 'New York Times' is capturing the unprecedented impact of COVID-19

COVID-19 is upending everything. Including how the “New York Times” visualizes the news.

Sheltering in small places

What life indoors looks like in Tokyo’s cramped homes.