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24 hours in an invisible epidemic

Watch 24 hours of an American day, and the invisible crisis hiding in plain sight

A clock where the time is in a song title

A music listening experience.

Women are superstars on stage, but still rarely get to write songs

Songwriting credits since 1958, broken down by gender

How companies use dark patterns to keep you subscribed

Unsubscribing should be easy. It’s not.

The search for my kimchi

I loved my grandmother’s fresh kimchi. But as I aged, tasting the defining flavor of my childhood became elusive.

A Map of Places in the US with the Same Name

We calculated what place someone is most likely referring to, depending on where they are.

Why the super rich are inevitable

Why some mathematicians argue the economy is designed to create a few super rich people – unless we stop it.

How are you doing?

A journey of emotional awareness, where we uncover the power of naming and visualizing your feelings.

The Sounds of CDMX

How informal street vendors define the sonic landscape of Mexico’s capital

The Big [Censored] Theory

A case study on how the government censors TV in China.

How Artists Get Paid From Streaming

We explain how your money gets from you to a streaming platform, and finally to an artist.

We think this cool study we found is flawed. Help us reproduce it.

Are 25 year olds really more random than 60 year olds?

What makes writing more readable?

Looking at how to make writing easier to read.

Ranking the Biggest NBA Finals Carry Jobs

It is mostly LeBron James.

The Pudding Cup 2020

The best visual and data-driven stories of 2020.

Live Music Jukebox

An auditory comparison of 770 artists’ live and studio tracks

How Bad Is Your Spotify?

Our sophisticated A.I. judges your awful taste in music.

Who’s in the Crossword?

A look at representation and inclusivity in crossword puzzles.

Defining the ’90s Music Canon

Quantifying the songs that will characterize the ’90s

The Physical Traits that Define Men and Women in Literature

An analysis of 2,000 books and how body parts are described, by gender.