In this article, you'll uncover tips on how to create a color palette that empowers your people and helps tell your product's story.
A growing collection of high quality Sketch resources
Starting late last year, we set out to explore how we could make News Feed more readable, conversational, and easier to navigate.
I keep thinking through questions like “How will I gain the trust of the team?” and “What will my new manager be like to work with?”
Explore fonts within a website, try and buy them.


Uni-Posca Paint Markers can amazingly adhere to surf & skate boards, rocks, & more for opaque sketching. Here are some amazing artists that use Posca.
Welcome to another episode of the @DannPetty show - a weekly show where we talk about random design related stories.
Let me share the ad for Rolls Royce Silver Cloud from 1950s.
Figma has become our design tool of choice at Viget. We've been using it to work faster and better, together.
So, apparently the next iPhone won't have a physical Home button.

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Scheduled for 2017/08/15
Manage all your creative files with one tool. Bynder Orbit is the only free solution powerful enough to handle all your images, videos, and documents.
I moved to San Francisco in 2013 as a junior designer with only a few years of experience and a desire to dive into the deep end of design. …
The infamous padlock in the URL bar of browsers has, for over a decade, been the tell-tale sign of a secure connection to a website.
The tradeoffs and benefits of pseudo-realistic menu design.
It seems you have chosen design for a career. At this point, I probably cannot dissuade you from the horrible decision you have made.


In 2012, tapping a button to Uber across the city felt magical.
Every traveler knows it's hard to find more annoying and upsetting experience than landing in the wrong place.
In this lesson, we’ll introduce you to Concepts and show you how — with a little training and determination — anyone can draw!
Design Digest. Design-related news, apps, tools, and other cool stuff.
I think there should be some sort of guidelines to help people decide whether or not to use web fonts.


An Interview with Matt Storus, Lead Designer at 21.co.
Grid Layout finally gives us the ability to define grids in CSS and place items into grid cells.
A descriptive guide on how I designed and developed my interactive portfolio website.
Silky smooth interactions are critical for providing a natural-feeling application.
ROGER WATER is an endless flying exploration of a generative, infinite open world made of surreal Earth-like landscapes.