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A clock where the time is in a song title

A music listening experience.

Women are superstars on stage, but still rarely get to write songs

Songwriting credits since 1958, broken down by gender

The unstoppable pop of Taylor Swift

A spin through what makes the record-breaking star so popular.

50 Rappers, 50 Stories

Over five decades, hip-hop has grown from a new art form to a culture-defining superpower.

Mini Moog Factory

A fun piece of web design to learn more about the Mini Moog Model D.


Interactive Music. Scroll to play.

Teenage Engineering Choir

A celebration of the project that started it all, teenage engineering choir comes alive in your home to serenade you with choral classics.

Taylor Swift’s new album design: an (over)analysis

Because if it’s from a cryptic singer-songwriter, why not?


Interactive article explaining how sound works.

Music Theory Cheat Sheet

A visual & interactive music theory cheat sheet with notes on the piano, scales, keys and chords.

I recreated famous album covers with DALL-E

In this blog post, I use DALL-E to recreate some of the world’s most iconic album covers. Can we get it right?

How Artists Get Paid From Streaming

We explain how your money gets from you to a streaming platform, and finally to an artist.

Human Record Player

Play Weezer's new single by spinning around with your phone.

Pocket Operator for Pixel

A Google and teenage engineering collaboration, pocket operator (for Pixel) lets you shoot video content & turn it into fun music and video cut-ups.

Building an Inter Dimensional Video Player for Lord Huron

An interactive music video which allows you to slide seamlessly between the dimensions of two kindred tracks.

Keyboard Accordion

Play the diatonic accordion with your keyboard!

Lil Beat Maker

Visual beat-making machine based on a circular timeline, built using Tone.js and Alpine.js.

Nostalgia Hacking to Mourn Taylor Hawkins

More words about Taylor Hawkins and revisiting past projects in a term I've coined: Nostalgia Hacking.

Emulate the sound of Roland’s most famous and influential musical instruments from Yuri Suzuki and Roland.

30$ Website