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DOOM Rendered via Checkboxes

WebAssembly meets 16000 HTML checkboxes.

CSS Squid Game

Challenges from the series Squid Game recreated in pure CSS — without the help of JavaScript.

Mesh and Light Gradients - Real Time and Interactive

Create Stripe-like Animated Gradients

I keep making things out of checkboxes

Something happened earlier this year where I got on a run making checkbox animations and just couldn’t stop.

SeriesHeat: TV Series Heatmaps

Search for a TV series and get a heatmap of average IMDb ratings for each episode.

AI movie posters

Guess the movie based on an AI’s visual interpretation of the plot.

Shaper — interface styles shaper

Instead of redrawing another UI we can shape it, explore many variations in seconds, and copy the result in CSS.


An educational project about grids.


Procedurally generated fish drawings by Lingdong Huang.

Unicode Arrows

Jewelry of the best part of the unicode spec ↫

Joy Generator

Feeling blah? We’ve got ideas you can try out right now.

Fluid Paint

Fluid paint simulation.


A relaxing 'art game' in your browser that combines illustration, procedural generation, and computational poetry.

Everyday Experiments

How will tomorrow’s technologies redefine the way we live at home?

Strolling Cities

Visual Poetry generated by Artificial Intelligence.


Never forget the CSS margin order with this game.

Fingerspelling with Machine Learning

Learn the ABCs in American Sign Language using your webcam and machine learning.

aRty face

Translates pixels into data visualisation.


Create single line SVG illustrations from your pictures.


Scroll and click to create semi-random artwork.