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(t,i,x,y) => ‘creative code golfing’

A minimalist coding environment. Control 16x16 points with a single JavaScript function.

Awesome Demos Roundup #18

A big selection of the best web experiments made in the past weeks.


MONOSPACE: Flip dots with feelings, a JavaScript demo in 1021 bytes, winner of the 1024 bytes demo competition at Assembly 2020.

This page is a truly naked, brutalist html quine.

One of my favorite things is to misuse technology in creative ways. Breaking the rules without breaking the rules.

Adobe’s latest AI experiments will melt your brain

Every year, Adobe pulls up the curtain on some of its most futuristic projects. Here’s the best of 2020.

“Reverse Toonification” of Pixar Characters

Using an AI-based framework called Pixel2Style2Pixel, Nathan Shipley made some more photorealistic faces for Pixar characters.

How normal am I?

In this test face detection algorithms will determine how normal you are. 100% privacy friendly.

Sketchy Webcam Filter Effects

Adam Kuhn makes some of my favorite CodePens, from the email form rollercoaster, to his gorgeous generative art.

With Code

Learning basic movements for interactions with visual examples.


Emulate the sound of the original TR-808 drum machine and TB-303 bass synthesiser in the music creation platform from Yuri Suzuki and Roland.

Artificial Intelligence autobiography 

I wrote a 700-page autobiography, fed it to a machine learning algorithm and painted the results.

Create art with shadows.

Awesome Demos Roundup #17

A fresh roundup of the most interesting and creative web experiments from the last couple of weeks.


This post talks about a generative system called Physarum model, which simulates the evolution of a colony of extremely simple organisms.

Rambly - The Audioconference App To Walk And Talk With Friends

Rambly is a virtual space for events like happy hours, parties, and meetups.


How do the recommended videos look on their Youtube home page?

Mandala Maker

Make mandalas and other geometric shapes in your browser.

Looks Like You Need To Let It Out

It looks like you’ve been through a lot. It looks like you need to let it out. Record your scream and we’ll release it in Iceland.

Awesome Demos Roundup #16

The newest roundup of fantastic demos and web experiments from around the web.

No Paint

Press “Paint” if you like what you see, or “No” if you don’t.