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Motion extraction with mostly CSS

A simple way to extract motion from a video using CSS.

How would you build Wordle with just HTML & CSS?

A fun little form validation and CSS selector experiment.


An ever-expanding, customizable digital Rube Goldberg machine by XKCD.

Wild Memory Radio

30 leading creatives reveal memories of places that had a lasting impact on their work.

Conway’s Game of Hope

A fable of emergence by Alexander Miller.

Lissajous Curve SVG Generator

Generate and export SVGs of Lissajous curves. A tool by Eva Decker.


A cool visual experiment for generating tile patterns.

The Flipbook Experiment

Help draw the longest flipbook animation ever.

The sinusoidal tetris

A tetris game with a twist.

Pong Wars

The eternal battle between day and night, good and bad.


Send a prompt, and get a human-made, non-AI drawing in return.


While browsing Mastodon late one night, I came across this excellent blog post called HTML is all you need to make a website.


Make your own 3D procedurally-generated plant.

Sonic Garbage

Every time someone visits, Sonic Garbage performs a YouTube search with randomly generated phrases.

DALL·E Party

DALL·E image → GPT4 Vision → repeat

Draw My UI

Draw a UI with tldraw and turn it into a real functioning app.

Map Pathfinding Visualizer

Pathfinding visualizer on a real map. Anywhere in the world.

ASH - Ai Pocket Field Guide

A Pokedex, but real, helping a new generation of Ecology Guardians discover the magical world of nature.

Google Maps API x Houdini

Google Maps opened up an API to allow users to download Google Maps tiles as 3D meshes and textures.

Space Type Generator POW

Text, fonts, pows, colours, tweak it all! And then export! Jpg, SVG and motion!