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Awesome Demos Roundup #16

The newest roundup of fantastic demos and web experiments from around the web.

No Paint

Press “Paint” if you like what you see, or “No” if you don’t.

How to Create a Motion Hover Effect for a Background Image Grid

A short tutorial on how to achieve a motion hover effect on a background image grid.

Pure CSS Oil Painting

Made a new pure CSS (and HTML) piece. Inspired by Italian renaissance.

This Word Does Not Exist

This Word Does Not Exist uses an artificial intelligence model named GPT-2 to invent new words in the English language.

A Single Div

A CSS drawing experiment to see what's possible with a single div.

Responsive CSS Grid - Books

A "product grid" demo using - CSS Grid - Clip Path - Conic Gradient, and more.

Faking 3D Elements with CSS

Although not always practical, creating the illusion that some of your web elements are "3D" can be a fun experiment.

Awesome Demos Roundup #15

Lots of magic and wonder has been coded up over the past few weeks with highlights like the epic pure CSS landscape by Ben Evans and many more.

This Website Will Self-destruct

You can send me messages using the form below. If I go 24 hours without receiving a message, I’ll permanently self-destruct.

Interactive WebGL Hover Effects

I love WebGL, and in this article I will explain one of the cool effects you can make if you master shaders.

FWA 100

Celebrating 100 wins with some artistic expression and fun.

Color Push

A collaborative experiment by WeTransfer and Zach Lieberman

Animated Custom Cursor Effects

I have been playing with distortion effects using SVG filters recently and wanted to now try and apply these to a custom cursor.

Ideas for Distorted Link Effects on Menus

After exploring some distortion effects on line elements for links, I couldn't wait but try them on some big style menus.

Yoichi Kobayashi

An amazing animation and design portfolio.


Beautiful generative art by Sikriti Dakua.

Do Not Touch Your Face

Do Not Touch Your Face is a tool that helps you avoid touching your face using your webcam and machine learning.

Distorted Link Effects with SVG Filters

A couple of ideas for decorative link distortion effects using SVG filters on lines, circles and squares.

What Instagram looks like after an eco-friendly makeover

The internet is an invisible energy hog.