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DALL·E Party

DALL·E image → GPT4 Vision → repeat

Draw My UI

Draw a UI with tldraw and turn it into a real functioning app.

Map Pathfinding Visualizer

Pathfinding visualizer on a real map. Anywhere in the world.

ASH - Ai Pocket Field Guide

A Pokedex, but real, helping a new generation of Ecology Guardians discover the magical world of nature.

Google Maps API x Houdini

Google Maps opened up an API to allow users to download Google Maps tiles as 3D meshes and textures.

Space Type Generator POW

Text, fonts, pows, colours, tweak it all! And then export! Jpg, SVG and motion!


So far, 54 bowls have been photographed, slurped and posted.


A visual connection engine that lets you browse through images.

A clock where the time is in a song title

A music listening experience.

Moon Clock, a WebGL experiment

Experiment to recreate Moon Clock iOS app in WebGL.

Optical Toys

A collection of optical illusions and other brain-bending toys.


A WebGL experiment, best viewed on mobile.

Bringing 19th century ornamental tile illustrations into a 21st century web app

The Internet Archive’s 2010 scan of a late 19th century catalogue of colourful granite tiles came to my attention recently.

The Blob Toy

A fun toy to play around with blobs.

The Free Movie

A crowd-pirated recreation of Bee Movie, now FREE Movie!

Custom Giraffe Caret

I had some fun customizing HTML input caret and ended up with a tiny animated giraffe.

Create & remix interactive rooms from your browser

Labs - Ee Venn Soh

A space where I periodically explore the convergence of design, technology, and creativity.

Terrible Terms and Conditions

A compilation of stupid ideas for the Boston Stupid Hackathon 2023.

The search for my kimchi

I loved my grandmother’s fresh kimchi. But as I aged, tasting the defining flavor of my childhood became elusive.