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Create & remix interactive rooms from your browser

Labs - Ee Venn Soh

A space where I periodically explore the convergence of design, technology, and creativity.

Terrible Terms and Conditions

A compilation of stupid ideas for the Boston Stupid Hackathon 2023.

The search for my kimchi

I loved my grandmother’s fresh kimchi. But as I aged, tasting the defining flavor of my childhood became elusive.

TLS, byte by byte

See this page fetch itself, byte by byte, over TLS.

Deck of Cards

An online deck of cards.

Grid World

When I was a kid, my dad gave me a piece of paper with a grid printed on it.

the html review

The html review is an annual journal of literature made to exist on the web

The world’s most satisfying toggle

Adding playfulness to a UI with physics by creating a skeuomorphic pull cord dark mode toggle using Verlet integration.

Could we make the web more immersive using a simple optical illusion?

In the history of mind-blowing tech demos there is one that stands out, and that is Johnny Lee’s Wii Remote hack to create VR displays.

After Dark Screensavers in CSS

Relive classic 1990s Mac and PC screensavers like Flying Toasters and Aquatic Realm, remade using modern CSS techniques.

Realistic Logos

Putting some famous logos through ControlNet to generate realistic versions.

Scribble Diffusion

Turn your sketch into a refined image using AI.

Wonders of Street View

Explore the weird and wonderful things on Google Street View.


An ongoing research project exploring the future of personal computing.

Rafael Serra's Retro Logos

Retro logos for Instagram, Spotify, and more.

Book Me — The Product Designer Auction

eBay... but for me. Pick your dates, choose your price, and if nobody outbids you, you get me at a discounted rate.

The Most Hearted CodePens of 2022

The number itself is how many people hearted the Pen, but the ranking takes into account heart-levels as well.


Interactive Music. Scroll to play.


Mario in 1 dimension.