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Welcome to Bauble! This document is an interactive tutorial that will teach you everything you need to know to make art with lisp and math.

The Follower

I recorded a selection of open cameras for weeks, then scraped all Instagram photos tagged with the locations of the open cameras.

Carla Trail

An intriguing Three.js experiment by Ichitaro Masuda.

Design the next iPhone

Apple is running out of ideas and needs your help.

90’s Cursor Effects

JavaScript mouse effects that follow your cursor or finger!

DALL-E Mockups

I was just given access to the AI-image generator DALL-E 2 and wanted to see how we can use this tool to generate unique mockups.

Sound of The Earth

This site uses machine learning to connect submitted sounds from around the globe in a virtual space and physical installation.

The World’s Highest Website—a CSS Experiment

Ladies and gentlemen—welcome to the highest, longest, largest website in the World!

Human Record Player

Play Weezer's new single by spinning around with your phone.


A minimalist creative coding playground, using only HTML sliders. Make animations using math!

Keyboard Accordion

Play the diatonic accordion with your keyboard!

Awesome Demos Roundup #20

A hand-picked collection of the most creative and interesting web experiments from the past times.

Infinite Mac

See what it was like using a Mac in the mid-90s with two web-based emulators for #MARCHintosh.

Google Tab Maker

Build a custom Chrome tab extension with this tool that lets you design and populate content/data via Google Sheets.


Modern MacPaint made with tldraw.


Explore how the stack-of-cards architecture and intuitiveness of HyperCard might be on the modern web with painting, authoring and scripting tools.

Let’s Settle This

It’s time to settle the endless internet debates.

DojaCode: The First Ever Codable Music Video Experience

Go code Doja Cat’s new music video! Created in partnership with Girls Who Code.

Dither Pattern Maker

Play with a toy that makes a pixel grid using dithering.

Global Sequencer

Sounds submitted from around the world come together in this interactive sequencer presented by Hamamatsu City, Japan.