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The Realities And Myths Of Contrast And Color

Andrew Somers shares his experience about the hard-fought battles and lessons learned designing for illuminated presentations.

Alphredo: Alpha colors generator

Alphredo generates translucent colors looking the same as their opaque counterparts when placed against the same background.

Color & Contrast

Color & Contrast is a comprehensive guide to color for user interface designers.

How gray became the king of color

Gray pigments are all over our homes and our products. But despite what TikTokers claim, the rainbow is still alive and well.

How color plays into generational marketing

Generational marketing research and trends tell us that there just might be a shade for every age.

Using Display-P3 colour

I wanted really bright colours on my site, but in order to do that I needed to delve into a rabbit hole of using Display-P3 colour in CSS.

What are color gamuts

So, CSS Color 4 adds Wide Color Gamut colors to CSS. But what is a gamut, anyway?

Releasing Color.js: A library that takes color seriously

This post has been long overdue: Chris and I started working on Color.js in 2020, over 2 years ago!

How we designed an accessible color palette from scratch

We knew that, although meticulously crafted, our current 7-color design system was very limiting and not suited for all use cases.

Reinventing Adobe Spectrum’s colors

Our science-backed approach to updating a color system that supports over 100 products.

Making of 17th Century Watercolors

Way back in 2014, a Dutch manuscript from about mixing watercolors from 1692 made a splash in the blogosphere.

Accelerating GitHub theme creation with color tooling

Learn why the GitHub Design Infrastructure team built a dedicated color tool and how they use it to create new color palettes for GitHub.

Simplify Your Color Palette With CSS Color-Mix()

CSS color-mix is an experimental function that blends two colors and can be used to simplify color palettes.

How to pick the least wrong colors

An algorithm for creating color palettes for data visualization.

LCH is the best color space for UI

Learn about the benefits of using LCH over the now popular HSL color space, and why you should make the switch.

Naming colors in design systems

How language brings logic to a subjective topic.

Principles of Color? Going Beyond sRGB

What are you most excited to learn, while simultaneously overwhelmed by the idea you gotta go learn it?

Balanced Color Palettes

A small but powerful technique perfect for crafting balanced color palettes in generative pieces.

Accessible color for design systems just got easier

Over two years ago, we released Leonardo: the first-of-its-kind contrast ratio based color generation tool.

The “Dark Yellow Problem” in Design System Color Palettes

Designers try to strike a balance between “yellow being yellow” and meeting the accessibility requirements.