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Color Modulation

Introduce a touch of beautiful, organic color variance to your generative compositions with just a few lines of code.

Make Beautiful Gradients

Have you ever noticed that gradients tend to look a little gray and washed-out in the middle?


How a useRainbow() function can be used to create a brightly colored background that transitions between multiple colors.

WCAG 3 is not ready yet – And it won’t be for quite some time

Musings about the state of WCAG 3 and the proposed contrast algorithm.

Coloring With Code — A Programmatic Approach To Design

Learn to create beautiful, inspiring, and unique color palettes/combinations, all from the comfort of your favorite text editor!

The tortuous journey of enhancing our color palette

Colors are always a tricky topic to address for many reasons.

Dynamic Color Manipulation with CSS Relative Colors

CSS relative colors enable the dynamic color manipulation I’ve always wanted in vanilla CSS.

Adaptive, accessible and automated colour for Design Systems

The creation of our Design System’s colour palette was like many others; we began by auditing and then standardising a set of functional colours.

2022 Color Trends: The Year’s Top Colors

See the top 3 colors that are rising in popularity to become our 2022 Color Trends.

A Guide To Modern CSS Colors With RGB, HSL, HWL, LAB and LCH

In this article, we’ll take a look at the best ways to handle colors in CSS today.

Why white looks bigger than black – The irradiation illusion

If you ever designed a logo, you probably had to test it both on a white and dark background.


A tool which instantly makes color palettes come alive on your design

Huetone: Make colors accessible

Use LCH color space to come up with predictable and accessible color palettes.

Two new color spaces for color picking - Okhsv and Okhsl

Despite color picking playing a big role in a lot of applications, the design of color pickers isn’t a particularly well researched topic.


FettePalette generates color ramps based on a curve within the HSV color model.

Accessible Palette: stop using HSL for color systems

Accessible Palette is an app for building color systems with consistent lightness and predictable contrast ratios across color levels.

Perceived brightness: an essential concept for UI design

Look at the image above. Don’t you feel some colors are brighter than others?

Diagnosing common colour management issues

When working with colours, it can be common for their appearance to change unexpectedly when viewed in different design tools.

5 Lessons We Learned Adding Dark Mode to Our Platform

In this post, we will share some of the lessons we learned during the implementation of dark mode at WorkOS.

Color Trends: Top Popular Colors Used in Stock Photography

This trend report will help you better understand what colors are used the most in popular stock images.