The five best design links, every weekday


An updated theming experience with Material Theme Builder 2.0

Celebrating two years of MTB with a major update including Color Match.

The new Google Fonts: find what you’re looking for

A redesigned Google Fonts website helps you find the right fonts and icons for your project.

Reinventing the carousel

The research and design behind the evolution of the Material 3 carousel.

Introducing Tone-based Surfaces in Material 3

New surface color roles offer more flexibility for large screens and rich color features.

The Best of Material in 2022

Some of Material Design’s top moments from the past year.

Magic, utility, and redesigning

Pushing visual and interactive expression in design guidelines with Material Design 3

Introducing the M3 design kit for Figma

Jumpstart your designs with ready-to-use components and styles in Figma

First Batch of Color Fonts Arrives on Google Fonts

Customize color palettes, add gradients, and more with COLRv1.

Material Icons: Sehee Lee

An interview with Senior Visual Designer leading icons and design systems for Google Fonts

Roboto Flex now on Google Fonts

Google’s most popular font gets customizable with the launch of Roboto Flex.

The Science of Color & Design

How Material used color science to make design easier and more expressive than ever before.

Roboto Serif

The newest member of the Roboto superfamily is designed to make reading more comfortable at any size, in any format.

Designing Harmony into Dynamic Color

How Material enables makers to design with custom colors while respecting user choice.

Material Design Award Winners 2021

Learn from three product teams creating great experiences with Material

Material You - The next stage for Material Design

Google announced upcoming change in approach to their Material design ideas that focus on fluid, accessible, personal style.

Google Fonts now supports icon sets

Google Fonts now supports open source icons, starting with the Material Design icon set.

Designing a Material Theme: Typography

Tailoring your typography with Material Design and Figma.

Designing a Material Theme: Color

Crafting the perfect palette with Material Design and Figma.

Dark Theme

Material Design guidelines for dark themes.

Material Design Color Tool

An interactive tool to create, share, and apply color palettes to your UI, as well as measure the accessibility level of any color combination.