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Date: 2021/03/03

Datablocks - A Node Based Editor for Working with Data

To make our daily work more effective and fun we built a node based editor called datablocks for processing and visualizing data.

This Wild Video Maps the Entire Internet and Its Evolution Since 1997

In a new visualization, Barrett Lyon and the Opte Project piece together a roughly 25-year time-lapse mapping the internet’s explosive growth.

Google Fonts now supports icon sets

Google Fonts now supports open source icons, starting with the Material Design icon set.

Gyro-web: Accessing the device orientation in JavaScript

Accessing the device orientation using React hook, and rotating a CSS 3D cube afterward.

The Best Font Loading Strategies and How to Execute Them

Zach Leatherman wrote up a comprehensive list of font loading strategies that have been widely shared in the web development field.