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DRUIDS by Datadog

DRUIDS is the design system for Datadog. It stands for “Datadog Reusable User Interface Design System.”

Understanding useMemo and useCallback

What’s the deal with these two hooks?! Lots of devs find them confusing, for a whole host of reasons.

Why React Re-Renders

In React, we don’t update the DOM directly, we tell React what we want the DOM to look like, and React tackles the rest. But how exactly does it do this? In this tutorial, we’ll unpack exactly when and why React re-renders, and how we can use this information to optimize the performance of our React…


Fast, composable, unstyled command menu for React.

Announcing Docusaurus 2.0

Meta (Facebook) announces the next version of Docusaurus: a React static site generator to create beautifully customized documentation websites.

Storybook 7.0 design sneak peek

Visual updates, UX tweaks, and faster performance

A Look At Remix And The Differences With Next.js

Let’s talk about Remix, the framework to create JavaScript projects using server-side rendering.

Airbnb’s Trip to Linaria

How Linaria, Airbnb’s newest choice for web styling, improved both developer experience and web performance.

Notes on maintaining an internal React component library

A collection of my thoughts on maintaining a component library as part of an existing design system used by a large number of frontend applications.

Storybook 6.5

New workflows to make you more productive.

Next.js Layouts RFC

Nested routes and layouts, client and server routing, React 18 features, and designed for Server Components.

A collection of delightful loading animations

Free loaders & spinners for your next project. Built with HTML, CSS and a bit of SVG. Copy/paste or get the tree-shakeable React component library.

Delightful React File/Directory Structure

How should we structure components and other files in our React apps? I’ve iterated my way to a solution I’m really happy with.

Structuring your Storybook

Best practices for organizing components and stories

The world's most entertaining JavaScript newsletterSponsored

A free technical newsletter with good info and better memes. If you like Sidebar, I've got a feeling you'll love Bytes.

State of Storybook 2021

Huge year for performance, testing, and community ecosystem

Build prototypes 10x faster with React UI componentsSponsored

Prototype with fully interactive components and reach a higher level of fidelity. Scale design with UXPin Merge.

Component Encyclopedia sneak peek

Browse the world’s UI components to discover techniques that work.

Tamagui: React Native + Web UI kit

Universal React design systems that optimize for native & web.

How to build stunning 3D scenes with React Three Fiber

Learn how to apply your app development skills to 3D graphics with this deep dive into WebGL.