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The End Of My Gatsby Journey

Juan Diego Rodríguez reflects on his decision to stop using Gatsby as his go-to framework.

JavaScript Bloat in 2024

What is the average size of JavaScript code downloaded per website? Let's find out!


Everyone knows you can use console.log() to log text and variables. Did you know you could also render (limited) CSS, SVGs, and even HTML?

The Good, The Bad, The Web Components

The humble component. The building block of modern web development.

Modern client-side routing: the Navigation API

Learn about the Navigation API, a new API which adds improved functionality to build single-page applications.

Storybook 8 Beta

Major performance and compatibility improvements.

Web Development Is Getting Too Complex, And It May Be Our Fault

An overwhelming number of frameworks and tooling available today gives the impression that web development has gotten perhaps too complex.

Web Components in Earnest

In this (quite long) post, I’m going to go over how I built Ghola, a palette generator for developers.

Top Front-End Tools Of 2023

Useful front-end tools for CSS and JavaScript developers that were most popular last year.

The AHA Stack

The AHA Stack is a collection of technologies that work together to create a full-stack web application framework.

SolidStart: A Different Breed Of Meta-Framework

Are you ready for a little exercise of pulling a framework apart and putting the pieces back together?

Frontend predictions for 2024

It’s been a remarkable year for frontend.

The Two Reacts

Whether I want to display a web page, an interactive web app, or even a native app, at least two devices must be involved.

2023 JavaScript Rising Stars

A complete overview of the JavaScript landscape in 2023.

Rebuilding emoji-picker-element on a custom framework

In my last post, we went on a guided tour of building a JavaScript framework from scratch.

Why I use Astro

I’ve been thinking about writing this since a few months ago.

React Aria

Craft world-class accessible components with custom styles.

The anatomy of shadcn/ui

Instead of being distributed as a npm package, the shadcn/ui components are delivered through a CLI.

Astro 4.0

New APIs, faster builds, redesigned docs, and a unique new Dev Toolbar for Astro that enhances your local dev environment in new and exciting ways.

AuthKit by WorkOS

A fully-featured UI component system for building authentication flows into your app.