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Use CSS Variables instead of React Context

How and why you should use CSS variables (custom properties) for theming instead of React context.

21 Bad Front-End Habits to Drop in 2021

Forget the gym, here are some resolutions you’ll actually keep

Creating comic book speech bubbles with SVG and javascript

Webcomics traditionally include speech bubbles as part of the image. Today we explore whether it could be done using SVG and javascript.

The State of JavaScript 2020

The annual survey about the latest trends in the JavaScript ecosystem.

Front-end predictions for 2021 and beyond

Jay Freestone examines trends and technologies that will shape web development this year.

Automatic Social Share Images

Generating social share images with a serverless function and headless browser

Reducing Motion in Animations

Learn a few ways to implement alternate animations in CSS and Javascript.

Hotwire - HTML Over The Wire

An alternative web app development approach from the team at Basecamp without using much JavaScript, by sending HTML instead of JSON over the wire

Revamping Storybook’s addon ecosystem

Addon Catalog beta with updated documentation.

The case for Weak Dependencies in JS

One issue with ESM (and other module systems) is that you can't have optional dependencies.


Sometime a simple state change on mouse-enter doesn't quite work. Instead, what if the icons only popped over to their hover state for a brief moment?

JavaScript Operator Lookup

Enter a JavaScript operator to learn more about it.

Building a Modern-Day Hit Counter

I’ve spilled a lot of digital ink on this blog talking about the magic of compile-time workflows , using tools like Gatsby to build rich…

All the Ways to Make a Web Component

Compare coding style, bundle size and performance of 33 different ways to make a Web Component.


The modern CSS-in-JS libary. By Modulz

Component Driven User Interfaces

How modularity is transforming design and frontend development

1Keys – How I Made a Piano in only 1kb of JavaScript

The legendary JavaScript competition JS1k was thought to have ended, but it has risen from it’s ashes in the form of JS1024!

Storybook 6.0

The 6.0 release retools Storybook for professional frontend developers.

Supercharging <input type=number>

How to supercharge your <input type=number> so users can increment or decrement by 1, 10, 100 or 0.1 by pressing modifier keys.

Style9: build-time CSS-in-JS

In April of last year, Facebook revealed its big new redesign.