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Releasing Color.js: A library that takes color seriously

This post has been long overdue: Chris and I started working on Color.js in 2020, over 2 years ago!

10 Years of Meteor

A developer's experience with a pioneering JavaScript framework.

How I Chose an Animation Library for My Solitaire Game

Follow the journey one front-end developer took to narrow down which animation library to use on a project to create a Solitaire online game.

Component Encyclopedia

Explore the world’s UI components to learn techniques that actually work

AutoAnimate: Add motion to your apps with a single line of code

A zero-config, drop-in animation utility that automatically adds smooth transitions to your web app.

Building an Inter Dimensional Video Player for Lord Huron

An interactive music video which allows you to slide seamlessly between the dimensions of two kindred tracks.

The balance has shifted away from SPAs

There’s a feeling in the air. A zeitgeist. SPAs are no longer the cool kids they once were 10 years ago.

DNSimple: Simple, secure domain name services and DNS hosting providerSponsored

Simplify your domain management, and never think of DNS again.

What If Our Sliders Actually Slid?

Jhey Tompkins explores putting an impractical whimsical spin on a well-known native element: input type="range".

A collection of delightful loading animations

Free loaders & spinners for your next project. Built with HTML, CSS and a bit of SVG. Copy/paste or get the tree-shakeable React component library.

Nostalgia Hacking to Mourn Taylor Hawkins

More words about Taylor Hawkins and revisiting past projects in a term I've coined: Nostalgia Hacking.

Shader Park

A JavaScript library for creating interactive procedural 2D and 3D shaders.

Headless components in React and why I stopped using a UI library

There are great React UI libraries out there, but I often find them too opinionated, hard to customize and quite big in size.

The State of JS 2021

The 2021 edition of the annual survey about the latest trends in the JavaScript ecosystem.

Move over JavaScript: Back-end languages are coming to the front-end

A new crop of tools is helping developers build web UI components on the backend—no JavaScript required!

Replace JavaScript Dialogs With the New HTML Dialog Element

Here’s how to replace JavaScript dialogs with the HTML dialog element with the same functionality as the alert(), confirm(), and prompt() methods.

A pipe operator for JavaScript: introduction and use cases

The proposal “Pipe operator (|>) for JavaScript” introduces a new operator.

The world's most entertaining JavaScript newsletterSponsored

A free technical newsletter with good info and better memes. If you like Sidebar, I've got a feeling you'll love Bytes.

Context-Aware Web Components Are Easier Than You Think

An aspect of web components is that a JavaScript function is called whenever a web component is added or removed from a page.

Frontend Predictions for 2022

Thoughts on what we might see in the coming year, including the return of micro-frontends and the demise of the Jamstack as we know it.