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Stop Lazy Loading Product and Hero Images

I see a recurring performance problem on many ecommerce sites—the most important images on the page are being lazy loaded when they shouldn’t be.

How We Optimized Performance To Serve A Global Audience

How Liran Cohen and the team at Bookaway, a travel booking service, dramatically improved their site’s performance.

Core Web Vitals for Search Engine Optimisation: What Do We Need to Know?

There’s still a lot of misunderstanding about CWV for SEO. Let’s work it out together.

Reducing Complexity in Front End Development

As web applications grow larger, they inevitably fall prey to complexity, despite our best intentions.

300ms Faster: Reducing Wikipedia’s Total Blocking Time

How two simple steps improved the responsiveness of Wikipedia’s mobile site.

2023 Web Framework Performance Report

A look at how different web frameworks perform in the real world in 2023.

The Market for Lemons

New web services are being built to a self-defeatingly low UX and performance standard.

The truth about CSS selector performance

If you’re a web developer, you may have already heard that some CSS selectors are faster than others.

Our top Core Web Vitals recommendations for 2023

A collection of best practices for optimizing websites’ Core Web Vitals performance based on the state of the web in 2023.

The Performance Inequality Gap, 2023

When digital is society's default, slow is exclusionary.

Conditionally Adaptive CSS

Browser behavior that might improve your performance.

GIFs Without the .gif: The Most Performant Image and Video Options Right Now

So you want an auto-playing looping video without sound? In popular vernacular this is the very meaning of the word GIF.

Critical CSS? Not So Fast!

How helpful is Critical CSS?

Core Web Vitals Tools To Boost Your Web Performance Scores

Identify, compare, analyze and fix your Core Web Vitals scores to boost web performance of your sites. These tools will help you to do just that.

Powerful Image Optimization Tools

Optimizing the size of images can have a bigger impact on performance than all other areas combined.

Style scoping versus shadow DOM: which is fastest?

Last year, I asked the question: Does shadow DOM improve style performance?

Measuring The Performance Of Typefaces For Users (Part 2)

In this article, Thomas Bohm explains ways to test typefaces and other typographic issues.

Performance Game Changer: Browser Back/Forward Cache

At the end of 2021, the Chrome team shipped some functionality that has the ability to make or break sites meeting the Core Web Vitals.

Picture perfect images with the modern img element

You may not think about images as part of your web dev work, but they can affect your web app’s performance more than any other part of your code.

Making the world’s fastest website, and other mistakes

Crazed developer attempts real ecommerce without front-end JavaScript to prove that y’all playin’