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Shit’s broken: why we need Mindful Notifications & how to Design them

Notifications today impede our focus, get in the way of our plans, cause cognitive overload, and are often devoid of meaning. Here’s how we improve.

How to train your design dragon

A new designer joined our team recently, and we onboarded her through Google Hangouts.

A UX Analysis of Cyberpunk 2077′s HUD

Finding a balance between visual flair and effective communication.

Learnings from designing for multi-language user interfaces

Designing for multiple languages has had an impact on the way I approach design decisions, regardless of the product being in one or more languages.

5 academic research papers every designer should read

Product design is now a mainstay in the working vocabularies of companies worldwide.

How Group Sessions on Spotify work

I spent ~40 hours using, analyzing and reviewing Spotify’s Group Sessions. Here are the biggest issues with their user experience.

Leading with Craft

A series about hands-on career paths in the design industry.

Case Study: Augmented Reality in Travel and Covid

A project on designing new digital experiences for Headout Users using Augmented Reality.

The Rise and Fall of Invision

The sad slide of the once-darling design co.

What if GUI elements were not limited to boxes?

Investigates why and how the box model in GUIs limits users, UI/UX designers, and developers - and how we can do better to improve usability.

Deadly biases every designer needs to live with

As a designer, I have a preferential bias toward neutral colours and a dispositional bias toward organised and structured design systems.

The Field of UX Design by 2030

Imagine ringing in the year 2030 and the world as we know it has not yet ended.

10 Misconceptions in UX Design

A beautifully illustrated and animated game to test your UX knowledge.

Designing Bunch Payout of RazorpayX

Designing of payout feature enabling target users to pay a group of 5–30 people in a seamless and hassle-free manner

Green by Default

This simple psychological trick could vastly reduce tech’s carbon footprint.

2020 Design Tools Survey

See the most popular tools used by over 4,000 designers based on this annual survey.

The biggest lesson from 2020

2020 has been tough for everyone, but as an eternal optimist I always look at the silver lining.

A knowledge source of technological harms and mitigations to guide safer product development.

Case study: An EdTech platform for Self Defense and Mental Health

A personal project on designing an iOS app for an ed-tech startup in the field of Self Defense and Mental Health

The Designer’s dream - website feedback with contextSponsored

BugHerd lets you pin feedback directly to website elements, capturing a screenshot & all the technical detail you need to solve issues fast. Try Free.