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Bringing Wikipedia to the homescreen on iOS

When Apple introduced an update to widgets with iOS 14, the Wikipedia iOS team was excited to take the opportunity to rethink our own.

Tridimensionality: skeuomorphism, flat design, and neumorphism

This text explores the characteristics, rationale, and representation resources of three of the most relevant recent UI styles.

Redesigning Amazon’s Kindle app for avid readers

3 UX Pain Points of Avid Ebook Readers and How to Fix Them

The Psychology of Clubhouse’s User Retention (…and churn)

Clubhouse’s growth has skyrocketed... but can it keep its users? This case study digs into the psychology behind its user retention challenge.

33 Activity Ideas for Remote UX Workshops

Here are 33 ideas to try in your next meeting, along with tips and recommended tools.

UI & UX Micro-Tips: Volume Four

In this follow-up article I’ve brought you another selection of easy to put into practice UI & UX micro-tips.

Designing search for your product

Find your way around one of the most universal features 🔍 Explore the stages of Search, how it works, crucial decisions, and how to design it.

"This is how video calls should feel. Thank you!"Sponsored

Meet Around, video calls built for collaboration, not meetings. Free up your screen for design sessions with our lightweight, unobtrusive interface.

The UI & UX Tips Collection: Volume Two

18 easy to put into practice UI & UX Tips that can help improve both your designs (UI), and user experience (UX).

Resolve bugs and website feedback faster with BugHerdSponsored

Turn client feedback & bug reports into visual, trackable tasks. BugHerd captures screenshots, browser and OS information for you to action.

Hiking Apps & Outdoor Safety: A Critique

New hikers are flocking into the backcountry in unprecedented numbers and apps are their tool of choice.

The state of UX

The death of a dream …or the dawning of a golden age?

The Current State of Mobile UX (18 Common Pitfalls)

Our latest benchmark of Mobile UX reveals that 52% of e-commerce sites still have severe mobile UX issues.

UX Design Challenges

A set of challenges to practice UX design skills.

Case Study: The Evolution of Google Maps & Colour Picking Methodology

Since Google Maps launched 15 years ago, they have revolutionised the world of digital maps and now help over one billion users get from A to B

How Kickstarter Designed for Creators’ COVID-19 Concerns

The pandemic scared Kickstarter creators. We demonstrated the value of our platform by improving our ability to connect backers to projects.

People are talking - a design refresh of Wikipedia Talk pages

The project to make the "Talk page", the corresponding page that every article on Wikipedia has for discussions, better for everyone.

Best Practices: Designing autosuggest experiences

Over the last couple of weeks, I carried an exhaustive study on about 50+ search bars.

Cookie Consent Speed Run

A frustrating game about GDPR banners.

On Time, Time Zones, and Software

Time zones are tricky. Basics, a bit of history, and tips in this article will help designers and developers create UIs with good UX.