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6 Tips when working with Figma Component Properties

In this article I’ve compiled a list of helpful tips when using Figma Component Properties in your workflow.

My thoughts on the new Figma Component Properties

The pros and cons, as well as some handy tips to follow.

How Netflix Creates Immersive UX Design And What We Can Learn From Them

19 minutes. This is, on average, how much time it takes for a Netflix user to either settle for a show or movie or give up.

UX Writing: Study Guide

Unsure where to start? Use this collection of links to our articles and videos to learn how to write and present information.

How to make absolutely any app look like a macOS app

Explains a few key UI features to consider to mimic the look and feel of a macOS desktop app, potentially giving a more seamless, or "credible" feel.

Returning to Craft

How returning to the craft taught me to be a better leader.

Thoughts on modernism, brutalism, and a number of other outdated “isms”

When hollowed-out ideologies produce failed outcomes.

The designer’s gaze

The unintended consequences of our designs also have the same effect on the world as the intended consequences.

Hey, check out this egg-laying wool-milk-pig: said no one ever

How designing for customization leads to inclusion on Wikipedia.

The World’s Most Satisfying Checkbox

A walkthrough of how (Not Boring) Software applies the art of 'game feel' to product design.

Metaverse, you're cringe (right now)

When it comes to the Metaverse, we’re suspending tuna in Jell-O right now. Some of us are embracing it, while others look on grimacing with disbelief.

Google: How to increase feature adoption the right way

This case study shows you Google’s feature adoption strategy. Learn how to maximize new product releases with these 5 key principles.

What is the job of a Design Lead?

A design lead’s role is more about people and business than the craft. Here are 6 metaphors to describe the responsibilities of a leader.

Digital = Physical

Green Design Principles that every designer can use to combat climate change.

What can metaverse planners learn from Italo Calvino’s invisible cities

A poetic and mathematical approach to urban planning in virtual worlds.

Airbnb’s Feature Release: What Can We Learn From It?

Airbnb consumer behaviour has shifted and inspired product changes, with their most recent feature release being the talk of the town.

UI Coach

UI Coach makes it easy for you to practice your craft with Project ideas, Color palettes, Font pairings, and more.

Ethical Design Resources

A place to find articles, resources, frameworks around the topic of ethical design

Four Tradeoffs When Designing Navigation Menus

To be an information architect is to immerse oneself in tradeoffs: sacrificing one approach or direction for another.

How Linkedin Increased Notification Opt-in Rates by 500%

This story shows the problem with most retention notifications and how Linkedin reframed their prompts to reengage 5x more users.