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In search of the perfect search for Wikipedia

The Wikipedia Android app team improved a core feature: searching for articles. Along the way, they experienced a surprise.

AI in Design

How might we leverage AI and the benefits it brings to help in the design process?

Is Apple capable of designing a usable mouse?

Remembering Jobs’ relentless approach to product design, and how a sufficient mouse design never came to be.

The State of User Research 2021 Report

The third annual State of User Research report uncovers trends in UX research methods, tools, salaries, and remote work. This one's a beaut!

Interaction design is more than just user flows and clicks

There are three core skills that every modern product design must master: product thinking, visual design, and interaction design.

UI & UX Micro-Tips: Volume One

In this article I’ve compiled a collection of handy UI & UX micro-tips to help improve your designs instantly.

Quantifying UX Improvements: A Case Study

A research-driven overhaul of a site’s information architecture resulted in an 85% improvement of findability.

One Figma component — 3,360 Variants

Creating complex variants in Figma.

Applying Usability Heuristics to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

A UX case study focused on the visibility of status.

Framer is dead · A love letter to my prototyping tool of choice

A story about how FramerJS misunderstood the users it served.

Purchasing Power Parity

For the Web, its DNA is to be as accessible and inclusive as possible. Parity is another way to manifest that.

Case study: Match-making to find freelancers

Design a product experience that would help people find and hire the right designer for their projects.

Adapting an outcome-centric mindset

Josh Seiden is the co-author of Lean UX, and in this interview, he shares how to achieve better results through an outcome-centric mindset.

Why I’m losing faith in UX

Digital design increasingly exploits users.

Laws of UX v2.0

A look into the first redesign of Laws of UX

Removing Nested Modals From Digital Products

Looking into the root problems and offering alternative UX patterns.

The Scary Future Of Instagram

Instagram’s vision to share our world through beautiful photos is a thing of the past. Ethical dilemmas are blatant and need our utmost attention.

KreativePro™ MasterclassSponsored

Invest in your skills and become a creative professional! Learn to build advanced web experiences with #nocode. Join +2K students today!

A comprehensive list of UX design methods & deliverables

The most common tool, methods, processes, and deliverables that designers use throughout the digital product design process.

Enterprise UX is amazing. Change my mind.

Why this under-represented but widespread design field comes with lots of unique and interesting challenges.