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Can trust be designed?

The power of visual symbols in building credibility — whether for good or bad.

How to evaluate the UX maturity of a company

Something wasn’t right. I had just received the work contract to review and the name of the role stated throughout was only “designer.”

Down the wrong path: the disaster of the latest Duolingo UI update

The world’s largest language learning platform recently rolled out a major update to its 50M active users.

It’s visual delight that you’re looking for, not gamification

You are in a product meeting that has been going on for the entire day, and now all the discussions are almost loopy.

How have the layoffs impacted UX roles?

2022 has been a wild year for the tech industry.

Become a UX DesignerSponsored

Limited offer: 25% off unlimited access to over 30 UX design courses by leading experts.

Real talk from a UX researcher

Some parts of the job just suck. If you can survive these, you might make a good UX researcher.

Twitter alternative: how Mastodon is designed to be “antiviral”

The new social software is subtly designed to reduce the huge, viral surges of attention we see on Twitter.

How we designed a user onboarding flow for an API-first product

In this post we cover how we designed our onboarding experience and share helpful tips for building a strong onboarding flow for API-driven products.

Calendar UI design best practices & Date picker inspiration

Calendars and date pickers use cases, anatomy, and samples.

Evolution of AR and VR: UX inspiration from history

If AR is extending, adding, or changing reality, we can find a lot of examples that eventually will lead us to AR invention.

Can artificial intelligence save democracy?

As we slowly move towards an AI-powered future, we are defining the boundaries of AI and who controls that power.

Hostile Patterns in Error Messages

Premature error messages, aggressively styled fields, and unnecessarily disruptive system-status messages.

A UX teardown of the Google Ads platform

Google Ads should be flawless, given its size. Instead, it’s a demonstration that operating at a scale creates inefficiencies and flaws.

Designing The Perfect Mobile Navigation UX

When designing navigation on mobile, we don’t have to rely on slide-in-menus or nested accordions. There are other design patterns, too.

Knowing what it’s not

Defining the negative space as a technique in product management.

Drag & Drop UX Design Best Practices

A comprehensive guide on drag and drop UI/UX design, including pattern UX examples and UI demos.

Twitter reminds us about Alt Text, but how good are we at it?

Several humble observations on how people describe photos, artworks, and memes.

Behavioural Design 101: Psychology mechanisms in persuasive design

Learn the basics of behavioural design and the mechanisms that companies use to influence people’s decision-making process.

Usability heuristic frameworks: which one is right for you?

Going beyond Nielsen’s Usability Heuristics.