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UI Coach

UI Design challenge generator. Become a better UI designer at your own Pace

5 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Starting a Design System at Spotify

Tyce Clee wants to give you the benefit of his hindsight by sharing the 5 things he learned while building Encore.

Design Systems For Figma: Design To Engineering Handoff

Jeremy Dizon discusses the nuances that go into creating design and code parody and building engineer partnerships.

Introducing React Spectrum

A collection of libraries and tools that help you build adaptive, accessible, and robust web apps.

Naming Tokens in Design Systems

Design tokens have provided a visual foundation of many design systems since Salesforce pioneered the concept in 2014.

Hugging Face is looking for its Head of DesignSponsored

At Hugging Face we built some of the most popular ML libraries ever, and we're looking for our Head of Design to ship the GitHub of machine learning.

10 reflections on designing a design system

After two years of working on a design system team, there are a few things I’ve learned…

Stop doing design system projects

When new designers and developers join forces to evolve your design system it is tempting to start working in projects.

a11yresources - A growing list of accessibility tools and resources

A growing list of 200+ accessibility tools and resources

How We Made a Design System for NYT Cooking on Android

How the New York Times Cooking team made a design system for their Android app.

Bringing Context To Design Systems

Hayley Hughes, UX Manager working on the Polaris Design System at Shopify discusses the importance of context in working on design systems.

Color within Constraints

Getting 100+ designers and engineers to follow guidelines that are a part of literally everything they make is a huge undertaking.

Measuring the health of a design system

Design systems are like community gardens, and understanding their health is key to success. Here’s how the team at Sprout Social does it.

Designing a Material Theme: Typography

Tailoring your typography with Material Design and Figma.

Figma & design thinking: Building a design system for an existing product

Here is how I went about creating a Design System in Figma for a product that already exists by using the design thinking process.

An Introduction to Multi-Platform Design Systems

Any discussion about design systems is assumed to be talking about the web.

Designing a Material Theme: Color

Crafting the perfect palette with Material Design and Figma.

Figma Community: the Github for designers

An appreciation piece on how well modelled the Figma Community feature is and how it can possibly change the way the world designs digitally.

The Salesforce Color System

Learn how Salesforce’s design system team created a color system that scales to the needs of multiple brands, even outside of Salesforce’s product.

The Design System Encyclopedia

A complete, visual encyclopedia of UI tokens, components, interaction patterns, and visualizations.