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Design 10x faster with UI components powered by codeSponsored

Build your prototypes with fully interactive components. Reach new heights of functional fidelity. Design with UXPin Merge.

Adaptive, accessible and automated colour for Design Systems

The creation of our Design System’s colour palette was like many others; we began by auditing and then standardising a set of functional colours.

Design Systems are for user interfaces

A design system is a multi-faceted layer cake, and also operates as part of other layered systems within an organization.

Creating design systems (based on design tokens) with Figma Tokens

A guide on how to build design systems that scale easily and sync with GitHub, with the help of a plugin called Figma Tokens.

The Value of Design Systems Study: Developer Efficiency and Design Consistency

Design systems are great for developer efficiency, visual consistency, and accessible experiences.

Material Design 3

Guidelines and breakdown of everything in v3 of the Material design system, aka Material You, first appearing in the new Android 12 OS.

How to (properly) break your design system

Visual transcript of Fabricio Teixeira’s talk for Adobe Max in October 2021. How to (properly) break your design system.

Keeping Things Organized

Scaling the Microsoft Teams Component Libraries (TCL) in Figma.

“Dark Mode” vs “Inverted”

In design system work we often run into the need to clarify the difference between “dark mode” and “components rendered on a dark background”.

Nord Design System

Design, build, and ship coherent experiences with Nordhealth’s design system.

Designing the Accordion. All you need to know

Accordion is a list of options that are stacked vertically and that can be expanded/collapsed to show or hide additional related content.

UI Testing Playbook

A testing workflow that doesn’t slow you down.

Design Systems at Gusto

With a growing team and an ever-evolving product comes the need for an ecosystem of reusable components.

Globalizing Your UX Designs

Designing for users across the globe creates more inclusive experiences and products.


An open source framework that makes it easy to create custom, web-based design tools that export design assets right in your browser.

Establishing a Design System at ReviewTrackers

A design system’s purpose is to cross-functionally unify design language, thought, and application within the product.

Shaper — interface styles shaper

Instead of redrawing another UI we can shape it, explore many variations in seconds, and copy the result in CSS.

Accessible Design Systems: Look Good While Doing Good

Chris LaChance talks about how to design and build accessible components for everyone.

Avatar UI design exploration

Here is my UI research for the variants to design Avatars (aka Userpics). You will be guided through the States, Sizes, Styles, Usage, and Templates

The 2021 Design Systems Survey

This year, we delve into design system priorities and challenges, including adoption, contribution, and debt.