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Minimalist Movie Posters

The designs rigorously adhere to the same mold: a circle overlaid by two diagonals, all inscribed in a square.

Transhumans: Open Source Punk Sci-Fi Art Collection by Pablo Stanley

Transhumans, a collection of black and white illustrations inspired by punk rock, transhumanism, and minimalist Japanese art.

Of course the posters for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games are high art

The French bring a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ to poster design for the 2024 Olympic Games.

The Illustrated Book of Poultry

The Illustrated Book of Poultry by Lewis Wright was first published in 1870 and revised several times in the following decades.

New Woodblock Prints of Hokusai’s Previously Unpublished “Book of Everything”

A team is carving woodblocks and creating prints from a series of previously unpublished drawings by legendary Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai.

Coding Randomized Zelda Patterns

The new Zelda game uses repeated patterns to build a cohesive world. Let’s write code to generate these patterns.

Bringing 19th century ornamental tile illustrations into a 21st century web app

The Internet Archive’s 2010 scan of a late 19th century catalogue of colourful granite tiles came to my attention recently.

Overly Grand Manners

Digital photocollages playfully reimagine the original sitters in Volker Hermes’ ongoing Hidden Portraits series.

Early Computer Art in the 50’s & 60’s

A deep dive on the early days of creative computing coming to life. Punch cards, plotters, light pens and lots more.

More than pretty pictures: all-new Teams backgrounds

How psychology, semiotics, and dazzling imagery are converging to improve the future of hybrid work.

1-bit Hokusai’s ”The Great Wave”

I started this project for no other reason than I love to get into the ‘flow state’ from this kind of creative endeavour.

Brushstrokes in Time

David Ambarzumjan's amazing paintings and illustrations.

Tiny Illustrated Sci-fi Stories

Over on Twitter, @smllwrlds is publishing a new tiny illustrated sci-fi story every day of 2023.

Christoph Niemann Interview

Christoph Niemann discusses his practice and process, how he consumes news and culture, and that there is no trick to drawing.

How to draw towns and cities for fantasy maps

Practice drawing little houses and towers. Then level them up with dimensional views and clusters that create different styles of towns and cities.

Notes Art – Explorations in iPhone Notes

Since late 2021, I’ve done one drawing on my phone every day, sharing them to social media under the hashtag #notesArt.

Hello Tomorrow!

I worked with the producer Ryan Kalil as an extension of the art department on the Apple TV+ series Hello Tomorrow!

In Their Own Words

Word portraits created in ink and acrylic paint.

‘May I Submit Utopian Turtletop?’

In 1955, the marketing department of the Ford Motor Company tried unsuccessfully for months to name their newest car.

Can AI generate illustrations in a custom style?

Can we train AI to generate illustrations in De Voorhoede style? Short answer: yes. Let’s look at the technology and some examples.