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Visually Workshopping the AWS Cloud

Rather than treating our illustrations as a shiny add-on made by one person, I wanted to directly involve our course instructors.

Diverse Illustration

One tiny way I thought we could help here on this site is to highlight some design resources that are both excellent and feature Black people.

Blush, Illustrations for everyone

A nice illustration generator plugin for Figma with a lot of interesting options for characters and more

Pandemic Creativity: Edible Versions of Famous Artworks

In another example of how the constraints of the pandemic are fostering creativity, artist Claire Salvo is creating edible versions of artworks.

Illustrating for Spotify with Jarom Vogel

In this article, our guest author will walk you through the step-by-step of creating the illustrations featured on our Spotify for Podcasters page.

Stay Home & Color: A collection of free coloring pages to help you relax

Below you'll find a handful of coloring pages created by designers in our community for you and/or your kiddos to enjoy passing the time.

Pandemic Travel Posters (Inviting You to Stay Home)

Jennifer Baer of the "Coronavirus Tourism Bureau" made some travel posters designed to get you interested in staying inside.

The Spiky Blob Seen Around the World

How C.D.C. medical illustrators created the coronavirus pandemic’s most iconic image.


Relax, unwind, and connect with your inner child with my FREE printable coloring pages. Perfect for adults, kids, and everyone in between.

Stay Sane/Stay Safe

Hold up! Did you know you've got some superpowers? You know, the ones that can save lives? You've got 'em!

Stuck at home? Take free drawing classes from famous illustrators

Work-from-home has become the new normal for adults in the U.S. at the same time that school closures have forced millions of children inside.


A library of illustrations free for personal and commercial use.

Open Peeps - Illustration Library

You can use Open Peeps in product illustration, marketing imagery, comics, product states…

Generative Art Machine

Tinkersynth is an experimental art project. Create unique designs by manipulating whimsical machines and making serendipitous discoveries.

From 2D to 3D Illustration

Is 3D Illustration going to be the next web design trend in 2020?

We Finally Figured Out Who Makes wikiHow's Bizarre Art

Getting to the bottom of one of the internet’s most ridiculously drawn mysteries.

The illustrated encyclopedia of sleeping positions on a plane

When flying in economy, it's no small feat to fall asleep, yet many travelers try their best anyway.

2019's top film & television that inspired the design community

This year, tons of graphic designers and illustrators were inspired to take on projects dedicated to their favorite media entertainment.

Are we entering a Golden Age of movie poster design?

Digital streaming services and social media are creating new ways for studios to advertise beyond traditional, mainstream audiences.

Brand Illustration Systems: Drawing A Strong Visual Identity

Brand illustrations are an adaptable and effective way to build a company's visual brand.