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How to draw towns and cities for fantasy maps

Practice drawing little houses and towers. Then level them up with dimensional views and clusters that create different styles of towns and cities.

Notes Art – Explorations in iPhone Notes

Since late 2021, I’ve done one drawing on my phone every day, sharing them to social media under the hashtag #notesArt.

Hello Tomorrow!

I worked with the producer Ryan Kalil as an extension of the art department on the Apple TV+ series Hello Tomorrow!

In Their Own Words

Word portraits created in ink and acrylic paint.

‘May I Submit Utopian Turtletop?’

In 1955, the marketing department of the Ford Motor Company tried unsuccessfully for months to name their newest car.

Can AI generate illustrations in a custom style?

Can we train AI to generate illustrations in De Voorhoede style? Short answer: yes. Let’s look at the technology and some examples.

Why Pele is considered the greatest football player of all time

A visual explainer of Pele’s remarkable legacy in football and his most famous moments.

Modern Illustration

Modern Illustration is an archive of print from c.1950-1975, collected and documented by illustrator Zara Picken.

Lessons on How to Draw by Hokusai

In 1812, Japanese woodblock print artist Katsushika Hokusai published a three-volume series called Quick Lessons in Simplified Drawing.

The Best Book Covers of 2022

The book cover is one of my all-time favorite design objects and a big part of the reason I love going to bookstores.

Midjourney vs. human illustrators: has AI already won?

An experiment: we repeatedly give a typical work task to both a human artist and a text-to-image AI art generator. Who wins?

Blend to my will! Fonts on cylinder objects in Blender

More than a story about curving texts around a cylinder object in Blender — a testament to the creative process.

Experimenting with AI Artwork

My first attempt at generating AI artwork and a walkthrough as I try and refine an idea a bit more.

Welcome to the Ambaniverse

From food to gadgets to sports, explore how the business empire of one of the world’s richest men touches the everyday lives of millions in India.

AI Yōkai

Images of ghosts and monsters from Japanese folklore generated by artificial intelligence. A small project just in time for Halloween 👻 Editorial illustrations from around the world

A curated collection of editorial illustrations and images from illustrators around the world.

Why Dall-E will not steal my job

I finally was able to try it. And I can assure you it’s impossible to create professional and useful images from a text description.

Make beautiful presentations in Figma

Learn how to make neat-looking slides and present them effectively using Figma.

Inspiral Web

Relive your childhood in pixel-perfect bliss by drawing spirals.

A Guide To Asking Robots To Design Stained Glass Windows

I love stained glass. Not so much your usual suburban house stained glass with a picture of lilies. The good stuff.