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This illustrator famously satirized Trump’s presidency. What will he do now?

Edel Rodriguez can’t wait to stop illustrating Trump.

Pattern Collect

A curated gallery of patterns by awesome designers & illustrators


Tyrus is a free digital toolkit from Airbnb Design that helps freelance illustrators optimize their business.

Icon designer Louie Mantia's take on traditional Japanese playing cards

I got a chance to ask accomplished icon designer Louie Mantia about his newest project, a set of Hanafuda playing cards.

Behind the scenes of book cover design

Creating book covers is a dream design job. Many of us have it on our bucket list.

How we created the illustration style for our partner products

This is the story of how we incorporated illustration into our design system at

Rise Up. Show Up. Unite! Artists for Biden/Harris Poster Campaign

Award-winning artists unite to create political poster art in support of the Biden/Harris campaign lead by Jessica Hische.

Blue People Illustrations, or How to Kill a Brand

There’s a recent trend in web design of using illustrations of blue, generic, faceless people. And it’s killing brands.

Introducing Vectornator X4

This update introduces vector Brushes, import from Sketch to seamlessly work across the two softwares, Time-Lapse export, and much more!

Streamline UX - 19,500 vector illustrations

The world’s largest vector illustration pack

100 Days of 3D

It was a rainy weekend in Seattle. I drank some tea, watched a YouTube tutorial, and downloaded Blender 2.79.

3D Hands gestures

Handz is a free 3D illustrations of diverse hands gestures. Supported by Figma, XD, Sketch, Photoshop or Illustrator, etc.

The Physical Traits that Define Men and Women in Literature

An analysis of 2,000 books and how body parts are described, by gender.

Big Heads

Combine expressions, clothing, hair styles and colors into billions of different unique characters.

Visually Workshopping the AWS Cloud

Rather than treating our illustrations as a shiny add-on made by one person, I wanted to directly involve our course instructors.

Diverse Illustration

One tiny way I thought we could help here on this site is to highlight some design resources that are both excellent and feature Black people.

Blush, Illustrations for everyone

A nice illustration generator plugin for Figma with a lot of interesting options for characters and more

Pandemic Creativity: Edible Versions of Famous Artworks

In another example of how the constraints of the pandemic are fostering creativity, artist Claire Salvo is creating edible versions of artworks.

Illustrating for Spotify with Jarom Vogel

In this article, our guest author will walk you through the step-by-step of creating the illustrations featured on our Spotify for Podcasters page.

Stay Home & Color: A collection of free coloring pages to help you relax

Below you'll find a handful of coloring pages created by designers in our community for you and/or your kiddos to enjoy passing the time.