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The re-designed Uber App

The re-designed Uber App designed by Charlie Waite.

Design notes on the 2023 Wikipedia redesign

For the past few years I led the redesign of the Wikipedia desktop interface, which launched this past January.

Why Are People Mad About the New Nokia Logo— and Is It Warranted?

While the redesign has given the internet yet another thing to hate, COLLINS’ L.A. Corrall offers a different, more flattering perspective.

Prime Video Identity

A brand refresh for one of the world’s biggest streaming services welcomes fans of all kinds to a universe of entertainment.

PLUSMINUS Studio’s unapologetic identity refresh for CHEEX

“Essentially, we were brought in to help give CHEEX a brand ‘clean-up,’” Designer Tomas Clarkson tells us. Redesign

Sketch, the all-in-one platform for digital design, redesigned their homepage and marketing site.

Wikipedia’s New Look

Hot on the heels of English Wikipedia's 22nd birthday and after three years of development, Wikipedia has a new desktop interface.

Rafael Serra's Retro Logos

Retro logos for Instagram, Spotify, and more.

Design Systems at Alibaba

How we built an RTL-first design system and maintained it during a major redesign.

Designing a New Outlook Experience

Our design journey to modernize Outlook.

Redesigning a breaking Twitter

As Elon Musk burns down the Twitter we know, will a drastically different user experience emerge from the ashes?

From Web Page to Web Player: How Spotify Designed a New Homepage Experience

Senior Product Designer Alexandria Goree walks us through the design process of making over Spotify’s homepage.

Down the wrong path: the disaster of the latest Duolingo UI update

The world’s largest language learning platform recently rolled out a major update to its 50M active users.

Duolingo’s redesign: 4 things they got right, 1 possible improvement

I’m here to talk about three things I think Duolingo really nailed with this redesign — and 1 possible improvement.

Magic, utility, and redesigning

Pushing visual and interactive expression in design guidelines with Material Design 3

Homepage history:

Looking at over 25 years of homepages to see how it has influenced a generation of designers and marketers.

Evolving the Olympic Brand

How a century of design heritage informed a comprehensive evolution of the Olympic identity.

Welcome to the new Verge

A complete redesign of The Verge that marries the best of old-school blogging with a modern news feed experience.

The story behind the YCBM redesign

Our existing style has been elevated by creating a refreshed, and more cohesive visual identity.

Rebranding is Expensive. Is it Worth It?

Real nonprofit leaders talk about expectations and outcomes from their rebranding projects