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Is it possible to reinvent the spreadsheet app?

Have you ever wondered why every spreadsheet app has to be green?

The Airbnb 2022 Summer Release

We’re launching the biggest change to Airbnb in a decade, with a new way to search, an innovative Split Stays feature and AirCover for guests.

Introducing 2.0

I’m happy to announce the most significant set of improvements to this website since I started it in 2016.

Baskin-Robbins - New Brand Identity

The beloved ice cream brand wanted to modernize its identity while still maintaining their iconic 31 flavor heritage.

Redesigning Tesla: Making turn signals better

I’m both struck by the potential of the in-car interface and plagued with ideas I’m eager to see implemented.

Forging a new identity for the Qonto brand

As humans, we change the way we look as we mature and our self-identity evolves.

Indeed Design

Learn about Indeed’s brand identity and get inspired by stories from the greater design community.

A 10-step approach to inclusive branding, using the BBC as an example

A few days ago the BBC announced and presented its new branding system.

The Brand Identity

The Brand Identity is an independent graphic design resource with a global reach.

Building a brand identity for the world’s largest community

The Facebook app brand is built on the core belief that people can do more together than alone.

Redesigning PowerToys for Windows 11

Last year, I wrote a blog post called “Redesigning PowerToys” that introduced Fluent Design to the open-source PowerToys project.

One designer’s goal to redesign the American flag

Steven Horton Jr. wants to create a flag for Black Americans, who he feels have not been represented by America’s current star-spangled banner.

Holographic Chromed Logos

I love these colorfully chromed-out logos designed by Martin Naumann -- you can find dozens of them on his Instagram and

Why do people hate redesigns?

Recently, Twitter unveiled a new design for its website and app, including a new font, higher-contrast colors, and less visual clutter.

Reviewing the Safari redesign in iOS 15

An overview of the changes, some theories on the project’s goals, and thoughts on how it’s working so far.

Daria on TikTok

Making regular brands look more premium.

Case Study: Redesigning the website for ‘The Intersectional Feminist'

The Intersectional Feminist is a pioneer online magazine dedicated to creating content related to promoting social and political equality.

An Inside Look at How We Refreshed Yelp’s Logo & App Icons

Today, we’re introducing Yelp’s refreshed logo and our reimagined suite of app icons.

Illustrations For Website Of Digital Security: Case Study

Have you ever thought about why so many online businesses use illustrations on their websites?

Improving the Tesco Loan Calculator

Even the best web forms can be improved. I've reviewed the Tesco Bank Loan Calculator, and have made some suggestions on what I would do to refine it.