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Substack’s redesign makes it feel like a more traditional social media app

Discover posts and writers on the “Home” tab.

Are rebrands starting to look the same?

Graphic designer and writer Elizabeth Goodspeed looks at the current trends in designing for the commercial world.

A new modern look for the Android brand

This evolution of our visual identity better represents Android’s core ethos of being open, iterative and inclusive — and it’s fun, too.

New Dribbble Logo

Your eyes are right, we have a new logo! designed by Dribbble.

New feel and features for the Arts & Culture app

Discover the redesigned Google Arts & Culture app now on Android.

Uplifting Shopify Polaris

The process of evolving a large scale design system.

Koto rebrands Glassdoor

In an all encompassing visual and verbal rebrand of the job searching site, Koto aims to enhance the company’s dedication to workplace transparency.

Nerdy Details from the Redesign of Apple’s watchOS

Apple Watch was launched in 2014 and we’ve seen significant updates to the screen, case materials, sensors and accessories.

Designcollectors Website Redesign

Today, I’m excited to share with you one of the website redesigns I recently completed for one of my long-term clients.

Behind The Curtains Of Wikipedia Redesign

The Wikipedia team shipped a redesign of the ubiquitous and one of the most visited websites on the web.

New W3C Website Deployed

The redesign provides a more modern, inclusive, usable website.

W3C launches beta of its new website

Today we launched a beta version of the redesign of our website.

Introducing The Brand New Thunderbird Logo

We asked Jon Hicks, creator of the original Firefox and Thunderbird logos, to re-imagine his iconic design in light of our exciting future.

Crafting the Next.js Website

In February 2023, together with @glennui and @almonk we started building a new website for Next.js.

A simpler page for stories on Medium

We’ve heard your feedback: A streamlined, easier-to-read page, plus more image options.

The re-designed Uber App

The re-designed Uber App designed by Charlie Waite.

Design notes on the 2023 Wikipedia redesign

For the past few years I led the redesign of the Wikipedia desktop interface, which launched this past January.

Why Are People Mad About the New Nokia Logo— and Is It Warranted?

While the redesign has given the internet yet another thing to hate, COLLINS’ L.A. Corrall offers a different, more flattering perspective.

Prime Video Identity

A brand refresh for one of the world’s biggest streaming services welcomes fans of all kinds to a universe of entertainment.

PLUSMINUS Studio’s unapologetic identity refresh for CHEEX

“Essentially, we were brought in to help give CHEEX a brand ‘clean-up,’” Designer Tomas Clarkson tells us.