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Down the wrong path: the disaster of the latest Duolingo UI update

The world’s largest language learning platform recently rolled out a major update to its 50M active users.

Duolingo’s redesign: 4 things they got right, 1 possible improvement

I’m here to talk about three things I think Duolingo really nailed with this redesign — and 1 possible improvement.

Magic, utility, and redesigning

Pushing visual and interactive expression in design guidelines with Material Design 3

Homepage history:

Looking at over 25 years of homepages to see how it has influenced a generation of designers and marketers.

Evolving the Olympic Brand

How a century of design heritage informed a comprehensive evolution of the Olympic identity.

Welcome to the new Verge

A complete redesign of The Verge that marries the best of old-school blogging with a modern news feed experience.

The story behind the YCBM redesign

Our existing style has been elevated by creating a refreshed, and more cohesive visual identity.

Rebranding is Expensive. Is it Worth It?

Real nonprofit leaders talk about expectations and outcomes from their rebranding projects

Website redesign: How I evolved my website

My personal website used to be on the domain and consisted of mostly personal articles. I had only written a few of those in the...

Introducing Gyroscope V5

How to live longer with science.

There’s a new Gmail. But can it ever really change?

A redesigned Gmail may have already arrived in your inbox. No, it’s not all that different. But what would you say if it were?

How a small change to U.S. quarters is part of a big trend in logo design

A subtle change on the front of the 2022 U.S. quarters mimics a shift in the design of corporate logos.

Zapier’s new look: A glimpse into Zapier’s rebrand

For our customers, Zapier is a platform full of possibilities. And for Zapier, our customers are our brand.

Squarespace radically revamps its web design tools

Fluid Engine is a massive overhaul of the company’s platform, with full-bleed content, overlapping images, and more control over your mobile website.

Laundry Symbols Make No Sense

Never paid attention to those laundry symbols? You should. Not only do they save clothes, but they are also elegant and beautiful.

The Instagram rebrand embraces the “squircle”

We speak to the design team about how the biggest challenges came typographically.

Is it possible to reinvent the spreadsheet app?

Have you ever wondered why every spreadsheet app has to be green?

The Airbnb 2022 Summer Release

We’re launching the biggest change to Airbnb in a decade, with a new way to search, an innovative Split Stays feature and AirCover for guests.

Introducing 2.0

I’m happy to announce the most significant set of improvements to this website since I started it in 2016.

Baskin-Robbins - New Brand Identity

The beloved ice cream brand wanted to modernize its identity while still maintaining their iconic 31 flavor heritage.