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The UX of Banking: 900 Days of Progress

A unique opportunity to revisit 12 UK banks, re-benchmark them, and highlight what 900 days of progress looks like.

The art behind the Darkroom app icon

Learn why the logo and app icon have changed and the reasons behind each variation.

Designing a New Outlook Experience

Our design journey to modernize Outlook.

Design Takes Time

Defining the identity of iA Presenter next to iA Writer was a three-year process that went hand-in-hand with the UI development.

From Web Page to Web Player: How Spotify Designed a New Homepage Experience

Senior Product Designer Alexandria Goree walks us through the design process of making over Spotify’s homepage.

A UX teardown of the Google Ads platform

Google Ads should be flawless, given its size. Instead, it’s a demonstration that operating at a scale creates inefficiencies and flaws.

The Feelings Monster, building a character with all the feels

On designing for mental health and the power of emotionally safe spaces

Figma Case Study

Figma asked Collins to help craft a brand story and campaign that would debunk the Myth of the Lone Genius.

Credit Karma: the UX complexity of credit scores

Credit Karma has a tough job of teaching people about credit scores. Here’s what they do right, and what they do wrong.

Mental Models: why expectations drives user experience

This case study shows you how to use Mental Models to improve your product’s user experience.

Zeigarnik Effect: Why it’s hard to left things incomplete

Learn what the Zeigarnik Effect is and how to apply it to improve your product without relying on unethical dark patterns.

UX analysis of HBO Max: the worst-rated streaming service

HBO Max suffers from poor UX judgement, a lack of finesse and a focus on style over function.

Buying a car online? Polestar does it right

Not too long ago, people were cautious about buying nearly anything online.

Typeform: How to offboard users the right way

This offboarding case study shows how Typeform’s cancellation experience could be improved. You’ll also learn a key retention strategy to reduce churn

Gamifying employee engagement: UI/UX case study

In this article, I’ll walk you through how we transformed employee engagement from boring to exciting at Würth Elektronik.

Pawsome: UI/UX Case study on Pet Adoption

Alongside sourdough baking and making Dalgona coffee, pandemic pet adoption was another quarantine trend that exploded.

The UX of Signup Email Confirmation

This onboarding case study shows you how to increase your signup email confirmation rates by 7% in just 5 minutes by using the Sniper Link technique.

Labor Perception Bias: Why faster isn’t always better

Learn what the Labor Perception bias is and how to apply it to improve your product without relying on unethical dark patterns.

One billion signatures — UX analysis of DocuSign ✏️

With an average rating of 4.9 stars, after 500,000 reviews, their IOS app must be doing something right—but what? Read this original UX analysis.

Why I built a dictionary app

Even with more than 300 apps available at AppStore, none of the available apps satisfied what I expected from a dictionary.