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Case Study: Anatole Touvron’s Portfolio

A practical case study of Anatole Touvron’s Portfolio where you’ll get some insight on the process and some valuable tips.

Helping travelers to plan their trips easily using crowdsourced itineraries

This case study explores the journey of users browsing through other travelers itineraries and creating their own customs itineraries.

One Simple Psychology Framework To Improve Your Onboarding

This case study shows how Blinkist onboards new users, and how one simple psychology framework could to improve your user onboarding (and retention).

Our tried-and-tested approach to Design Systems

For digital designers like us, design systems can be like the alphabet.

Designing a landing page for music production workshop

Through this case study I will walk you through my process of designing a landing page for a music production workshop.

Beyond Neumorphism 

Neumorphism is more than playing with inner and outer shadows, that’s just scratching the surface.

Case Study: A Unique Website for Basement Grotesque

A look behind the scenes of Basement Grotesque’s website, the open-source typeface of basement studio.

Designing an interactive landing page for a startup competition

Visual Design challenge, part of the cohort experience at 10kdesigners.

Designing our new company brand: Meta

Our company builds technology around people and their relationships because nothing beats being together.

Pots on Jupiter — Designed to save

I have been hearing my parents emphasise the importance of savings from the day I was born.

Case study : Designing an online photography platform for a studio

I walked through my entire process of designing a dedicated online photography platform for Two Mann studios

YouTube’s Attempt To Solve The Paradox of Choice

This case study digs into the psychology behind YouTube’s recent attempt to solve its user retention challenges (and monetization!).

The history behind the World Time face for Apple Watch

Apple’s latest watch face has a surprising history related to the invention of time zones.

Complex Forms Made Simple

In order for organisations to complete a certain business process, they must sometimes ask a lot from their user in terms of specific details.

The Process of Building a CSS Framework

In this article, I want to show you the steps that brought us to the last version of CodyFrame.

Enhancing shopping experience on Myntra

Introducing Try on & Smart Suggest to give users a better experience.

Case study: An app that teaches you how to multiply your money

In this case study, I explain my process of designing an ed-tech app called Invest-ED. I share my design decisions, and logic behind the decisions.

Creating a handwritten font for Culture Amp

Even before we started work on Culture Amp’s custom typeface, I was nervous about making a handwritten font.

Working for Exposure

I’ll rewind a bit to talk about what Exposure is—It’s a “visual storytelling platform” that I’ve been using since 2013.

Is Apple Fitness as good as Peloton?

Instead of buying a Peloton treadmill with an integrated screen for £2,295, couldn't you just use your iPhone?