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Emotionality at work

Why we refreshed our 1800+ emoji to support the new landscape of work.

Pawfect - Pet Adoption App

This is the case study I submitted as part of a design hiring assignment.Q

Windows 11: Designing the Next Generation of Windows

Windows has been with many of us as far back as we can remember.

Case study: Enabling meal plan subscribers to buy and manage their meal plans

This project seeks to enable meal plan subscribers to manage their meals plans easily.

Case Study: Introducing Adopteroo, An app to connect pets and adopters

This project seeks to create a platform for pet adopters & current pet parents to interact with one another. This was a 4 day design challenge.

Case study: How Duolingo Utilises Gamification to Increase User Interest

One strategy that does keep Duolingo users coming back for more is their implementation of gamification.

UX Case study: Masterclass to learn ‘Podcasting’.

I am going to walk you through a handout of my thoughts on this case study.

YouTube Shorts vs TikTok

A user experience (UX) case study, showing what they’ve done right, and what they could improve on.

Universal Pictures Brand Identity Refinement

Universal Pictures required an overall assessment and simplification of its brand identity.

Designing a tipping experience for Swiggy delivery

Tipping is one way for Swiggy consumers to thank their delivery partners, especially in these tough times.

Vela: Identity Design Process

Context and design process behind building the visual identity system for Vela, a new interface for e-commerce.

Designing e-commerce experience for pottery

Welcome to my first UI/UX case study. I will share my process and explain the design decisions I took along the way.

Chrome vs Brave: How To Use Ethical Design To Win Customers

Learn how Brave uses ethical design as their competitive advantage, and how they include it in their onboarding and user retention strategy.

Allowing group orders in food delivery apps

A new feature that allows multiple people to add food to a single order using their own devices.

Developing an Audio Player for Me Rex’s Megabear

It was February of this year when I first heard about the concept for Me Rex’s debut album, Megabear.

Case study: A platform to get you started with Cloud Kitchen

This case study was an assignment project I did as a part of the 10kdesigners masterclass with a duration of 16 days.

How OnlyFans Design Hooks You Up

Today you will learn how OnlyFans onboards new customers, creates habit loops, drives our behavior, and hooks us up.

May You Live Until You Die

Dev blog about building an online séance for Lord Huron in support of their new record Long Lost.

Better in black: Rethinking our most important buttons

If there’s one button you use every time you open Spotify, it’s the play button.

Pixelhop new website walk through

It was super fun to design and build, so we thought we would walk you through some details about our favourite bits.