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How I built a site for freelancers to find resources

The story of why and how I built a resource repository for freelancers in one week.

To design and develop an interactive globe

Stripe’s approach to creating a 1:40 million-scale, interactive 3D model of the earth.

6 steps to big results: How we redesigned the Sephora app

How we used research and rapid iterative testing to design an exceptional experience that generated results beyond expectation.

My First Design Assignment — Redesigning a job portal page

This was my first ever assignment for a UI Design intern role and I wrote this particular article to show how I solved that problem statement.

Building the foundations of a travel app

A brief account of the product design process and key features of a unique travel app with takeaways and key learnings.

Designing for the Microsoft Surface Duo

Over the last few decades, product makers have continuously adapted devices to meet a dynamic array of ever-changing human needs.

YouTube Studio App Redesign - UI Case Study

Almost a year back I started posting videos on YouTube and ever since the journey has been incredible.

The Making of: Netlify’s Million Devs SVG Animation Site

The following article captures the process of building the Million Developers microsite for Netlify.

Making the Brand: Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Meet the creatives and hear the story behind this year’s Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month (AAPIHM) campaign.

Redesigning Babylon’s appointment booking system

My job was to redesign the appointment flow to recommend the right clinician to the patients’ needs in a suitable time frame.

The Future Vision of Microsoft 365

Who we are as human beings deeply influences productivity as both a process and an outcome.

User Onboarding: Is HEY Email Worth It?

The founders at Basecamp thought it was time to give emails a renewed experience with HEY. Let’s look at their user onboarding!

Bringing the Spotify Heart to Life

Discover how we designed and implemented a new micro-interaction for our heart icon.

From Idea to Kickstarter: A Product Design Case Study

The story and process behind Uicard — A pocket friendly wireframing ruler that inspires more sketching.

My agile design process to redesign

How I approach, plan and execute an agile redesign and rebrand for a company website.

Refreshing Sidebar for 2020

After many iterations, I was able to finally design and code a fresh new Sidebar.

Designing for time-blindness

Time was flying, but I wasn't having fun. I'd start the workday at a reasonable hour, and before I knew it, it was 11:46 am…

How we created a Dark Mode for GitLab's Web IDE

The Web IDE now has a Dark Mode, and we've put together a few learnings from a design perspective.

Wading through the flotsam and jetsam

While navigating through the flotsam and jetsam of my old work, I found these buoys hoarded away on drives.

Developing an Open Source Icon System at Microsoft

Icons transcend languages. They're signposts that light the way for an easy, delightful user experience.