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Redesigning Amazon’s Kindle app for avid readers

3 UX Pain Points of Avid Ebook Readers and How to Fix Them

Welcome to Wondrium

Rebranding The Great Courses for the age of streaming.

Title Treatment Concepts for Disney and Pixar’s Luca

Hoodzpah brand studio was so excited to work with the creative team at Disney and Pixar to concept on the movie title treatment for “Luca”.

Say Anything? Behind the Scenes of Suggested Responses

Find out how product teams can create ready-made conversation replies through content design principles.

The Sans Selection

While designing FiftyTwo, we intently searched for a sans-serif typeface. This post talks about the character of typefaces, pricing, and the winner.

Redesigning and rebuilding my Web site from the ground up

It’s about time my Web site got a complete makeover. It’s going to be more than just a fresh coat of paint.

The Future of Group Messaging

An analysis of modern messaging, and the next evolutionary steps.

2021 Redesign or: How I Learned to Stop Art Directing and Love the Blog

My blog has always been a bit of a hot mess.

Recipe websites, data modelling and user experience

To a developer, recipes represent such a complex and delicious content model. So why do so many recipe websites leave a bad taste?

How Bumble’s clever design helped the app go public

Lara Mendonça built Bumble’s product design team during the pandemic. Her strategy contributed to a wildly successful IPO.

Quantifying UX Improvements: A Case Study

A research-driven overhaul of a site’s information architecture resulted in an 85% improvement of findability.

Making GitHub’s new homepage fast and performant

This post is the third installment of our five-part series on building GitHub’s new homepage.

Case study: Match-making to find freelancers

Design a product experience that would help people find and hire the right designer for their projects.

Making of A Brief Visual Exploration of A Dictionary of Typography

Not many people read a dictionary cover to cover, let alone analyze every word, but I did and found it fascinating.

A Google designer takes us inside Search’s mobile redesign

Google Search’s mobile experience has a new look and feel. Designer Aileen Cheng takes us through the update.

The Scary Future Of Instagram

Instagram’s vision to share our world through beautiful photos is a thing of the past. Ethical dilemmas are blatant and need our utmost attention.

Design Played a Big Role in Winning Back the Soul of the Nation

Robyn Kanner, Biden campaign Creative Director, on the role her team, design, visuals and using the illustration tool Blush had in the election win.

A New Logo for Burger King

Updating the mark for a now global brand in a digital age meant taking a look back at what made the logo so iconic in the first place.

Burger King rebrand

Fast-food giant's first rebrand in over 20 years features a more digital-friendly burger logo and a custom brand font by Colophon Foundry, "Flame".

Facebook Messenger Case Study

With over 1.3 billion users, Messenger has grown to become one of the largest communication platforms in the world.