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My agile design process to redesign

How I approach, plan and execute an agile redesign and rebrand for a company website.

Refreshing Sidebar for 2020

After many iterations, I was able to finally design and code a fresh new Sidebar.

Designing for time-blindness

Time was flying, but I wasn't having fun. I'd start the workday at a reasonable hour, and before I knew it, it was 11:46 am…

How we created a Dark Mode for GitLab's Web IDE

The Web IDE now has a Dark Mode, and we've put together a few learnings from a design perspective.

Wading through the flotsam and jetsam

While navigating through the flotsam and jetsam of my old work, I found these buoys hoarded away on drives.

Developing an Open Source Icon System at Microsoft

Icons transcend languages. They're signposts that light the way for an easy, delightful user experience.

Exclusive App for Webinars - UI UX Case Study

This case study is part of a design challenge in which I was asked to explore live streaming as a media format.

A case study of complex table design

I just released a new version of Actual and a big change is a rewrite of the budget table.

YouTube Sans: The Making of a Typeface

How YouTube created a tailor-made font that doubles as a brand ambassador.

Wonder Blocks: on the creation of Khan Academy's Design System

When we embarked on creating our design system, we unearthed over 50 kinds of buttons and links and 100+ instances of style definitions for type.

How I Redesigned My College's Students Application

This case study is a personal project and the output is solely a work of my research and design.

Inside the redesign of 'Fast Company' magazine

As creative director, I find it important to continually evolve our look- it keeps us fresh and energized about design.

How I built and launched Design Resources using Webflow (in under 2 weeks)

Sharing the experience about the creation of the site and releasing it into the world.

Designing with letters

How writing and design joined forces to create a power publication for Sundance Film Festival

How We Built a Playful WebGL Experience for 100 FWA Wins

To commemorate 100 FWA wins, we created a WebGL experience to celebrate this milestone with artistic expression and fun.

Building a brand

Two months ago, we unveiled the foundation of our new brand at Envoy.

Creating the NHS Patient Webinars Platform

Easing the pressure off the NHS by offering a one-stop-shop for self-help webinars and resources for patients suffering from gut-related conditions.

Setting the standard for television

Israel's leading TV provider, yes, needed to undergo a major strategic transformation.

Building dark mode on Stack Overflow

On March 30, 2020, we enabled folks to opt into a beta dark mode on Stack Overflow. Let's talk about the work that went into it.

iPad Main Menu - iPadOS 14 Concept

A concept to improve usability and bring more professional apps to iPad.