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Mental Models: why expectations drives user experience

This case study shows you how to use Mental Models to improve your product’s user experience.

Zeigarnik Effect: Why it’s hard to left things incomplete

Learn what the Zeigarnik Effect is and how to apply it to improve your product without relying on unethical dark patterns.

UX analysis of HBO Max: the worst-rated streaming service

HBO Max suffers from poor UX judgement, a lack of finesse and a focus on style over function.

Buying a car online? Polestar does it right

Not too long ago, people were cautious about buying nearly anything online.

Typeform: How to offboard users the right way

This offboarding case study shows how Typeform’s cancellation experience could be improved. You’ll also learn a key retention strategy to reduce churn

Gamifying employee engagement: UI/UX case study

In this article, I’ll walk you through how we transformed employee engagement from boring to exciting at Würth Elektronik.

Pawsome: UI/UX Case study on Pet Adoption

Alongside sourdough baking and making Dalgona coffee, pandemic pet adoption was another quarantine trend that exploded.

The UX of Signup Email Confirmation

This onboarding case study shows you how to increase your signup email confirmation rates by 7% in just 5 minutes by using the Sniper Link technique.

Labor Perception Bias: Why faster isn’t always better

Learn what the Labor Perception bias is and how to apply it to improve your product without relying on unethical dark patterns.

One billion signatures — UX analysis of DocuSign ✏️

With an average rating of 4.9 stars, after 500,000 reviews, their IOS app must be doing something right—but what? Read this original UX analysis.

Why I built a dictionary app

Even with more than 300 apps available at AppStore, none of the available apps satisfied what I expected from a dictionary.

Zapier’s new look: A glimpse into Zapier’s rebrand

For our customers, Zapier is a platform full of possibilities. And for Zapier, our customers are our brand.

Tech ethics: If cookie consent prompts were honest...

This case study shows how a cookie consent prompt went over the ethical line. Is your team facing similar ethical dilemmas? Take the Ethics Team Quiz.

Vanilla is Ripe

Years ago, I did a concept redesign of Roblox Studio’s interface.

Amber Alerts: 5 UX Improvements That Could Save Lives

This case study shows five user experience improvements that could help save more lives by improving Amber emergency alerts.

Harbour Kitchen logo and identity

Located on the harbour-front in Stornoway, Scotland, Harbour Kitchen prides itself in its fresh selection of seafood.

Google: How to increase feature adoption the right way

This case study shows you Google’s feature adoption strategy. Learn how to maximize new product releases with these 5 key principles.

Airbnb’s Feature Release: What Can We Learn From It?

Airbnb consumer behaviour has shifted and inspired product changes, with their most recent feature release being the talk of the town.

How Linkedin Increased Notification Opt-in Rates by 500%

This story shows the problem with most retention notifications and how Linkedin reframed their prompts to reengage 5x more users.

A Growth-Focused Intro to Multi-Sided Platform Design

A comprehensive guide on designing the experience and growing the engagement of networked markets.