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Microsoft Power Pages and the age of low-code no-code

The design thinking behind a new website building experience.

Ticketmaster: the UX of a true monopoly

An onboarding that prioritises data collection, a punishing checkout experience and a core experience ripe with bugs.

Portamento type family for Google Developers

A look at the design process for a family of custom fonts made for the Google Developers docs & resources site.

More than pretty pictures: all-new Teams backgrounds

How psychology, semiotics, and dazzling imagery are converging to improve the future of hybrid work.

“That little island changes everything”

How we designed Lyft Live Activities to elevate the rider experience.

Rebuilding a featured news section with modern CSS: Vox News

Looking at a layout at first glance might imply that it’s easy and straightforward to build.

Crafting the Next.js Website

In February 2023, together with @glennui and @almonk we started building a new website for Next.js.

How we built the Storybook Day 3D animation

Breakdown of how we built a 3D animation using React Three Fiber. Focusing more on finer details that take a scene from "done" to "ready to ship."

Using dark patterns to overcharge for pizza

A study on how Dominos (and Pizza Hut) use dark patterns, UX tricks and design psychology to overcharge customers.

UX Case Study: Venmo. Adding a group savings feature.

Adding a feature: A social savings circle for friends and family to improve their saving habits.

Improving search on Wikipedia

How does one go about finding what they are looking for on Wikipedia?

Designing the new era of Teams

A multi-year design journey to rearchitect Teams from the ground up.

Designing a Wellness App while nothing seems to be well

Week 6 of the Ironhack UX/UI Design Bootcamp has come to an end and my current emotional state can be described as overwhelmed and on edge.

Behind-the-Design: Meet Copilot

When the system is the product; on crafting the next generation of user experiences.

Designing a single grid system for all Wikimedia projects

When I first started working at the Wikimedia Foundation I was surprised to discover that there was no underlying layout grid system.

The re-designed Uber App

The re-designed Uber App designed by Charlie Waite.

3 lessons from Bumble’s onboarding

An early activation and monetisation masterclass (or is it?)

Microsoft Loop and the Future of Collaborative Experiences

The design thinking and user research that turned into Microsoft Loop.

Case Study: Nibble Health. Identity and UX Design for Healthcare Fintech Service

Check the creative story of brand identity and UX design for NibbleHealth, a healthcare operating system eliminating financial barriers to great care

The Psychology Behind Loom’s Explosive Growth

Learn the 7 psychology principles that helped Loom to grow from zero to tech unicorn in record time.