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Harbour Kitchen logo and identity

Located on the harbour-front in Stornoway, Scotland, Harbour Kitchen prides itself in its fresh selection of seafood.

Google: How to increase feature adoption the right way

This case study shows you Google’s feature adoption strategy. Learn how to maximize new product releases with these 5 key principles.

Airbnb’s Feature Release: What Can We Learn From It?

Airbnb consumer behaviour has shifted and inspired product changes, with their most recent feature release being the talk of the town.

How Linkedin Increased Notification Opt-in Rates by 500%

This story shows the problem with most retention notifications and how Linkedin reframed their prompts to reengage 5x more users.

A Growth-Focused Intro to Multi-Sided Platform Design

A comprehensive guide on designing the experience and growing the engagement of networked markets.

Driving a Porsche Taycan for a Week, a UX review

I describe my thoughts after a week of intensive use, the three main pitfalls of Porsche's system, and how they are symbolic for the car industry.

The Psychology of Advertising: Why this ad made me stop scrolling

Ads are everywhere, so our brain blocks them... except a few. This case study uncovers why some ads work better than others using psychology.

Instagram Lite: A global collaboration between research and design

In the summer of 2019, we discovered that people on low-RAM Android phones weren’t having the best Instagram experiences.

Here's how Elon's Twitter might look

You've probably heard: Elon Musk is trying to buy Twitter, with the rationale that it's a philanthropic move to preserve and promote democracy.

Introducing 2.0

I’m happy to announce the most significant set of improvements to this website since I started it in 2016.

The Ugly Truth About Net Promoter Score Surveys

This story shows the problem with most NPS surveys and how to increase the response rate of your surveys to get better customer insights.

Baskin-Robbins - New Brand Identity

The beloved ice cream brand wanted to modernize its identity while still maintaining their iconic 31 flavor heritage.

Paper at 10

The untold story of how the Paper app came to be 10 years ago and how it changed its creator's view of design.

Forging a new identity for the Qonto brand

As humans, we change the way we look as we mature and our self-identity evolves.

UI Case Study : Krispy Kreme App

In this case study, I will take you through my entire process of designing interfaces for Krispy Kreme’s food delivery app.

How we made the State of CSS more responsive and accessible

Each year, the state of CSS takes a global survey of the CSS landscape.

The 2022 Rewrite

Discussing the 2022 migration of to SvelteKit and GitHub Issues.

The Psychology Behind Amazon’s Purchase Experience

Every screen in the Amazon app is a masterclass in psychology (for better or worse) especially their purchase experience.

Inside design at Gusto: How to build customer-centric culture

Advice from Gusto's design team on improving cross-team collaboration and getting buy-in for design's value.

M&M’s redesign by JKR

JKR's new work for the chocolate brand include identity updates, custom typeface, and more emphasis on color and the ampersand.