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Bootstrap 5 released

The first stable release of the front-end toolkit includes new components, utilities and a new logo.

Frontend Practice

A collection of real websites for developers to recreate to improve and test their skills.

The Figma plugins that make me a better designer

Figma is Shopify’s default tool for product design and prototyping. Explore 9 utility plugins developed to work even more effectively.

How to make your blog images stand out & reflect your identity

Photos, illustrations, mosaics, abstract patterns: ideas and 40 + tools and real world advice from an experienced designer for better images.

Cards for Humanity

Deal the cards to get a random person and their needs. Your challenge is the work out how to design for this person.

Resolve bugs and website feedback faster with BugHerdSponsored

Turn client feedback & bug reports into visual, trackable tasks. BugHerd captures screenshots, browser and OS information for you to action.

Glob Editor

A globs-based vector editor.


A growing catalogue of open source typefaces, focusing on somewhat contemporary type

A Complete Guide To HTML Email

Everything HTML email, with tools, templates and guides for designers and developers.


Free, hand-drawn illustrations brought to you by a growing community of aspiring creatives.

Free Font Alternatives: The Ultimate Guide

You can find extremely high-quality free fonts. But sometimes you need to do a lot of research to find them.

SVG Generators

A complete guide to SVG generators — for everything from SVG shapes and cropping tools to SVG filters, color matrix mixer and SVG to JSX generators.

Font Brief

Find the right font for your project intuitively, by searching for attributes of your brand personality.

Introducing Fontshare, a free fonts service

We are on a mission to ensure everyone has the opportunity to use beautiful fonts in their designs for free.

Dither Me This

A small little in the browser Image Dithering Tool.

CSS Generators

From CSS shadows to easing gradients to CSS overlays to CSS doodles.

Haikei: Generate unique SVG design assets

A web-based design tool to generate unique SVG design assets for websites, social media, blog posts, desktop and mobile wallpapers, posters, and more!

Amigos Illustrations by Gustavo Pedrosa

Free illustration library inspired by people, life, coffee, colors, and good vibes!

Social Change by Design Database v2

As we approach our tenth anniversary, I reflected on the one question our studio gets asked more than any other: ‘who else does this work?’

Google Fonts now supports icon sets

Google Fonts now supports open source icons, starting with the Material Design icon set.