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Figma components checklists

These checklists are designed for designers seeking to level up their Figma components. AI Pixel Art Generator

AI-powered pixel art generator that transforms your visions into pixel-perfect artwork.

SVG Filter Maker

SVGFM, a node graph builder for SVG filters.

UI Design Challenges, Inspiration, Resources.

Master User Interface Design by working through UI Challenges and sharing the results.


WebGPU-kit is a collection of libraries that make it easy to build high-performance, cross-platform, web-based graphics applications.


The social network for people that love domains.

Most Hearted Pens of 2023

The most popular CodePen code snippets of 2023.

Moodboard Creator

The AI tool to kick-off your next branding project

Midlibrary: Midjourney AI Styles Library and Guide

The most advanced Midjourney AI Styles Library on the web.


Hand-curated brand guidelines from around the world.

Heroicons Micro: What are these, icons for ants?

We just released Heroicons v2.1 which includes a brand new micro style — a full set of almost three hundred 16×16 icons.

Frontend Rewind 2023

Today, we’re kicking off Day 1 of “Frontend Rewind 2023”! Let’s rewind the clock on 2023’s highlights together!

Design Systems Database

Best-in-class Design Systems with components and foundations references from top-tier tech companies and leading UI teams.

AuthKit by WorkOS

A fully-featured UI component system for building authentication flows into your app.

Inter Font Family

Version 4.0 of the Inter typeface, now with six additional "Display" designs for large delicious type.

Emailspiration: The Best Designed Emails

A collection of emails that are well-designed, yet minimalist and not overdone.


Trace Pixels To Vectors in Full Color, Fully Automatically, Using AI


An innovative superfamily of fonts for code. - The coolest buttons in town

Collection of free HTML and CSS button fetched from Codepen with code examples

Vectorpea: Online Vector Editor

Vectorpea Online Vector Editor lets you edit vector graphics, AI, SVG and PDF files.