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Fast and clean SVG badges.

The good line-height

Have you ever needed to spend extra time figuring out what should be the right line-height?

Intel One Mono

Introducing Intel One Mono, an expressive monospaced font family that’s built with clarity, legibility, and the needs of developers in mind.

Photomator for Mac is out now

From state-of-the-art color adjustments to intelligent AI tools, powerful Repair and Clone tools, Photomator for Mac is a photo editing powerhouse.

The 42 Best Pens for 2023: Gel, Ballpoint, Rollerball, and Fountain Pens

We draw on years of testing to crown the best beginner fountain pen, best gel pen, best pen for note-taking, and more.

Get ready for a windfall of new axes

Go way beyond Italic with new variable fonts that open up opportunities for expression.

Eyecandy - Visual Technique Library

The visual technique library for visual technique lovers. Enjoy. Learn. Don’t gatekeep.

Spaces by Lovers MagazineSponsored

Spaces. The all-in-one careers page for product-led teams.

Neat CSS

Rapidly build efficient sites with Neat, the minimalist css framework.

Fixel Font

As a grotesque sans serif, MacPaw Fixel was designed to be a variable typeface with a human touch.


A wide collection of CSS tips and tricks. The best place to keep up to date with the new CSS features.

CSS HD Gradients

Wide gamut Color 4 compliant CSS gradient builder.

Pattern Club

A curated gallery of patterns, textures & visuals by awesome designers & illustrators.

UI Goodies: A Directory of Design Resources & Tools

UI Goodies is a curated directory of design resources and tools to help designers and developers create better user interfaces.

Vintage U.S. Military Insignia

My father collected U.S. military insignia for more than 40 years.

A README Template

I created and published a template that I will use in my own projects going forward.

Color Contrast Checker

Check the contrast between colors using WCAG or APCA, get suggestions for better colors and test with color blindness simulations.

Fictional Brands Archive

A collection of many fictional brands found in films, series and video games.

UX & AI principles narrated by Michael Scott, SpongeBob and others

Famous actors and fictional characters presenting user experience guidelines for AI products.

Mullvad Browser: Free the internet from mass surveillance

The Mullvad Browser is a privacy-focused web browser developed in collaboration between Mullvad VPN and the Tor Project.