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SVG Repo: Free SVG Vectors and Icons

Download free mono or multi color vectors for commercial use.


Flim is a smart database of keyword-searchable movie screenshots.

Ethical Design Guide

Ethical Design Guide is made to share resources on how to create ethical products that don’t cause harm. Turn your code in to beautifully images

Choose from a range of syntax colors, hide or show the background, and toggle between a dark and light window.


Minimal snippets for modern CSS layouts and components

Be: A massive library of 600+ pre-built websitesSponsored

$59 only. Use it for ANY type of project.


A nice tool to doodle with generated patterns.

Same Energy

A visual search engine that focuses purely on the visual aspects of imagery to find similar ones.

Purchasing Power Parity

For the Web, its DNA is to be as accessible and inclusive as possible. Parity is another way to manifest that.

Introducing Open Web Docs

A collective project designed to support a community of technical writers around web platform technology documentation.

SVG Waves - Instantly generate waves

An interactive playground to generate svg waves for your design. Customize wave types, colours, and more.

Pure CSS Stripes Generator

Generate Striped backgrounds using only CSS.

The Design Productivity Blueprint

The Design Productivity Blueprint helps people with a stake in design output ensure designers spend their time on high-value work.

The Mac utilities that I can’t live without as a designer in 2021

We are arguably living in a golden age of Apps.

A comprehensive list of UX design methods & deliverables

The most common tool, methods, processes, and deliverables that designers use throughout the digital product design process.

2020: A round-up of all Codrops resources

A roundup of all Codrops resources of the year 2020.

ButtonBuddy - Accessible button contrast generator

Learn what it takes to ensure your buttons or button-styled links have accessible contrast across all states and surfaces.

Figma Crash Course

Skip the basics and learn prototyping, auto-layout, systems, and illustration with your instructor, Pablo Stanley.

Parametric Color Mixer

A color palette composer inspired by audio parametric equalizers. Create beautiful color palettes with a scientific precision.

Customizable Seamless Patterns

Get an unrepeatable pattern in a couple of clicks: choose a pattern idea, refine upon it, or create a new one in minutes.