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Multiavatar - Avatar Maker, Profile Picture Generator

12 billion unique multicultural avatars. Generate your own free avatar, get your Multiavatar merch.

Dev Fonts

List of the best coding fonts with live preview & themes.

8 Awesome Black Friday 2020 Deals for Designers (up to 94% off!)Sponsored

Discover some of this year’s best Black Friday deals


Online editor to create and manipulate SVG paths.

UI Coach

A UI Design challenge generator to become a better UI designer


Tyrus is a free digital toolkit from Airbnb Design that helps freelance illustrators optimize their business.

Phosphor Icons

A flexible icon family for interfaces, diagrams, presentations — whatever, really.

Build your SVG favicon in seconds

Build a letter-based favicon like most big tech companies, or be playful and create an emoji-based favicon.

The good line-height

Have you ever needed to create a type scale and had to spend extra time figuring out what should be the right line-height?

CSS Background Patterns by MagicPattern

Beautiful pure CSS background patterns that you can actually use in your projects!

Radix Icons

A crisp set of 15×15 icons designed by the Modulz team.

Coded Mails email templates

Hassle free responsive HTML email templates.

29 of My Favorite Design Tools & Websites You’ve Never Heard of

The design space is awash with countless design tools, plugins, websites, resources, and more.

Figma Low Code — a new way to tackle design hand-offs

Figma-Low-Code is an open-source project that enables the direct inclusion of Figma designs in Vue applications.

The Guide to UX Research

The Guide to UX Research includes everything you need to know to run research, featuring expert tips from researchers at Sketch, Figma, Shopify, etc.

Blacklight – Real-Time Website Privacy Inspector

Blacklight will scan any website address and reveal the specific user-tracking technologies on the site—and who’s getting your data.


Easy to implement, 3D typography for any website and every font.


Free svg background generator for your websites, blogs and app.

How I built a site for freelancers to find resources

The story of why and how I built a resource repository for freelancers in one week.


Beautiful hand-crafted SVG icons, by the makers of Tailwind CSS.