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CSS Polka Dot Generator

Generate polka dot patterns using CSS custom variables for background images. No JS required.


Minimalist graphical editor in your browser and on the go.

Designers' Pick: Best Google Fonts for 2022

The Qode Interactive designers share their selection of the best Google Fonts for 2022.

2021: A round-up of all Codrops resources

A roundup of all Codrops resources of the year 2021.

Screenshots aren’t photos. Until now. Turn screenshots into actual image assets.Sponsored

Screenstab lets you import screenshots, transform them into photo-realistic renderings, and export high definition images that are perfect for sharing

Our favorite Chrome extensions of 2021

I hadn’t heard of most of the Chrome extensions that Sarem Gizaw lists as 2021 favorites.

SVG generator for melted/spilling/liquid shapes

SVG generator to create melting/spilling shapes and add some fun visual elements to your web designs.

Glitch Image Generator

A tool that allows you to generate and save unique glitchy images.

SVG generator for 3D-like isometric patterns

Generate SVG shape patterns with a 3D feel, thanks to isometric design.

Free Christmas Design Assets

Jolly up your website, presentation, app, or a social media post with these festive illustrations, icons and animations.

Doodle CSS

A simple hand drawn HTML/CSS theme.

Open Props: sub-atomic styles

Open source CSS custom properties to help accelerate adaptive and consistent design.

Fluid SVG Gradient Background Generator

An SVG generator to make fluid gradient backgrounds that feel organic. Add a feeling of motion and fluidity to your web designs.

How to make Google Docs not hurt your eyes

Better default styles for Google Docs.

The best-designed gifts of 2021

The annual Co.Design gift guide has loads of creative ideas for holiday shopping, no matter who is on your list.

SVGcode: a PWA to convert raster images to SVG vector graphics

Convert color or monochrome bitmap images (PNG, JPG, JPEG, WEBP, AVIF, GIF,…) to color or monochrome vector images (SVG).

Google's incredible 'Look to Speak' app now works with more languages

Allowing you to use nothing but your eyes to communicate, if everything else fails.

My Custom CSS Reset

I have a set of baseline CSS styles that come with me from project to project.

Launching Fig

Now generally available, Fig adds VSCode-style autocomplete to your MacOS terminal to make it easier and more productive.

Live now! Top 10 Black Friday Deals for Designers and AgenciesSponsored

The year’s biggest shopping event is now here!