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This issue reflects on the origins, evolutions, and cornerstones of modern mobile development.

The Large, Small, and Dynamic Viewports

There are some changes being proposed regarding viewport units, finally solving that “100vh in Safari on iOS” issue.

The Current State of Mobile UX (18 Common Pitfalls)

Our latest benchmark of Mobile UX reveals that 52% of e-commerce sites still have severe mobile UX issues.

Andy.Works on a mission against boring apps

Simple, focused apps like weather and calculator that use bold type, graphics and animation to drive one point home: No more boring apps.

Progressive Web Apps in 2021

The current status of the PWA platform and more insights about the state of the platform

How to build trust during onboarding

Setting up a password manager can feel like a cold machine. We were inspired by how doctors build trust with patients and lifted retention by 7.3%.

Why some people aren’t happy about Instagram‘s new home screen

People get used to the way things work and where things are. We’re simple beings — we don’t like change.

“Working in the open” firsts for Canada's COVID Alert

Canada's COVID Alert app represents milestones in federal government IT like large-scale open-source, accessibility and privacy considerations

iPhone 12 vs Designers

If you’re a designer working on mobile apps you probably know that there has been a growing number of Apple mobile devices to choose from.

The subtle ways your phone makes you hate yourself

What is beauty, anyway? Google hopes its new approach to selfies doesn’t lean so hard into stereotypes.

Building the foundations of a travel app

A brief account of the product design process and key features of a unique travel app with takeaways and key learnings.

Modern Touch-Friendly Design

I recently spoke to veteran UX designer Steven Hoober about designing for touch interfaces.

Gauging users’ reactions to non-native UI

How should our design team approach multi-platform design?

Large screen phones: a challenge for UX design

I'm pretty sure my hands are not too small compared to the average human.

Using responsive modifiers to control layout changes in your components

Planning the responsive behavior of a component can be tricky, particularly when the component layout is highly affected by its content.

Progressive Web Apps in 2020

It's been more than 12 years since Steve Jobs originally presented the idea of web apps "that look exactly and behave exactly like native apps,".

Re-Imagining The Bottom Navigation Bar

I have decided to re-evaluate the way we treat bottom navigation.

Cracking the Code to Mobile Productivity

Our global journey to rethink, redesign, and align our mobile experiences.

Microsoft wants everyone to follow its lead with its new mobile design

Nearly a decade ago, Microsoft launched its Windows Phone platform with the promise that its software would free users from their phones.

iOS vs. Android App UI Design: The Complete Guide

If you're designing both an iOS and an Android (Material Design) version of an app, this guide is your new best friend.