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Bottom Sheets: Definition and UX Guidelines

A bottom sheet is a user-interface pattern used commonly in mobile apps for providing contextual details or controls in the lower area of the screen.

Accessible Target Sizes Cheatsheet

Practical guidelines to prevent rage taps and rage clicks with accessible tap targets for icons, links and buttons.

Designing Zenly: Part I

Hello, I’m Julien, former Head of Design at Zenly. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while.

The State of Mobile User Experience

Fifteen years from the original iPhone, the quality of mobile user experience has stabilized.

10 Interface Ideas for Chat Applications

Exploring new interface ideas for touchscreen chat apps.

Designing The Perfect Mobile Navigation UX

When designing navigation on mobile, we don’t have to rely on slide-in-menus or nested accordions. There are other design patterns, too.

Accidental Dismissal of Overlays: A Common Mobile Usability Problem

Overlays often need to be dismissed in a manner that goes against users’ expectations.

Mobile UX: Study Guide

Here’s a list of NN/g’s most useful articles and videos about the mobile user experience.

Building Web Layouts For Dual-Screen And Foldable Devices

Dual-screen devices are just the next evolution in responsive design.

Locket, the #1 app in Apple’s App Store, uses a trick hiding in plain sight

The photo sharing app isn’t just a viral sensation. It figured out how to use widgets the right way.

The ideal line length & line height in web design

Line length & height are crucial to make your text to look pleasant. This article shows how they are interconnected, what to focus on when setting it.

Tamagui: React Native + Web UI kit

Universal React design systems that optimize for native & web.

What If Phones Were Actually Designed for Hands?

Phones no longer fit in the hands they were made to be held and used by. How did that happen?


I only just recently learned the enterkeyhint attribute on form inputs was a thing.

The start of a new era for Responsive Web Design

If you’ve been in the web design industry as long as I have, you know one thing is imminent, the only constant is change.

Increment: Mobile

This issue reflects on the origins, evolutions, and cornerstones of modern mobile development.

The Large, Small, and Dynamic Viewports

There are some changes being proposed regarding viewport units, finally solving that “100vh in Safari on iOS” issue.

The Current State of Mobile UX (18 Common Pitfalls)

Our latest benchmark of Mobile UX reveals that 52% of e-commerce sites still have severe mobile UX issues.

Andy.Works on a mission against boring apps

Simple, focused apps like weather and calculator that use bold type, graphics and animation to drive one point home: No more boring apps.

Progressive Web Apps in 2021

The current status of the PWA platform and more insights about the state of the platform