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Ethical Design Guide

Ethical Design Guide is made to share resources on how to create ethical products that don’t cause harm.

It's easier when you do it earlier

Web accessibility becomes easier and cheaper, when you address it earlier. Here’s various ways to do that.

Pika Colour Picker

An open-source colour picker app for macOS with accessibility compliance, shortcuts and more

Seven ways to test for accessibility of your web site with browser DevTools

Browsers come with developer tools built-in and these have great accessibility testing features.

The no-mouse challenge: Taking the keyboard navigation red pill

Not everyone out there relies on a mouse or a trackpad when using their computers.

ButtonBuddy - Accessible button contrast generator

Learn what it takes to ensure your buttons or button-styled links have accessible contrast across all states and surfaces.

A11y Advent Calendar

I thought I would try something new this year and publish an accessibility tip a day in that article.

Atkinson Hyperlegible Font

A free font that focuses on letterform distinction to increase character recognition, ultimately improving readability.

The UX of Among Us: The importance of colorblind-friendly design

Color blindness (color vision deficiency) is the decreased ability to see color or differences in color.

“Working in the open” firsts for Canada's COVID Alert

Canada's COVID Alert app represents milestones in federal government IT like large-scale open-source, accessibility and privacy considerations

Hands-Free Coding

Earlier this year, I developed Cubital Tunnel Syndrome, a repetitive-strain injury, in both of my elbows.

Focus management and inert

Many forms of assistive technology use keyboard navigation to understand and take action on screen content.

Emulate vision deficiencies in DevTools

Emulate vision deficiencies in to see how users who experience color blindness or blurred vision might see your site.

a11yresources - A growing list of accessibility tools and resources

A growing list of 200+ accessibility tools and resources


ComicA11y is an experiment that aims to achieve an all-inclusive online comic experience. Because comics should be universal.

Connect, No Matter the Speed

Design for slow, intermittent, and offline connectivity, to reduce user frustration.

Removing barriers: This plugin is empowering designers in the face of disability

The Liliane Canvas Control plugin helps those with physical disabilities design efficiently and effectively with Adobe XD.

Accessibility Analysis of 50 States Mail-In Voting Pages

Mail-in voting is the most accessible, barrier-free way to vote. But, what good is it if requesting a mail-in ballot isn’t accessible?


Critical Axis collects and analyzes disability representation in the media.

Grids Part 1: To grid or not to grid

The beginning of a series on interactive grid accessibility, starting with a look at when you need a grid, a table, or neither.