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What Are Accessibility Overlays?

All accessibility overlays are bad. Except the ones by overlay vendors planning to sue me.

The Children Are Driving the Bus

An overview of the recent accessibility drama on X.

Web Components Accessibility FAQ

The most important questions regarding web component accessibility.

How to make charts and graphs more accessible

Learn how to make charts and graphs more accessible.

Ableist Interactions

This week, a product launched and claimed to generate “production ready” code.

How To Make A Strong Case For Accessibility

Strategies and practical techniques to convince stakeholders to support and promote accessibility efforts.

Play with Braille

LEGO bricks with braille for kids with visual impairments.

Accessibility for designers, with Stéphanie Walter

In this video, Stéphanie gives an introduction about how and where designers can have the biggest impact on Accessibility within a product.

We are Colorblind

We are Colorblind is dedicated to the more than 300 million people who are color blind

Browser Video Players Review

Browsers each provide built-in video players for the element.

Equivalent experience can cut both ways

The “more options” button is emblematic of how something can be technically usable by everyone, but also confusing for all involved.

“We’re All Just Temporarily Abled”

June 6th I was on vacation at the beach with my family and tried something that, looking back now, maybe I’m too old for. And I injured my knee.

WCAG 2.2 — It’s finally here

The incredibly long-awaited WCAG 2.2 standards are now the “Proposed Recommendation” for W3C.

Universal Design Guide

Tips for how to accommodate participants with diverse abilities to ensure that everyone feels included in a workshop.

A Blog Post With Every HTML Element

After learning a little bit more about web accessibility last year I had been exploring some of the less common HTML elements.

Alt Text Hall of Fame

Celebrating well-written image descriptions.

Assistive technology shouldn’t be a mystery box

Web developers nowadays have full insight into how browsers work.

CSS And Accessibility: Inclusion Through User Choice

In this article, Carie Fisher outlines which CSS media features are available for detecting user preferences.


A contrast checking tool by OddBird.

Do we need WCAG 3 (now)?

Do we need to develop WCAG 3 at this moment? Or is WCAG 2 still good enough?