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Include: a new accessibility plugin for Figma

Several eBay teams worked together to create a plug-in that makes it easy to include accessibility in a design right from the start.

Software accessibility for users with Dyslexia

Let’s focus on cognitive accessibility of digital products and how to make them better for users with Dyslexia.

Accessibility vs Emojis

At an emojis best, they can add fun and context to a post or message. At their worst, they can cause frustration and abandonment.

CSS-only Widgets Are Inaccessible

Interactive widgets powered with only CSS are relatively common.

Sabbath mode and assistive technology features

There’s a secret mode that comes with almost all large ovens, refrigerators, dishwashers, and other large kitchen appliances.

Visually hidden content is a hack that needs to be resolved, not enshrined

The reasons one would visually hide content in the development of a website is generally to include extra content for accessibility.

It’s about time CAPTCHAS become accessible

While CAPTCHAS might be necessary for security purposes, they have a negative impact on usability.

Fix Color Contrast: Web Accessibility for Text & UI Design

Learn what’s crucial and required about color contrast for text and UI components.

The Web Needs a Native .visually-hidden

For years, developers have passed around a set of styles like a magic incantation. It’s time we made it a web standard.

A Guide To Accessible Form Validation

What we need to consider, so that nobody gets stuck on an inaccessible invalid field.

Software accessibility for users with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD)

Let’s focus on cognitive accessibility of digital products and how to make them better for users with ADHD.

Another death knell for accessibility on Twitter

A case study of how Twitter’s proposed API changes will further undermine accessibility for its users.

Bite-Sized Accessibility

Learn something new about accessibility with short and solid posts (less than 150 words).

Building an accessible theme picker with HTML, CSS and JavaScript

In this tutorial, we’ll use HTML, CSS, and vanilla JavaScript to add an accessible theme picker component to a website.

Hello PDF, goodbye accessibility

Access to content is more important than format.

The Making of Microsoft Adaptive Accessories

How we’re designing assisted devices to give everyone access to the future.

Do No Harm Guide: Centering Accessibility in Data Visualization

This guide from the Urban Institute provides in-depth lessons on how to create visualization products that are more accessible.

Polypane 12: introducing the Command bar

Polypane 12 introduces our new command bar and new a11y features and it runs on Chromium 108.

Accessible Front-End Patterns For Responsive Tables (Part 1)

There is no universal solution for making every kind of table responsive and usable on smaller screens, so we have to rely on various patterns.

Performance Cards: Designing with Empathy and Meaning

Challenge the way you think and serve access constrained users with these cards.