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Readability: The Optimal Line Length

The length of text lines substantially impacts their readability — yet this is often overlooked in e-commerce.

How Inclusive Are Your Designs? Use This Audit to Find Out

This free guide helps you go beyond usability heuristics to create equitable, human-centered experiences.

5 illustrations to understand and promote accessibility

5 illustrations to evangelize accessibility.

The Surprising Truth About Pixels and Accessibility

“Should I use pixels or rems?”. In this comprehensive blog post, we’ll answer this question once and for all.

How Can a Blind Person Use Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality is a very visual medium. It might surprise you to learn there are people who are blind or have low vision who enjoy virtual reality.

Accessible color for design systems just got easier

Over two years ago, we released Leonardo: the first-of-its-kind contrast ratio based color generation tool.

Are some fonts ageist?

A new study reveals that the speed at which you’re able to read online depends a lot on the font—and your age.

Please Stop Using Grey Text

For over 1000 years black text on white paper has been the best practice for printed texts worldwide.

Forced colors explained: A practical guide

We'll explore where Forced Color Mode comes from, how it changes your site and how you can adapt to it.

Common accessibility issues that you can fix today

Tips based on WebAIM’s “Million” survey.

What if... one day everything got better?

An idea for Global Accessibility Awareness Day.

Designing A Better Carousel UX

If you absolutely need carousels, here's how to improve them, with honest scrolling direction, labels, thumbnails and grouped prev/next-buttons.

How to Fix Your Low-Contrast Text

Solve 30% of the web’s accessibility defects with just the help of a calculator!

Reasonable Colors

Reasonable Colors is an open-source color system that makes it easy to build accessible, nice-looking color palettes.

Contrast Grid

Test many foreground and background color combos for compliance with WCAG 2.0 minimum contrast.

A gradual UX approach to design gender-inclusive forms

Product designers need to make sure that any gender-related questions are asked in a thoughtful and respectful way in their product.

Don’t rely only on tools to pick an accessible color combination

I was recently asked through a report to adapt some colors to be compliant with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

A Designer’s Guide to Documenting Accessibility & User Interactions

Why, what and how designers should document accessibility requirements and user interactions to make product better and more inclusive

A Primer for Internationalisation & Localisation

The web should be an inclusive place for anyone. Let’s look at how Internationalisation and Localisation can help you server a wider audience.

Comic Sans is a good typeface, actually

Perception of Comic Sans as an inferior typeface is a bit of a self-reinforcing phenomenon in the design community, and that’s a problem.…