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Accessible to some

An experiment that tries to help you understand how bad accessibility affects users and their daily experiences on the web.

Inclusively Hiding & Styling Checkboxes and Radio Buttons

Checkboxes and radio buttons are two common examples of form elements that we desperately want to have full control over styling but we don’t.

Color Craft & Counterpoint: A Designer’s Life with Color Vision Deficiency

There’s a common cognitive dissonance about design: that good design can’t come from designers with color vision deficiencies.

An introduction to accessible data visualizations with D3.js

Data visualizations can be great to communicate complex data in an easy way, but only if they're made to be accessible.

Accessible Images For When They Matter Most

Creating accessible images seems like a simple topic at first glance - you just need to add alt text to an image, right?

For many, accessibility is an unknown unknown

An unknown unknown is something you don't know you don't know. When you're just starting out with web development there are many unknown unknowns.

Better Form Inputs for Better Mobile User Experiences

Here's one simple, practical way to make apps perform better on mobile devices: always configure HTML input fields with the correct type.

Accessible SVGs: Inclusiveness Beyond Patterns

If true inclusiveness lies beyond patterns - what other factors should we consider when designing and developing accessible SVGs?

More accessible defaults, please!

Useful HTML elements like date inputs and could make the web a much better place.

Stop using Material Design text fields!

I recently started working on a project built with Google's Material Design UI library, and noticed quite a few usability and accessibility issues.

HTML: The Inaccessible Parts

I've always abided in the idea that "HTML is accessible by default and then we come along and mess it up."

Why the GOV.UK Design System team changed the input type for numbers

To provide users with a good service, government organisations usually need to collect data.

Dark Mode vs. Light Mode: Which Is Better?

In people with normal vision (or corrected-to-normal vision), visual performance tends to be better with light mode.

Building an accessible autocomplete control

An autocomplete control shows suggestions that match what the user types as they type.

CSS resize none on textarea is bad for UX

For whatever reason, people seem to be passionate about removing the textarea resize handle using the CSS resize: none declaration.

What a Year of Learning and Teaching Accessibility Taught Me

A few years ago I didn't know what the term "accessibility" meant. I built Web sites that were partially inaccessible because I didn't know better.

Accessibility tools for designers and developers

Accessibility testing tools, color contrast checkers and color blindness simulators, both for designers and developers.

Tools for designing good-looking accessible interfaces

It's important for me that everything I design is both accessible, ethical and user friendly.

Select your poison

If the web accessibility community were to collectively agree on a single rallying cry, it could easily be "use native, semantic HTML elements."

Game accessibility and the Web

Computer games are a big deal: they are part of our culture and they are a hugely popular means of recreation.