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An Accessibility-First Approach To Chart Visual Design

In this article, we will explore how an accessibility-first approach can lead you down the path of creating a better visual design for charts.

Where’s the fun in accessibility?

UX is about functionality, as well as delight, whimsy, wit, and beauty. But when it comes to accessibility, we tend to take the term literally. Why?

When animation is an accessibility problem

“Weird” access needs like mine show that true accessibility isn’t a checklist, it’s an ongoing conversation with the disability community.

The Complete Guide to the Dark Mode Toggle

Implementing a color mode switcher on your website using custom variables, prefers-color-scheme, and more, all with a very pretty demo!

Are you sure that’s a number input?

We’ve had inputs with the number type broadly available in browsers for about 8 years now.

How we designed an accessible color palette from scratch

We knew that, although meticulously crafted, our current 7-color design system was very limiting and not suited for all use cases.

How to pick the least wrong colors

An algorithm for creating color palettes for data visualization.

Keyboard-Only Scrolling Areas

I have spent a few years banging on about ensuring scrolling areas on a page are accessible to keyboard-only users.

Just How Long Should Alt Text Be?

Writing alt text is a challenge that requires a delicate dance between the technical and the creative.

Neurodiversity and Inclusion: Choosing Kinder Design

From night mode to alt tags, Medium’s text-to-speech and Twitter’s font slider, visual impairments are often catered to, but what about the others?

Readability: The Optimal Line Length

The length of text lines substantially impacts their readability — yet this is often overlooked in e-commerce.

How Inclusive Are Your Designs? Use This Audit to Find Out

This free guide helps you go beyond usability heuristics to create equitable, human-centered experiences.

5 illustrations to understand and promote accessibility

5 illustrations to evangelize accessibility.

The Surprising Truth About Pixels and Accessibility

“Should I use pixels or rems?”. In this comprehensive blog post, we’ll answer this question once and for all.

How Can a Blind Person Use Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality is a very visual medium. It might surprise you to learn there are people who are blind or have low vision who enjoy virtual reality.

Accessible color for design systems just got easier

Over two years ago, we released Leonardo: the first-of-its-kind contrast ratio based color generation tool.

Are some fonts ageist?

A new study reveals that the speed at which you’re able to read online depends a lot on the font—and your age.

Please Stop Using Grey Text

For over 1000 years black text on white paper has been the best practice for printed texts worldwide.

Forced colors explained: A practical guide

We'll explore where Forced Color Mode comes from, how it changes your site and how you can adapt to it.

Common accessibility issues that you can fix today

Tips based on WebAIM’s “Million” survey.