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Learning 3D Modeling in 14 Weeks

I learnt 3D modeling on my own in just 14 weeks, and earned an honorable mention and staff pick on Sketchfab. Here’s how I did it.

Copy & Paste Your Surroundings into Photoshop with a Magical AR App

Designer Cyril Diagne has developed an augmented reality app that can copy objects from the real world and paste them into a Photoshop document.

Exclusive: Inside the design of Microsoft's Hololens 2

Microsoft’s latest mixed reality headset is shipping today. Here’s the story behind making it.

Mozilla Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality for a free and open Web.

Foundational Ideas for Responsive Augmented Reality Content

It's time to talk about responsive AR design-augmented content that adjusts to users' position & context.

Factors that influence the reading experience in AR

We are in the early stages of crafting immersive augmented reality (AR) experiences and new ways to interact with elements in space.

6 Interesting Concepts for AR Experiences

Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that complements the real world with text or graphics objects in real-time.

Immersive Interview with Kyungmin Han

My work focuses on overall user experience of the apps we develop at Gravity Sketch.

What I Learned Making 5 ARKit Prototypes

Imagine a future where everyone is wearing "AR glasses", and digital content isn't limited to screens. Would that future look like this?

Templates for AR/VR Sketches

I tried to come up with a series of templates that should help to draw more usable and helpful sketches.

Easy Way to Make 360 VR Designs

Since studying as an architect, and maybe even before, I liked sketching.

VR, AR and Mixed Reality Resources

Ultimate guide for designers on all things VR, AR and MR resources.

Augmented Reality: Drawing Instructor Concept

Drawing. We all loved it as kids, but as we grew up most of us lost touch.

A Quick Guide to Designing for Augmented Reality on Mobile (Part 1)

I have spent the past few years researching and analyzing the future of design tools.

VR/AR prototyping for everyone

Today I want to speak to you about modern VR/AR prototyping.

Museum of Type - Windows Mixed Reality App Design & Development Story

A virtual museum where you can explore and learn about historically important typefaces.

Google Poly

A new platform by Google where people can share virtual and augmented reality resources.

XR: VR, AR, MR–What's the Difference?

IKEA's latest mobile app, IKEA Place, uses AR to make a profound impact on the way we shop for furniture at home.

Mixed Reality User Flows: A New Kind of Template

As designers, we create user flows and give them to developers, product managers, clients, and sometimes even users for testing.

Expo: Towards Rapid VR Prototyping

VR development is exciting, in part because of the immense, unexplored territory for creating usable, engaging, and delightful experiences.