The five best design links, every weekday


How I built a site for freelancers to find resources

The story of why and how I built a resource repository for freelancers in one week.

My First Design Assignment — Redesigning a job portal page

This was my first ever assignment for a UI Design intern role and I wrote this particular article to show how I solved that problem statement.

Simple Design Tips for Crafting Better UI Cards

Cards are box containers that hold pieces of information.

Designing for time-blindness

Time was flying, but I wasn't having fun. I'd start the workday at a reasonable hour, and before I knew it, it was 11:46 am…

Exclusive App for Webinars - UI UX Case Study

This case study is part of a design challenge in which I was asked to explore live streaming as a media format.

UX Design Methods In A Mind Map

If you are wondering when to apply which design methods, this mind map may help you.

Designing Emotional UI

When it comes to digital products, many people want to interact with digital devices the same way they interact with other people.

Design Thinking & Understanding the Product Design Process

Product design is more than just a single process.

Product Design-Expectation vs Reality

We all have seen beautiful designs on paper and have been wowed.

Modal vs Page: A Decision Making Framework

You're creating a patient registration flow and your user is partway through the form wizard and needs more information.

Gauging users’ reactions to non-native UI

How should our design team approach multi-platform design?

2020 Goals for Product Designers

As a product designer, you should have yearly goals.

Picking the right stock photo for your next design project

As a junior designer myself, I often look for nice visuals. With the power of resources, I can find hundreds of beautiful stock photos. Enjoy my list!

10 Powerful User Nudges Illustrated

A quick intro to the world of human psychology and irrationality.

Boosting Conversion Rate using Design

A UI/UX Case Study on my detailed process and the reasoning behind the design decisions that I took to redesign an E-commerce website.

Feeling Stuck as a Product Designer

Taking time to reflect as a soon-to-be recent grad.

Basic Types of Buttons in User Interfaces

Buttons are among the most popular interactive elements of a user interface.

How Tinder Design Hooks You Up

Being a huge fan of behavioral psychology I like to analyze popular apps design to see what techniques they use to attract and engage users.

Phone Number Field Design Best Practices

Among the many different input fields that users have to interact with, the phone number filer is one of the trickiest fields to get right.

UX Case Study: Designing an IoT app for kids

It doesn’t happen often that a client approaches me with a new IoT project for kids.