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Why Google’s new app icons are pretty bad!

By now you have probably seen Google’s new app icons for its Workspace (formerly G Suite) productivity tools like Gmail, Drive and Meets.

These four brilliant ideas would make Zoom work a lot better

Enjoy all the free consulting, Zoom!

Plus Codes - giving everyone, everywhere an address

Many people don't have an accurate address making it harder to share where they live. Plus Codes—simple addresses for anywhere on the planet—can help.

My First Design Assignment — Redesigning a job portal page

This was my first ever assignment for a UI Design intern role and I wrote this particular article to show how I solved that problem statement.

YouTube Studio App Redesign - UI Case Study

Almost a year back I started posting videos on YouTube and ever since the journey has been incredible.

Can a rebranding make BMW immune?

One of the most polarizing topics in the news for aesthetic aficionados has become the most radical makeover of BMW's logo in more than 100 years.

Dunder Mifflin Identity

A new identity for the world's most famous paper company.

De-Escalating Social Media

Designing humility and forgiveness into social media products

Redesigning the Zoom experience

With the COVID-19 pandemic hitting countries across the world, everyone has now switched to video meetings.

Spotify in Neumorphism

When neumorphism was predicted to be one of the top 2020 UI design trends, I wanted to give it a shot.

Setting the standard for television

Israel's leading TV provider, yes, needed to undergo a major strategic transformation.

iPad Main Menu - iPadOS 14 Concept

A concept to improve usability and bring more professional apps to iPad.

Redesigning the Apple Music app

Last summer, I clocked out of work and was trying to think of ideas for a case study to use as the basis for learning UI/UX myself.

Re-Imagining The Bottom Navigation Bar

I have decided to re-evaluate the way we treat bottom navigation.

Exploring a smart component concept in Figma

Isolated context-aware responsive child components

Better Search Results

"Searching" is the most common action performed on the internet everyday.

If Apple designed iPhones in the 80s and 90s

Future Punk did an incredible job making these alternate history commercials imaging iPhones from the 1980s and 1990s.

Is this the Future of Hiring?

At Minami, we constantly hone our creativity by coming up with design concepts.

Making Apple Music More Social

As part of the Designlab program, one of my projects involved designing a new feature within an existing product.

How to be a triangle-shaped designer

Triangle shaped design is completely based on the People, Problem and Business, in which a good design solution always lies in the centre.