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Transactional model to rethink our digital behaviour

My small “what if...” exercise inspired by the deficiency of the monetization models.

iPhone 12 vs Designers

If you’re a designer working on mobile apps you probably know that there has been a growing number of Apple mobile devices to choose from.

SF Symbols Changes in iOS 14

There are many new symbols, renamed symbols, multicolor symbols, right-to-left localizations and even a few bug fixes.

Improving the Typography of the iOS time display

Every minute when the time is changing all numbers shift around and this just annoys me.

Brilliant Hardware in the Valley of the Software Slump

Our software feels less refined as our hardware achieves platonic ideals

Figurative - A Figma app for iOS

Figurative brings the desktop-class editor experience from Figma to iPadOS-ready to work with a Magic Keyboard, a trackpad, or a mouse.

32 Design Differences between iOS and Android Apps

Adapting an app’s design to another platform is crucial. But what exactly sets design for iOS and Android apart? Let’s see.

Perception, reality, and the iPhone

What we think of as a phone was upended in 2007, when iPhone made its way into the world.

How to design delightful dark themes

Dark themes are the latest trend in app design.

Less... Is More? Apple's Inconsistent Ellipsis Icons Inspire User Confusion

I've become concerned about what seems to be an increasingly frequent pattern in iOS software design.

Vectornator X: Create. Collaborate. Inspire.

Create sophisticated graphics, illustrations, beautiful designs, and amazing layouts - all in one super powerful tool.

Supporting Dynamic Type at Airbnb

Since iOS 7, Dynamic Type has allowed users to choose a preferred font size for their phone.

Learn SwiftUI for iOS 13Sponsored

Build real apps with the simplicity of a prototyping tool. Learn animations and gestures with SwiftUI. The best way for beginners to learn code.

600 Vector Devices for SketchSponsored

Fully customizable mockups for creating beautiful app presentations. Available in a massive Sketch library, plus a free plugin.

What to Expect From Marzipan

It's clear that this year's WWDC is going to be a doozy.

How to Improve iOS for Grandma

Good Interaction Design requires the product to accommodate the user's behavior.

Detailing the iOS Menu

This continues my previous post on building a Mac style menu for iOS.

The iOS Menu

It’s hard to take a complicated, eight-year-old iPad coding environment and bring it to iPhone.

Proof That iOS Still Hasn't Gotten Undo Right

I've been reading Apple's App Store awards for 2018, and something jumped out at me.

Icon design considerations for iPhone X

Last year, the iPhone X did away with the physical home button, opting for gesture based interactions instead.