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Use the dialog element (reasonably)

Today, the HTML specification landed a very important change to the dialog element.

Counting unique visitors without using cookies, UIDs or fingerprinting.

Building a web analytics service without cookies poses a tricky problem: How do you distinguish unique visitors?

Nextra: Next.js Static Site Generator

Make beautiful websites with Next.js & MDX.

What’s so great about functional programming anyway?

To hear some people talk about functional programming, you’d think they’d joined some kind of cult.

The Web’s Next Transition

We are transitioning to a new and improved architecture for building web applications.

A World-Class Code Playground with Sandpack

The CodeSandbox team recently released a wonderful tool called Sandpack, to help us create these live-updating code editors.


A reactive WebGPU component library.

Visual Studio Code is designed to fracture

I used to think GitHub Codespaces would help popularise Gitpod but now realize it is the other way around.


Markwhen is a text-to-timeline tool. You write markdown-ish text and it gets converted into a nice looking cascading timeline.

Learn the most popular approaches for building, securing, and operating webhooks, with recommendations for webhook providers and consumers.

Statements Vs. Expressions

Programs are made up of statements, and statements have slots for expressions.

DNSimple: Simple, secure domain name services and DNS hosting providerSponsored

Simplify your domain management, and never think of DNS again.

Designing with coded components – as easy as 1-2-3Sponsored

The next step of prototyping with coded components is around the corner! Import, design with, and manage interactive UI. Try Merge Component Manager.

Jamstack Rendering Patterns: The Evolution

In this article, Ekene Eze shares his thoughts about the direction of the web in 2022.

The Front-End Developer's Guide to the Terminal

If you want to learn a modern JavaScript framework like React or Angular, you better be familiar with the terminal!

UXPin Merge: Build fully interactive prototypes in just minutesSponsored

Prototype with true components and save time on adding interactions. Use UXPin Merge – design with the same elements your devs build products with.

Those HTML Attributes You Never Use

Interesting HTML attributes that you may not have heard of, and that you can apply to your project right away.

Always open localhost in your development browser

How to always open localhost in your development browser while opening all other URLs in your regular browser on Mac, Windows and Linux.

CodeSandbox Projects Beta - Development reimagined.

Experience the future of web development and build projects anywhere and anytime with your team.

Texture — Generative Snacks!

Bring your generative work to life with three simple textures inspired by the natural world.