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Labs - Ee Venn Soh

A space where I periodically explore the convergence of design, technology, and creativity.

Memory Allocation

A visual introduction to memory allocation.

TLS, byte by byte

See this page fetch itself, byte by byte, over TLS.

The JavaScript Ecosystem is Delightfully Weird

Less that 10 years ago, JavaScript sucked bad.

Badging for Home Screen Web Apps

WebKit now includes support for the W3C’s Badging API allowing you to badge the icon of a web app.

Something Pretty Right: A History of Visual Basic

How Visual Basic became the world’s most dominant programming environment.

Fluent UI: Build code-based & fully functional prototypesSponsored

Design prototypes with 70+ interactive Fluent UI components that can be reused across teams. Build products faster. Try it for free.

Introducing GitHub Copilot X

GitHub Copilot X is our vision for the future of AI-powered software development.

GPT-4 Designed a Programming Language

When the machines make machines, we’re in a new world.

Enter full prototyping interactivity with no extra effortSponsored

Do you need to build an interactive prototype ASAP? Try designing with coded components from Storybook or Git repo. Prototyping can't get any easier!

All JavaScript and TypeScript features of the last 3 years

This article goes through almost all of the changes of the last 3 years (and some from earlier) in JavaScript / ECMAScript and TypeScript.

Redefining Developer Experience

For years now, the most popular JS frameworks have carried out intense marketing initiatives based on the premise of improving developer experience.

WebContainer API Docs

Build the future of web based coding experiences, from interactive tutorials to instant production-ready dev environments.

Let’s build a Chrome extension that steals everything

Today’s adventure: DIY whole hog data exfiltration.

A Look at Gender Demographics in the Developer Community, Part 1

I asked some of the biggest programming YouTubers to share their demographics data.

Use the dialog element (reasonably)

Today, the HTML specification landed a very important change to the dialog element.

Counting unique visitors without using cookies, UIDs or fingerprinting.

Building a web analytics service without cookies poses a tricky problem: How do you distinguish unique visitors?

Nextra: Next.js Static Site Generator

Make beautiful websites with Next.js & MDX.

What’s so great about functional programming anyway?

To hear some people talk about functional programming, you’d think they’d joined some kind of cult.

The Web’s Next Transition

We are transitioning to a new and improved architecture for building web applications.