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Hotwire - HTML Over The Wire

An alternative web app development approach from the team at Basecamp without using much JavaScript, by sending HTML instead of JSON over the wire

The case for Weak Dependencies in JS

One issue with ESM (and other module systems) is that you can't have optional dependencies.

Polypane 4: Unified Console, DOM tree in elements panel

Polypane now has a unified console that combines console messages from all viewports and lets you send console commands to all of them too.

JavaScript Operator Lookup

Enter a JavaScript operator to learn more about it.

If not SPAs, What?

A few months ago, I wrote an article about how the SPA pattern has failed to simplify web development.

Introducing React Spectrum

A collection of libraries and tools that help you build adaptive, accessible, and robust web apps.

Behind the feature: the hidden challenges of autosave

The technical challenges of updating our autosave system.

Hands-Free Coding

Earlier this year, I developed Cubital Tunnel Syndrome, a repetitive-strain injury, in both of my elbows.

Adobe XD releases 3D Transforms and more at Adobe MAX 2020

Get to final faster with 3D Transforms, Creative Cloud Libraries, Visual Studio Code, and more.

Building a Modern-Day Hit Counter

I’ve spilled a lot of digital ink on this blog talking about the magic of compile-time workflows , using tools like Gatsby to build rich…

The failed promise of Web Components

Web Components had so much potential to empower HTML to do more, make dev more accessible to non-coders & easier for coders. Or that was the idea.

Defining “View Source”

If someone says they want to “view the source” of a web page, what are they talking about?

Announcing TypeScript 4.0

This version represents our next generation of TypeScript releases, as we dive deeper into expressivity, productivity, and scalability.

Increment Issue 14: APIs

This issue explores all things APIs—from their prehistory to their future, their design and development to their opportunities and impacts.

The Headless Dev

Learn Puppeteer & Playwright. Tips, tricks and in-depth guides from the trenches.

10 great open source games from GMTK Game Jam 2020

GMTK Game Jam is a 48-hour game-making competition focused on design, mechanics, and clever ideas.

1Keys – How I Made a Piano in only 1kb of JavaScript

The legendary JavaScript competition JS1k was thought to have ended, but it has risen from it’s ashes in the form of JS1024!

This vs That

What is the difference between this & that in front-end development?

Shoelace: a forward-thinking library of web components.

Shoelace provides a collection of professionally designed, every day UI components built on a framework-agnostic technology.


A new concept for mailto and tel links.