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Are design ethics useless?

There’s something very off with the user-centeredness of design.

Making a Website is for Everyone

Writing about the big beautiful mess that is making things for the world wide web.


On subjectivity, gatekeeping, and the risk of leaving design industry terms like taste undefined.


You have the power, not Google.

My jeans’ metadata may outlive the company that sold them

This is the thought process that kicks in when I look at a something as mundane and everyday as a pair of pants…

Gestalt Principles of Design – Continuity

The Gestalt Principles of Design are a set of concepts and guidelines drawn from gestalt psychology.

Gestalt Principles of Design – Similarity

The Gestalt Principles of Design are a set of concepts and guidelines drawn from gestalt psychology.

Two visions of the future

What an interesting moment. We’re staring at two distinctly different visions of the future.

Grid World

When I was a kid, my dad gave me a piece of paper with a grid printed on it.

Lessons of Design

The musings of a designer on why he designs the way he does and what he’s learned along the journey.

Design thinking was supposed to fix the world. Where did it go wrong?

An approach that promised to democratize design may have done the opposite.

Tiktok’s Enshittification

Here is how platforms die: first, they are good to their users; then they abuse their users to make things better for their business customers.

Minimalism is boring

Unlock your own creative taste, and splatter your experiences into a sea of blank canvases


Thoughts on elevating product quality.

Ballet Dancers and Shot Putters

Why design isn’t always creative, and why that isn’t always a bad thing

Designing for “Delight” is Dead

The ultimate goal of product design has to be well-being — not delight.

J.J. Gibson—The meaning of the world

Are we cut off from the outer world, trapped alone in our personal experience?

Design 4.0: leading design in the new industry

Is there a need for designers to up their skills and knowledge in the new industrial revolution?

The aesthetics of our new fictions

Visual symbols are powerful ways to make social constructs —from fashion to government— feel legitimate, trustworthy, and familiar.


On design systems and this idea of “a source of truth.” Whose sources, and whose truths?