The five best design links, every weekday


7 Deadly Sins of Data Visualization

Snakes, seashells, mountains — this is something we, designers, might draw instead of showing data.

10 Rules of Dashboard Design

A dashboard is a visual representation of information. Its purpose is to present complex information in an easy to understand format for its users.

Scandinavian Color Trends

Web Design Trends via Muzli design inspiration

Haptic UX - The Design Guide for Building Touch Experiences

Designing touch experiences that drive the next generation of interactive products.

Two books to start handling digital typography right

An effective reading list for those starting with digital typography and design.

Color Tools For Designers 2019

Designers are increasingly taking risks and using single bold colors to communicate their web design.

How We Keep Brand Consistency in Our Visual Language

A design system for illustrations.

Instagram - UX Design Concept to Customize feed and Save time

Let people see what they want to see at a time.

Two Fundamental Approaches to Designing UX

The Prescription vs The Platform.

Drops: An instant payment platform

Sometimes you need a better design and not just the technology to kick wicked financial problems in the ass!

An Interview with Chris Do

Chief Strategist and CEO of Blind and the Founder of The Futur.

Burgas Public Transportation Map/Diagram Redesign

The long and difficult road to to way-finding design in our cities.

Travel app case-study (Blue Ocean, Design sprint, Visual Design)

Project idea: a marketplace for tourists and guides.

The Youtube Redesign That Got Me Hired

Personally, I am not a fan of unsolicited redesign efforts that I see around the web.

5 More Basic Tips for Illustrating

So, I'm back with another semi-patronising article outlining a few more basic tips that will hopefully help you along the way.

Building Better Products by Exploring Workflows and Design Processes

A comprehensive guide which focuses upon a different set of UX terminologies.

Voice User Interfaces –  The Ultimate Designer's Guide

The fundamentals that empower us to converse with our devices.

Impact - a crypto platform: UI/UX & Branding case study

A step by step process of transforming my imagination into a complete pack.

The Best New Type Foundries of 2018

This year has already seen the apparition of several new foundries created by incredibly talented type designers from all around the world.

Reimagining How Couples Can Manage Their Finances

How can we incentivize or penalize partners in relationships so they make the right financial decisions and control their personal and joint finances?