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Date: 2022/05/16

2022 Craft Beer Branding and Package Design Trends

Welcome to the 2022 beer industry State of the Union. Let’s explore some emergent beverage opportunities and package design trends.

How Can a Blind Person Use Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality is a very visual medium. It might surprise you to learn there are people who are blind or have low vision who enjoy virtual reality.

The iOS App Icon Book

A book celebrating the art of app icon design featuring icons from designers around the world. Now backed & shipping.

Bootstrap 5.2.0 beta

This release features redesigned docs, CSS variables for all our components, responsive offcanvas, new helpers and utilities, and more.

COLRv1 and CSS font-palette: Web Typography Gets Colorful

With new CSS features for controlling the color fonts and the COLR, it’s a great time to experiment with with what modern web typography can do.