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Purchasing Power Parity

For the Web, its DNA is to be as accessible and inclusive as possible. Parity is another way to manifest that.

Unwritten Rules Encyclopedia

Learn about the social rules that control Black lives.

Why one designer has been fighting for inclusion for 50 years

Acclaimed designer and thought leader Cheryl D. Miller shares her decades-long quest for design justice.

Undoing the Toxic Dogmatism of Digital Design

How do we start to dismantle and rebuild a system that disempowers and excludes by “design”?

Changing Emoji Skin Tones Programmatically

So, you know how many emoji have different skin tones? Emoji skin tones are extremely popular, especially over text and on social media.

One Microsoft designer’s quest to make the industry more inclusive

Maurice Woods, founder of the Inneract Project, has spent 15 years teaching Black and brown kids about creative professions.