The five best design links, every weekday

Date: 2022/02/25

Explain the First 10 Lines of Twitter’s Source Code to Me

A question I always like to ask when interviewing a front-end candidate is: “Explain the first ten or so lines of the Twitter source code to me.”

Shaders and Gradients

How to learn shaders, why gradients are so important, and exploring the hidden gradients in all kind of effects.

Painting SVG Paths with Masks

See how Tom Miller made this beautiful painterly effect with SVG paths, an image mask, and GSAP!

Christou 1910 DAYS — Anatomical insoles for healthy, energized feet

Beautiful, colorful site with vibrant illustrations.

Comic Sans is a good typeface, actually

Perception of Comic Sans as an inferior typeface is a bit of a self-reinforcing phenomenon in the design community, and that’s a problem.…